· Let us work together to ensure that the future of relations between Canada and Mexico is a source of prosperity for both nations, declared the head of the Canadian government.

· Canada is strong, not despite its diversity but because of it, he said.

Respect for diversity and social inclusion are values that Mexico and Canada “appreciate and defend” because “they are values that strengthen and renew the friendship” between the two nations, said President Enrique Peña Nieto at dinner in his honor hosted by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

During the first meeting between the two leaders in the framework of the President of Mexico’s state visit to Canada, President Peña Nieto said to Prime Minister Trudeau: “Let us work together so that the future of relations between Canada and Mexico become a source of prosperity for both countries, cooperation between our peoples and joint contributions to a better world”.

At Casa Loma museum, accompanied by members of their respective delegations, President Peña Nieto recalled the Canadian Prime Minister’s words at the funeral of his father, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, in 2000, in the presence of leaders from around the world. On that occasion, he added, you shared your father’s thoughts: ”Mere tolerance is not enough; we need genuine, profound respect for every human being, regardless of his thoughts, beliefs or origins”.

"In that same spirit, Mr. Prime Minister, you have rightly pointed out that Canada is strong, not despite its diversity but because of it. Respect for diversity and social inclusion are values our two nations cherish and defend. There are values that strengthen and renew the friendship between Canada and Mexico,” he added.

He thanked the Prime Minister for, “The renewed willingness to ensure that relations between Canada and Mexico go beyond merely cooperation and economic links to strengthen friendship and that this fraternal relationship will enable us to jointly promote prosperity and development for our societies”.

He said that true friendship is built on shared values, and stressed that “Canada and Mexico share values such as openness and inclusion, respect and freedom.

He also said that these bilateral relations, “Are based on intense, growing economic activity, but above all, on their very broad and positive human relations”.

He said that, “It could not be otherwise, since Canada is home to more than 96,000 Mexicans. The second largest overseas Mexican community lives here, while Mexico is home to 60,000 Canadians”.

In addition, he said, “This social interaction combines with a profound spirit of cooperation in our nations. Today we are united by particularly sensitive issues for global development, such as migration, refugees, indigenous peoples, climate change, and education”.

He told the Prime Minister that he will find an ally in the Mexican government , and a good friend in its president and then raised a toast, “For Canada and its relations with Mexico; for this great friendship we have been building, and for the stronger, better country and the stronger relations we wish to build between the two countries”.


Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau said that Canada and Mexico, “Dream of an America that is strong and united and  of an inclusive continent, where prosperity is celebrated and where we work steadily to ensure that more and more people benefit from these efforts”.

He said that they share, “The desire to build more respectful relationships with indigenous peoples just as we have shared our economic interests”.

Prime Minister Trudeau said that both Canada and Mexico, “Understand how important it is to have a respectful, productive relationship with increased trade, greater job creation and higher growth”.

He recalled the assistance Mexico provided to his country during the Fort McMurray fires, sending 41 firefighters who helped put them out.

He told President Enrique Peña Nieto that this type of aid, “Is precisely what good neighbors do and, on behalf of all Canadians, I would like to express my gratitude for sending us this assistance at a time when we needed it. We appreciate it, and we will not forget it”.