· He congratulated the athletes on honoring the name of Mexico.

· You are a source of pride for Mexico and an example for today’s generations of young Mexicans, he told them.

President Enrique Peña Nieto met today at the official residence of Los Pinos, with members of the National Diving Team, who represented Mexico at the Diving World Cup 2016, held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and congratulated them on having obtained 11 of the 12 places available to compete in the 2016 Summer Olympics.

The president thanked them for honoring the name of Mexico, and said that at the Olympic Games, they will have, “All the support and backing” of the government through the National Commission of Physical Culture and Sports (CONADE ). He wished them success in the competitions in which they will participate representing our country.

Accompanied by Secretary of Public Education Aurelio Nuño Mayer and Director General of CONADE Alfredo Castillo Cervantes, President Peña Nieto told the divers that they are a “source of pride for Mexico” and an example for generations of today’s young Mexicans.

The president welcomed the fact that the athletes’ participation was, “One of Mexico’s best performances” in a Diving World Cup .

He acknowledged the winning spirit and perseverance of the athletes representing Mexico. They are, he said, “An example of a Mexico with a winning mentality and capacity.”

He said that their victory is a triumph for Mexico. It is a triumph for you personally, it is a triumph for the team and it is a source of great pride for Mexico,” added President Enrique Peña Nieto.

The divers who attended the gathering held at the official residence of Los Pinos are:

Rommel Pacheco, who won gold in the 3-meter Springboard Competition and bronze in men’s 3-meter synchronized diving; Jahir Ángel Ocampo, who won bronze in men’s 3-meter synchronized diving; Paola Espinosa, who placed 5th in women’s 10-meter synchronized diving; Alejandra Orozco, who came 5th in 10-meter individual diving and 5th in women's 10-meter synchronized diving; Ivan Garcia Navarro, who placed 9th place in 10-meter individual diving and 12th in men's synchronized diving, and Germán Sánchez, who came 13th in 10-meter individual diving and 12th meters in men's synchronized diving.

Also in attendance were Rodrigo Diego López, 11th in men's three-meter individual diving; Dolores Hernández Monzón, 8th in 3-meter individual diving and 10th in 3-meter synchronized diving; Arantxa Chávez Munoz, 10th in 3-meter synchronized diving; Melany Hernández Torres, 14th in 3-meter individual diving and Gabriela Belem Agúndez García, 10th in 10-meter individual diving.

Incidentally, Rommel Pacheco is a member of the Presidential General Staff, while Ivan García Navarro and Germán Sánchez are members of the Presidential General Staff.

The event was also attended by diving coaches Ma Jin and Ivan Bautista Vargas, and Kiril Minchev Todorov, President of the Mexican Swimming Federation.

Shortly before the end of the gathering, President Enrique Peña Nieto took a selfie with the group of athletes and held up a shirt with the inscription: “We are all Rommel and our flag is Mexico” in support of Rommel Pacheco, who won gold at the Diving World Cup in the 3-meter individual diving competition.

At that moment, and in support of the athlete, the president and athletes sang the national anthem.