• The areas comprising the Public Security Cabinet are ready to collaborate, as are the local governments in each of the states, together with the electoral authorities, to ensure that a climate of peace and order is maintained on this democratic day, he said.

Accompanied by his wife, Angelica Rivera de Pena, and his son Alejandro Peña Pretelini, President Enrique Peña Nieto today went to Polling Station 4990, located at “El Pípila” School to cast his vote in the elections for the Constituent Assembly in Mexico City.

After casting his vote, the president issued a press statement, in which he recalled that elections will be held today in 14 states, to elect governors and other officials  in 12 states, to elect mayors and delegates in Baja California and to elect the Constituent Assembly in Mexico City.

He said:  “I think it will be, as I hope will happen throughout the day, a day to reaffirm our democratic vocation, and provide a broad sphere of participation for Mexican society, which will enable it to take place in a climate of great civility, tranquility and social harmony.”

The president said that the areas of the government that form part of the Public Security Cabinet, “Are in a state of alert and ready to participate, as are local governments of each of these states, with the election authorities, within the scope of our powers, to ensure that a climate of peace and order is maintained in all the states where this democratic day is taking place.

He noted that reports to date indicate that election day has been normal and peaceful. “I have had no reports of any major incident, and I hope this continues for the rest of election day,” he said.