Exactly three decades after the earthquakes that caused destruction and loss of life in Mexico City, at 7:19 am sharp, the president activated the mechanism to hoist the national flag, while military band choirs sang the Hymn to the Flag.

Immediately afterwards, the military band played the Taps and finally, the national anthem was sung.

After the ceremony, the president toured an exhibition of equipment belonging to the armed forces, various federal government and civil society institutions, to participate in search and rescue actions and relief operations and assist the civil population in the event of disaster, installed in Plaza de la Constitución.

On the way back to the official residence of Los Pinos, President of the Mexican Red Cross Fernando Suinaga told the president about the photographic exhibition installed on the Chapultepec railings , on Paseo de la Reforma, jointly sponsored by this institution.

President Pena Nieto decided, off the agenda, to visit the railings and toured the exhibition of evocative photographs of the effects of the earthquake that took place 30 years ago.

The president was accompanied by Secretaries of the Interior, Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong; National Defense, Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda and the Navy, Vidal Francisco Soberón Sanz; National Security Commissioner, Renato Sales Heredia; Chief of the Presidential Staff, Roberto Miranda Moreno; Head of the President’s Office Francisco Guzman Ortiz; Coordinator of Civil Protection of the Secretariat of the Interior, Luis Felipe Puente, and the President of the Mexican Red Cross, Fernando Suinaga.