• As president of Mexico, I feel very proud of your performance and everything you did, he told the Olympic sports persons.
  • Although we did not achieve all the medals we hoped for as a country, we did make significant progress, he said.
  • He confirmed Alfredo Castillo as Director General of CONADE. This is a decision that gives national sport certainty, he said.
  • The president met at the official residence of Los Pinos with members of the Mexican delegation that participated in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

President Enrique Peña Nieto met with athletes who were members of the Mexican delegation that participated in the 2016 Summer Olympics, whom he thanked for the effort, dedication, commitment and courage they showed at these Olympics Games and during the process leading up to them.

As president of Mexico, he said, “I am very proud of your performance and everything you did. Although we did not achieve all the medals we hoped for as a country, we did make significant progress”:

The president particularly congratulated the Mexican athletes who won medals at the Olympics, and said that at Rio 2016, "Various Mexican athletes were ranked among the world elite of sport: 16 of our athletes ranked among the top five in the world, surpassing what has been done in the past 20 years.” He added that 21 Mexican athletes ranked among the top eight in their various disciplines.

Noting that his government, “Has always been willing and prepared to support sport," President Peña Nieto said that the Olympic Games in Rio 2016, "Give us a great opportunity to see what has worked, what should be improved and what route we should take”.

At the event, held in the Adolfo López Mateos Hall of the official residence of Los Pinos, the president invited the athletes to express their views, feelings and experiences regarding Rio 2016. Several of them agreed on the importance of having guarantees about continuing their training, not only in the run up to the next Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020, but for future international and world class competitions.

The president said: "The important thing is to have certainty; as athletes, you must know where you are going, what you will do and how you will be supported so that you can continue training and not have to worry about an uncertain future”:

"Sport needs certainty. And the institutional certainty I must provide is what will happen as regards the direction of the sport,” he said. Therefore, he added, "The first decision, which provides certainty, is that Alfredo Castillo will remain at the helm" of the National Commission of Physical Culture and Sport (CONADE).

I want Alfredo to continue to direct the CONADE, I want Alfredo to continue to represent the government and channel its efforts in sport, because he knows about sport and has been close to you,” he said.

President Peña Nieto endorsed the government's commitment to, “Continuing to support national sport”.

He said that every year, “There are global competitions with the participation of our delegations, in which they occupy increasingly good positions”.

At the event, athletes Alexa Moreno, José Carlos Herrera, Liliana Ibáñez, Alejandra Zavala Vázquez, David Mier y Teran, Daniel Vargas, Madai Pérez, Diego del Real, Rommel Pacheco, Nuria Diosdado, Germán Sánchez, María Espinoza, and Ishmael Hernandez expressed their views on their experiences in the Olympics and in the process to reach it, and some of the actions they felt should be considered to improve national sport.


Director General of CONADE, Alfredo Castillo Cervantes, said that in Mexican sport there is a clear sense of direction. He added that there are costs that must be assumed, which are sometimes very high, to create order, which generates resistance.

He said that they have focused on issues that will be reflected years later. He added there are 85 athletes aged between 14 and 17 who are among the top 16 in the world, "In addition to those in the National Olympics," who will change the results in Tokyo.

In Tokyo, he added, “We will not be talking about these five medals, which are great, we'll be talking about 10 or 12; and in 2024 we will be talking about 18 or 20”.

He said that 86 percent of the delegation that went to Rio 2016 are young athletes competing in their first Olympic Games, who are prepared for the Central American Games in Barranquilla, Lima 2019, and the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. “We have enough material for 2024,” he added.

He said that the Mexican Olympic Committee has already had a meeting to plan for the future, noting that in the past seven months, it formed a great team with the federations.


President of the Mexican Olympic Committee (COM) Carlos Padilla Becerra said that between CONADE and the Mexican Olympic Committee, there has always been unity, "Because we know that you, Mr. President, are concerned that the Mexican sports team should be united and strong”.

He said they are committed to ensuring that the federations are fully democratic, "with the participation of all those who are entitled to lead their sport, and transparency and accountability as regards public resources”.

He said that in every athlete, there is a life story, “Everyone is an example that youth can and should follow". But the most important thing is people worked with the government, in a great team with the Defense Secretary, the Navy Secretary, who heads the sport, the Education Secretary, and the person responsible for planning sport, Alfredo Castillo.

He said that they were also supported by the Secretaries of Health, Foreign Affairs and the Secretary of Tourism; "Which is why I say that there was teamwork, Mr. President”.

He stressed that Mexico did not have a single case of doping, and pointed out that all the athletes of the delegation are an example because they are studying. "So I think there is reason to be very proud and you, Mr. President, as our leader and head of the institutions, should know we are working together."

At the end of the event, President Peña Nieto invited members of the Mexican Olympic delegation to tour the official residence of Los Pinos.