The president declared that this tasting that is part of the, “Recognition our country wishes to bestow on the people and government of France for this important gesture towards Mexico”.

He said: “Today, we have participated in France’s national holiday, which is undoubtedly a historic moment for our country, since it is the first time Mexico has been a guest of honor at this ceremony.”

The president noted that for those who have accepted this invitation from the French Government on behalf of Mexico, “It has been a source of great pride, joy and satisfaction to see that cadets from our glorious Mexican Army, Navy and Air Force led this great military parade; they were the ones who began the parade.”

He explained that, “They are cadets who, with great poise and bravery, showed the best of our Armed Forces here and participated in this parade. This is a fact that undoubtedly fills Mexicans with great pride, and Mexico is grateful for this gesture by the government and people of France.”

The president said that this event is part of, “The relationship between France and Mexico, which is experiencing a great moment.” It is a space, he added, “Which the French and Mexican governments have promoted so that our nations can construct a historical, fraternal friendship that has identified us for several decades.”

He expressed his aim that both governments, “Would ensure that the various agreements we are signing will provide our societies with greater opportunities for fulfillment, job creation, reciprocal investments, and above all, great social development.”

The Mexican president said that Mexico and France, “Share several issues on the common agenda; one of them being that Mexico firmly accepts this bold invitation by the French government to what will be the Agreement of the Parties, COP21, to be held here in Paris.”

He said that France, “Is leading an effort to ensure that this meeting of all the countries invited will make it possible to establish binding agreements; that is, actual commitments that all the countries will assume to combat climate change, and above all, to establish concrete commitments that will enable us to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that are unfortunately producing climate change and damaging our environment.”

President Peña Nieto explained that this gastronomic exhibition, “Is the fusion of two cultures. This exhibition, which Mexico is offering our distinguished guests from France, has been prepared by four distinguished chefs from our country who, with great creativity, have prepared the dishes we will sample, using ingredients from Mexico and France".

The Mexican chefs are: Elena Reygadas Castillo, Guillermo González Beristáin, Diego Hernández Baquedano, and Edgar Núñez Magaña.

The event was also attended by Secretary of Tourism Claudia Ruiz Massieu, other cabinet members accompanying President Peña Nieto on this state visit to France and representatives of the French government.


After this gastronomic experience, President Peña Nieto and his wife, Angélica Rivera de Peña, together with members of the official delegation, visited the Arc de Triomphe where the president laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.