• “We are not confronting them. We’re talking,” he said in a joint press statement with Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau.
  • He regretted the fact that the dissident teachers’ struggle, “Has gone beyond protest or demonstrating for their cause and is creating problems for the community to which they belong”.

Noting that the government has provided all the elements for dialogue and rapprochement to defuse tensions and construct despite differences, President Enrique Peña Nieto urged the dissident teachers in the south to resume the institutional path in order to stop affecting the communities to which they belong.

 “The route for this is precisely within the framework of the rule of law we have, and there are routes and ways to channel their demands,” he added.

He explained that, “We are not confronting them. We are conversing. We want to call on them to address what constitutes a structural change in our country, a new legal framework in the field of education, which is a goal that I think we all seek, which is to ensure new generations better quality education. It is a paradigm shift. Changes, as sometimes happens, encounter resistance”.

In a joint press statement with Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau, the Mexican president asked teachers to fulfil their social vocation.

In response to a reporter who asked what he would urge dissident teachers to do, President Enrique Peña Nieto said:

”It is unfortunate and it will continue to be unfortunate if this protest, which has spread to parts of our country, the south of Mexico, particularly the State of Oaxaca, goes beyond protest or demonstrating for its cause, and creates problems for the community to which teachers belong”.

“I would urge them to take up the social vocation of teachers, to ensure the development of their communities, not to affect the internal life of their communities and ensure that they act through institutional channels, the channels that our legal framework provides, through which they will be able to express their struggle, their causes and proposals they have,” he added.

He declared that, “We must realize and understand that we are living in new times, changing times, times of transformation, times of new demands, which requires that as a nation, we are prepared for the future and for new generations to have more opportunities tomorrow”.

Therefore, he stated that, “The government, with this goal in mind, will always have these panels and approaches to defuse tensions and to overcome any differences it has with teachers”.

He made it clear that his government, “Will not respond to provocation”. The government, he said, “Maintains an attitude of building bridges of dialogue, understanding and seeking solutions to any conflict but we will not respond to provocation”.

He confirmed that, “We are on track to continue discussing and working, to find solutions and this will be the tireless task the government will undertake to ease the mood and any situation of violence or provocation anywhere in the country”.