·        At Los Pinos, they discussed the joint projects that will be promoted to strengthen the productivity and competitiveness of both economies.

·        The president-elect told the Mexican president of his government projects.

President Enrique Peña Nieto met today at the official residence of Los Pinos with president-elect of Guatemala Jimmy Morales, currently on a working visit to Mexico.

During the meeting, they discussed the joint projects currently being implemented, especially to promote energy and economic integration, in order to strengthen the productivity and competitiveness of the economies of the two nations.

They also discussed the progress of the electrical interconnection and completion of a gas pipeline between Mexico and Guatemala.

The Mexican president congratulated the president-elect on the exemplary elections in Guatemala on October 25 last in which citizenship conferred this high responsibility on him. 

He further reaffirmed his commitment to continuing to strengthen bilateral relations, which he considered both strategic and a reflection of healthy neighborliness, and said that Mexico will support Guatemala in programs which, in its future government, it will set as priorities for development and common prosperity.

President Peña Nieto told the Guatemalan President-Elect that his government will further boost economic complementarity, bilateral trade and investment and the development of joint projects to create opportunities for both societies.

He declared that Guatemalans and Mexicans are linked by their history, language, culture and close friendship that has deepened the political dialogue, to which Mexico attaches high priority.

President Peña Nieto also said that Mexico will continue to work for a prosperous and secure border, based on the following actions: modernization of border infrastructure; energy and economic integration; regional and inclusive development; security and promotion of productive investment.

He also informed the President Elect Jimmy Morales that Mexico will continue to promote legal, safe and orderly migration that respects human rights and address its structural causes. In this respect, he said that Mexico will maintain the Regional Visitor and Border Worker cards as well as the Temporary Migrant Regularization Program.

As regards security, they agreed to strengthen cooperation mechanisms for preventing and fighting crime.

The president-elect of Guatemala, who will take office on January 14, 2016, told President Enrique Peña Nieto of his main government projects.

The two leaders expressed their desire to foster a cordial, productive relationship between Mexico and Guatemala and contribute to the prosperity of Latin America.

Jimmy Morales’ visit to Mexico as President-Elect, a few weeks after his victory and his meeting with President Enrique Peña Nieto is a sign of the high priority both attach to bilateral relations, and the strategic importance of this sister Central American nation in the Mexican government’s foreign policy agenda.

The Mexican president was the first president to call Jimmy Morales to congratulate him on his victory on election day.

Mexico is Guatemala's largest trading partner in Latin America with bilateral trade totaling $2.274 billion USD. In the past 10 years, trade between the two countries increased by 152 percent. 

Mexico’s accumulated investment stands at $2.7 billion USD, making it the main investor from Latin America and the Caribbean in that country and third worldwide after the United States and Canada.

During the meeting, President Enrique Peña Nieto was accompanied by Francisco Ortiz Guzmán Ortiz, head of the President’s Office; Ambassador Socorro Flores Liera, Undersecretary for Latin America and the Caribbean, and Mexican ambassador to Guatemala, Mabel del Pilar Gómez Oliver.

The President Elect of Guatemala was accompanied by Ambassador Carlos Raúl Morales, Minister of Foreign Affairs; Congressman Emanuel Seidner Aguado and José Luis Chea Urruela, Presiding Commissioner for the Mesoamerica Project.

The Mexican president expressed his commitment to continuing to strengthen bilateral relations, which he described as strategic.