His Excellency, President of the Republic of Cuba Raúl Castro.

Very distinguished members of the official delegation accompanying him.

Members of the official delegation of the Mexican government.

Representatives of the media.

Firstly. I would like to tell Your Excellency, the President of the Republic of Cuba, that this is your home and that Mexico welcomes you with open arms.

This is a land that you carry, as you have said and witnessed at various times, in your heart.

And once again, Mexico opens its heart to welcome you to this land, where we hope you feel at home.

And it is in this framework that we have signed various instruments to expand, improve and strengthen bilateral relations between Cuba and Mexico.

A moment ago, I told the Cuban president, that as we were examining the agreements that have historically been signed between Cuba and Mexico, since 1928, we found that up to the start of this government, 15 legal instruments had been signed. And since the rapprochement between the two governments, of Cuba and Mexico, at the beginning of this administration, nine instruments have been signed to strengthen this relationship, and another five today.

As you said: We need one to equal the number there were before 2012. We will do so, Mr. President, not by signing one, as you said at the meeting we had, but through the work we are doing.

We have pledged that the work of our officials, in the Government of Cuba and the Government of Mexico, to ensure that the legal instruments that have been signed to strengthen relations in various fields, which I will refer to shortly, do not remain merely good wishes and a desire by the two governments but materialize into concrete achievements and signify well-being and development for our societies.

Mexico values Cuba and regards it as a sister nation.

Mexico is linked to Cuba rather than separated from it by the Caribbean Sea. It is a country with which we have geographical proximity and from the outset, this government has pledged to strengthen this relationship, make it much broader and ensure that it provides prosperity and development for our societies.

In short, Your Excellency, Mr. President.

Distinguished audience:

I would like to mention the agreements signed today, and describe the scope of this visit with which the President of Cuba honors us.

1. The first is the restoration of top-level political dialogue.

The second is:

2. The modernization and expansion of the bilateral legal framework through the five agreements signed today:

First. Guarantee safe, legal, orderly migration between the two countries, to prevent human trafficking and smuggling and other crimes associated with migration.

Second. Improve the training of our diplomats through academic exchanges.

Third. Enhance cooperation in basic education, especially in literacy, and the promotion of reading and sports, areas in which Cuba has set an example for the whole of Latin America.

Fourth. Exchange successful experiences in tourism so that tourists coming to Mexico also visit Cuba and vice versa.

And fifth. Ensure best practices in the areas of fisheries and aquaculture.

And a third concrete result. Both governments have pledged to create conditions to enable more Mexican businessmen and investors to invest in Cuba.

The point is for investors in Mexico to regard this modernization of the Cuban economic model as an opportunity to help strengthen economic relations between the two nations by investing in Cuba while creating jobs in both countries.

“In Mexico, we value the new opportunities that are emerging in Cuba, and we wish to be an ally in this process of change and openness.

The most important thing about the relaunch of our bilateral relations is that we have confirmed the affection, respect and admiration the two nations have historically shown each other.

Your Excellency, Mr. President:

Once again, welcome to your home.

Thank you.