• .The investment will produce 10,000 direct jobs, in addition to the 200,000 the company has already created in Mexico; it is the country's largest private employer.
  • We are growing in terms of the confidence we project to the world; we are attracting more investment in a world of great uncertainty and high risk aversion, said the president.
  • Investment is unlikely to arrive in a country unless there are elements of confidence to ensure that these investments will be in a safe place and be profitable for those who are risking their capital, he said.
  • He was optimistic about Mexico’s future, as a result of the foundations that have been built.

President Enrique Peña Nieto announced today that during his administration, and including data for September of this year, Mexico has received $127 billion USD in foreign direct investment, 50 percent more than what our country received during the same period in the previous administration.

”We are growing in terms of the confidence that we project to the world. We're attracting more investments in a world of great uncertainty and high risk aversion,” he said.

He said that investment is unlikely, “To arrive in a country unless there are elements of confidence to ensure that these investments will be in a safe place and be profitable for those who are risking their capital”.

He said that, “What the government has been promoting since the beginning of the Administration is to establish bases, and draw up a whole agenda of changes and transformations for the country to project confidence in Mexico and ensure that Mexico is a reliable investment destination”.

As he led the event at which Walmart announced an investment of $1.3 billion USD dollars in Mexico over the next three years, the president said that our country is, “One of the few economies in the hemisphere that is growing and has become the main economic engine of Latin America, as a result  of the decline of the other major countries in the Latin American region”.

He said that that what this government has been promoting in these four years is, “Building trust, working together, being an ally of small and medium enterprises through various efforts, public policies and highly specific programs”.

The president said that the announcement of the $1.3 billion USD investment today by Walmart, “Confirms the confidence in Mexico and its future”.

He said that this investment in Walmart’s logistics network will produce more than 10,000 direct jobs, “in addition to the 200,000 it has already created. They are the largest private employer in our country”.

President Peña Nieto was optimistic about Mexico’s future, as a result of the foundations that have been built. He added that, “The model we have adopted of an open economy that promotes competition yields significant social benefits: it enables consumers to exercise their freedom to be able to purchase products and services with a range of quality and price”.


Secretary of Economy Ildefonso Guajardo Villarreal said that, “If I could find the best example of what we have accomplished together in North America, it would undoubtedly be with this great group,” and stressed that those who doubt what we are able to achieve through free trade, “should just walk down one of the aisles in Walmart”.

He recalled that, as part of a generation born in the late 1950's, he grew up, “In a closed economy, where when we walked into a supermarket, it was like seeing a black and white movie. There was no variety of products, there was no competition for quality, not there was evolution of shapes and containers, there was no investment in customer satisfaction.

Nowadays, he said that the chain stores in this group stock products with US patents processed by Mexican labor and commercialized throughout the world.


The $1.3 billion USD investment from Walmart Mexico and Central America to strengthen its logistics network confirms the confidence that this multinational company has in our country, declared its Executive Chairman and CEO Guilherme Loureiro.

He added that, “In Walmart Mexico and Central America, we are committed to quality and always offering the best for Mexicans. Every day we receive more than four million Mexicans in our stores and also employ over 200,000 Mexicans”.

“In the past four years, we have invested over 53 billion pesos, equivalent to $3.63 billion USD, and we have opened 526 stores in every state in the country,” he said.

“2016,” he said, “has been a very positive year for us. Mexico has undoubtedly enabled us to be successful over many years. We are confident that its dynamism will continue to make companies like ours continue to believe in the advantages offered by the Mexican market for investment”.

He said that this investment covers the whole country. All that remains to be defined in the receiving states are a number of issues such as: geographical location, road infrastructure, access to services, competitiveness. In addition to generating thousands of direct and permanent jobs, he said, this action will result in a substantial economic benefit for various sectors such as construction, transport and agriculture, among others.

 “I confirm the commitment of Walmart Mexico and Central America with this country, whose growth we have accompanied for five decades; by constantly investing to create jobs and to bring well-being to Mexican families,” said Loureiro.

Guilherme Loureiro concluded his remarks by saying, “We have a  database of 28,000 suppliers and over 90 percent of our merchandise is purchased in Mexico. We have a huge debt to Mexico, a land of opportunity and a benchmark for growth, tenacity and effort”.