• On the occasion of Road Builders’ Day, he congratulated those whose work and daily commitment have improved Mexico’s road links.
  • He thanked the companies that bet on Mexico, believe in the country’s bright future, and are determined to continue accompanying the constructive efforts of our nation.
  • The important thing is for Mexico to do well. That is the government’s current priority and form of government, he said.

President Enrique Peña Nieto today inaugurated the Second Storey of Puebla’s Raised Viaduct, an infrastructure project that is an example of the way the government supports projects and works in conjunction with state governments, regardless of their political affiliation.

“It would extremely mean-spirited to reduce efforts to complete works such as the one we are inaugurating today because of a state government’s party affiliation,” he said.

He said that the government, “Has contributed to the efforts of all governments, regardless of their party affiliations. When you have a project or a constructive plan that is both positive and viable for promoting the development of your states or municipalities, you will always have an ally in the government”.

He stressed the importance of governments’ working together and united to, “Join forces, by defining shared goals and demonstrating political will, so that many works are carried out”.

He said that this, “is what the government has attempted to do and will continue to have as its premise, regardless of the party to which a state government belongs. What matters is for Mexico to do well and advance the development of more infrastructure that will promote conditions of greater well-being and better quality of life for Mexican society. That is the government’s current priority and form of government”.

During the event, the president congratulated those who, through their work and daily commitment, enable Mexico to be a nation with better road links, which has more roads, better freeways, highways and communication routes that bring our communities, the various states in the country and our people closer together”.

He congratulated Daniel Díaz Díaz, who received the Road Builders’ Award from different associations, chambers and associations of engineers and Luis Zárate, a great road builder to whom he wished a speedy recovery and expressed his appreciation.

The president recalled that in the past few days, in the State of Mexico, he delivered the expansion from six to twelve lanes of the Mexico-Puebla highway. He mentioned that the modernization of another section of this road, passing through Rio Frio, was also fully completed today.

The works that we have delivered here in Puebla, will benefit both the metropolitan area of the capital of the country, its conurbation and Puebla,” he said.

 “These works are part of the National Infrastructure Development Plan, in which large construction companies have participated with great enthusiasm,” he added.

There are, “Many companies that are betting on Mexico, contributing resources and accompanying the effort to build a better infrastructure for our nation,” he said.

He said: “Thank you to all the companies that are betting on Mexico, which believe in the country’s bright future, and are determined to continue accompanying the efforts to build our nation”:

President Peña Nieto said that during his administration, 52 highways, with a length of three thousand kilometers, will be completed. “Of these, 1,600 have already been completed: 26 highways are already operating.”

And as regards the modernization of federal highways, of which 80 have been planned, with a length of nearly four thousand kilometers, we are also advancing. Of these, we have already finished more than half, two thousand kilometers have already been modernized and expanded, to further advance the development and above all, the infrastructure for communications,” he said.

The recently inaugurated public work will reduce the traveling time required for this 15 kilometer stretch from 50 to just 10 minutes.


Governor of Puebla Rafael Moreno Valle said that from an architectural viewpoint, building the raised viaduct, “Posed an enormous challenge; the steel used in this project would be enough to build eight and a half Eiffel Towers; the concrete used would be enough to build eight Aztec Stadiums.

 “That is the size of the challenge that we took on, Mr. President, and the important thing is that today, thanks to your support and your team, today we are achieving this dream of all the residents of Puebla,”  he told the president.

He said that this and other works in the state are, “Another example of the legacy we are building together, but above all, of the importance of the coordinated work between the three levels of government. Regardless of ideological or party differences, as Mexicans, we all want our country to do well, and together we can achieve much more than we can individually”.

He recalled that President Peña Nieto, “Generously authorized a state concession,” for the construction of the work inaugurated today, whereby public funds were combined with private resources in the total project investment of 10.5 billion pesos, of which the government provided five billion and the rest was provided by concessionaires. I do not know who the governor will be in 30 years’ time, but whoever it is will have a lot to thank Enrique Peña Nieto for,” he said.


Noting that the event is part of Road Builders’ Day, celebrated on October 17, Secretary of Communications and Transport Gerardo Ruiz Esparza, said that President Peña Nieto’s government , “Has a vocation for building roads, as reflected in the fact that during his administration, in every state, strategic infrastructure works have been built to improve the country’s logistics,” and enhance the connectivity and mobility of the 32 states.

Ruiz Esparza said that with its length of15.3 kilometers and four lanes, the public work inaugurated today, the government’s 40th commitment, will speed up the circulation of approximately 11,000 vehicles a day by reducing travel time from 50 to 10 minutes.

He added that it contributes to Puebla’s connectivity and economic and industrial  development and has great logistical importance, “Because it contributes to strengthening trade between the central region of the country and the Gulf of Mexico and the Southeast region, particularly the new port of Veracruz, built during this Administration.


Guadalupe Cristina Alvarado, a resident of the municipality of Puebla de Zaragoza, thanked President Enrique Peña Nieto for delivering the Raise Viaduct because, she said, “It means a great deal,” to the state population because it will reduce travel times as well as the risk of accidents.

She told the president that, “For us, knowing that we have a president who cares about us, like you, to improve roads, make them safer and reduce travel times, means a lot”.

The wife of a cargo transport operator, she said that, “As from today, we will see this road differently,” since previously, the route between Bimbo and the Volkswagen assembly plant, for example, was always complicated due to the traffic jams.

“Our  husbands used to spend up to four hours on this route, with an enormous risk of having accidents,” she said.

She therefore told President Peña Nieto: ”I know my message may not say much, but this public work, inaugurated today, represents a great deal for us”.