• It is a meeting of special significance that gives me, as president, the opportunity to express my gratitude and appreciation to those who are genuinely part of my home, he said.
  • The PGS provides unrestricted support for the president’s work, he said.
  • These promotions are an achievement I regard as my own, he said.
  • Serving the nation with dignity is our characteristic feature and the motivation that drives us to be better soldiers, people and, above all Mexicans: Gen. Roberto F. Miranda Moreno

President Enrique Peña Nieto, accompanied by his wife, Angélica Rivera de Peña, led today's Promotion Ceremony of the Presidential General Staff (PGS) 2016, which he said, is significant “because it involves being with those who are part of this house, who accompany the president and his family in various tasks beyond providing security, in the fulfillment of the president’s obligations and responsibilities.

In the Adolfo López Mateos Hall of the official Los Pinos residence, the president of Mexico declared: “This meeting has special significance, because it gives me, as president, the opportunity to express my gratitude and appreciation to those who are genuinely part of my home”.

"It is a privilege to shake hands with those who have stood out because of their unblemished record, proven professional capacity and unquestioning loyalty and commitment,” he said.

"Thank you for unrestricted support of the president in this task”. Without their support, he added, it would be impossible to carry out all activities that require their presence, “such as the inaugurations we carry out in various parts of the national territory and the visits to remote areas of the country. They facilitate our presence in meeting contingencies at any time through their permanent support”.

"Likewise," he continued, “they accompany me on international tours that demand the presence of the Mexican Head of State, which involve the protection of the Presidential General Staff. Thanks to their elite preparation, it is possible to protect the integrity of the President; thanks to careful planning, it is possible to ensure logistic efficiency on every working trip”.

 “I wish to express to the entire Presidential General Staff my perennial gratitude and appreciation on behalf of my family and myself as president for the task they perform every day with commitment, loyalty and efficiency,” he said.

The president told the 76 members of the PGS of different ranks who were promoted, and their families, that, “The promotion they have earned is an achievement the president regards as his own”.

He said that, “Promotion is, first of all, a personal triumph, an achievement that each of you and your loved ones experience as their own; it is a shared sense of pride in recognition of the courage and patriotism of one of your own”.

“Secondly, a promotion is also a collective triumph, a sign of the esprit de corps that gives cohesion and strength to the institution to which you belong. It is a recognition of the good performance of your superiors who have had the vision and conviction to guide you on the path of self-betterment with a sense of duty,” he added.

The president made special mention of General Roberto Miranda Moreno, promoted to major general on November 20. “A man with absolute loyalty to the president who has accompanied me”.

"Let me say what I have seen in more than four years, since I was declared president-elect of Mexico.  Since then, General Miranda has always been at the president’s side,  ensuring his safety, taking care of logistics and, above all, being wonderful company,” he explained.

“I also acknowledge the vision and leadership he has of this great institution to guide and orient it, and strengthen its institutional capacities to fulfil the task entrusted to the Presidential General Staff,” he said.

President Peña Nieto pointed out that, “In congratulating General Roberto Miranda, I also congratulate all the members of the Presidential General Staff, not only those who achieved promotion through their personal merits, study and training to achieve the promotion they obtained today, but also all the other members of the Presidential General Staff, this great organization which for many decades has been a mainstay and support in the tasks performed by the president”.

He congratulated the families on their support.  “Thank you for being patient. Thank you for understanding the work of your relatives who are part of the Presidential General Staff. That enables the president to fulfill his responsibility and, above all, fulfill his responsibility to Mexico. I invite you all to continue being part of this great positive transformation we want for our Mexico,” he said.


Major General of the President General Staff Roberto Francisco Miranda Moreno, Chief of the Presidential Staff, sincerely thanked President Peña Nieto for awarding him the highest military rank.

He said, “This is the highest goal those of us who join the armed forces wish to achieve, which motivates me to continue performing as I did on the first day of your mandate. I will continue to act with passion, and with the full conviction of discharging the honorable mission I have been tasked with to preserve your safety and that of your family with honor and loyalty”.

He said that, “For the men and women of the Presidential General Staff, this special date is an honorable distinction, and a great encouragement to receive such a high promotion from you. This event will encourage us to follow the path of success, for our own sake, for the sake of our families and, of course, for the sake of a Mexico at peace”.

He said that, “In the Armed Forces, soldiers, airmen and marines are working hard to protect the interests of Mexicans, to whom we are committed at all times on land and sea and in the air. Serving the nation with dignity is our characteristic feature and the motivation that drives us to be better soldiers, people and, above all Mexicans”.

He stressed that, “Our goal is to meet the national targets for a safe Mexico, in which the population will be able to develops with the freedom required by a modern society with equal opportunities and without gender distinction, to achieve a nation where impartiality is observed in every sphere”.

General Miranda Moreno stressed that promotion to a higher grade, “Is given to military men who, in the Special, General and Superior promotions, achieve length of service, seniority, good military and civil conduct, good health and physical capacity as well as merit, fitness and professional competence, in addition to having obtained the highest marks in their respective contests. This is an example of the fact that self-betterment is possible,” he said.