• President Peña Nieto has charted routes to generate conditions that allow citizens to fully develop and survive on their own, he declared.

Earlier today, in the Main Courtyard of Chapultepec Castle, President Enrique Peña Nieto led the ceremony commemorating the 250th anniversary of the birth of General Don Jose Maria Morelos y Pavón and mounted a guard of honor in front of his statue.

Accompanied by members of the Legal and Extended Cabinet and the President of the National Conference of Governors (Conago) and Governor of the State of Mexico, Eruviel Ávila, the president also issued a postage stamp commemorating the birth of Morelos.

At the ceremony, Secretary of Social Development (SEDESOL) José Antonio Meade, who delivered the official speech, said that on this date, “We celebrate the legacy of one of the founders of our nation, who, through their actions and thoughts, created the political and social order which we enjoy today.”

He added that, “Through this, we endorse Mexico’s commitment to the values and principles Morelos contributed to our public life.”

He noted that, “The profound social sense of Morelos’ program is clearly expressed in his call for the laws to be passed to curb opulence and poverty.”

He explained that José María Morelos y Pavón was the first insurgent to publicly champion social causes.

He said that the goal of social policy is to empower each and every one of our citizens in order for them to exercise their rights fully.

He said that the strategy of the Federal Government aims to gradually eliminate gaps and thereby ensure full access to the rights that the Constitution and the laws grant all citizens.

• He recalled that President Peña Nieto has charted routes to generate conditions that allow citizens to fully develop and stand on their own two feet.

He noted that at the time Morelos proposed measures to eradicate the population’s lack of means to feed itself and provide what was required to satisfy basic needs.

He said that this vision has echoes in today's Mexico. “There is no future in inequality, nor lasting prosperity without the full exercise of rights. Mexico will be unable to complete its modernization process unless it eliminates the scourge of poverty, which is still present among many of our fellow citizens,” he declared.

He stated that the laws grant every Mexican a set of fundamental rights, compliance with which is necessary to enjoy true citizenship.

He said that, “In the quest for that more inclusive Mexico with full rights, it is imperative to overcome the inertia of isolated efforts to undertake a coordinated effort, as the President has instructed us to do, through the National Crusade against Hunger.”

He highlighted the Prospera program and the initiative to create Special Economic Zones, as examples of coordinated actions for achieving the goal of better living conditions for Mexicans.

After the ceremony, a volley of shots was fired by a company of Heroic Military College cadets.