Earlier today, President, Enrique Peña Nieto led the ceremony commemorating the 168th anniversary of the heroic deeds of the Boy Heroes of Chapultepec.

On the esplanade of the Altar to the Fatherland, the president read out the List of Honor of the Military College heroes: Lieutenant Juan de la Barrera, and cadets Juan Escutia, Agustín Melgar, Vicente Suárez, Fernando Montes de Oca and Francisco Márquez; and those from the Heroic Naval Military School, Lieutenant José Azueta and Cadet Virgilio Uribe.

A company of cadets of the Heroic Military College fired a salvo in their memory.

Subsequently, President Peña Nieto presented ceremonial swords to six cadets from the Heroic Military College as a symbol of distinction, responsibility and commitment to the exercise of command.

During his speech, Cadet Carlos Terrones Mendoza recalled the heroic deeds of the Boy Heroes, noting that “acts of this magnitude have been, are and will be the engine that drives new generations of Mexicans to prepare and develop professionally, to be better soldiers, to be exemplary citizens in order to continue making our beloved country, Mexico, a model of honor and loyalty.”

He noted that the Armed Forces, “Are no strangers to technological advances and new teaching models, and so, in keeping with Education Reform, military establishments are continuously modernized, to ensure the excellence of their graduates.”

Today, as in the past, the legacy of the Heroes of Chapultepec is still in force, encouraging more Mexican citizens to fulfill their duties with honor and loyalty, giving their best of themselves for their fellow citizens, for institutions and for the honor of Mexico,” he said.

At the event, the Secretariat of National Defense Choir and the Band of the Heroic Military College played the college march.

Lastly, the president laid a wreath and mounted a guard of honor at the Altar to the Fatherland, accompanied by representatives of the legislative and judicial branches of government and Cabinet members.

The event was also attended by members of the diplomatic corps accredited in Mexico.