• .The president also appointed Maria Cristina Garcia Cepeda as Secretary of Culture.
  • He instructed the new foreign secretary to lead the work that is part of the fifth goal of the National Development Plan: to make Mexico a globally responsible country.
  • The new foreign secretary must also accelerate dialogue and contacts so that from the first day of the new US Administration,  it will be possible to establish the basis for a constructive working relationship; and protect Mexicans living abroad.
  • He instructed the new Secretary of Culture to foster the talents of Mexican artists and creators and to continue to promote access for all Mexicans to the world's highest cultural expressions.
  • He hailed Claudia Ruiz Massieu’s work as Foreign Secretary and Secretary of Tourism.

President Enrique Peña Nieto announced that he has accepted the resignation of Claudia Ruiz Massieu as Foreign Affairs Secretary and appointed Luis Videgaray Caso to replace her.

The president also announced the appointment of Maria Cristina García Cepeda, who until today was Director General of the National Institute of Fine Arts, as Secretary of Culture.

At the event, held in the Adolfo López Mateos Hall of the official residence of Los Pinos, the president swore in the new Secretaries of Foreign Affairs and Culture.

President Peña Nieto declared that as foreign minister, Luis Videgaray, “Must lead the work comprising the fifth national goal of the National Development Plan, to make Mexico a globally responsible country”.

He said that, “As part of its commitment to the world’s finest causes in multilateral forums and organizations, Mexico should continue to play a constructive leadership role, which includes promoting the human rights agenda within and outside our country”.

He added that Mexico’s regional importance must be consolidated on the basis of our Latin American identity and ties. To this end, “The Foreign Secretariat, under the leadership of Dr. Videgaray, must continue to promote development in Central America and reinforce integration mechanisms in Latin America, particularly the Pacific Alliance”.

He said that it will be vital to, “Continue our strategic rapprochement with the world’s leading economies, especially the members of the Group of 20, the twenty largest economies in the world, to which Mexico belongs”.

The president said that due to the change of government in the United States on January 20, “Secretary Videgaray has been instructed to accelerate dialogue and contacts so that as from the first day of the new administration, it will be possible to establish the basis for a constructive working relationship”.

“It should be a relationship that will allow us to strengthen bilateral ties in security, migration, trade and investment. These objectives should it be achieved at all times, promoting the interests of Mexico and without undermining our sovereignty or Mexicans’ dignity,” he said.

He noted that Foreign Secretary Videgaray should also ensure the care and protection to which Mexicans living abroad are entitled, as a result of which he mentioned those living in the United States.

He said that Dr. Videgaray’s experience as Secretary of Finance and Public Credit, when he coordinated Mexico’s work in the G20, and together with the US Vice President, oversaw the High Level Dialogue between Mexico and the United States, are a fundamental basis for his new assignment”.

As for the new Secretary of Culture, President Peña Nieto said that Maria Cristina Garcia Cepeda has spent over 30 years contributing to our country’s cultural policy and as of today, will be “the first woman to lead this young Secretariat”.

He said that García Cepeda has served as Director General of the International Cervantes Festival, Executive Secretary of the National Fund for Culture and the Arts, Executive Coordinator of the National Auditorium, Technical Secretary of CONACULTA, and until this morning, was General Director of the National Institute of Fine Arts.

“I am sure that in her work she will continue and contribute to the great work of our friend Rafael Tovar y de Teresa, who as a diplomat, lawyer, historian and essayist, understood that culture is our source of identity and projection into the future,” he added.

The president announced that, “The main brief of the new Secretary of Culture will be to consolidate the administrative aspects and current policies and programs of the Culture Secretariat. In doing so, she must meet the needs of the cultural community, while promoting Mexican culture within and outside our borders”.

She must also, “Continue to promote access for all Mexicans to the world's highest cultural expressions and promote the talent of Mexican artists and creators”.

At the event, President Peña Nieto thanked Claudia Ruiz Massieu for all her work as Foreign Secretary, “And above all, for always honoring Mexico’s name”.

"From the time she assumed this responsibility, as borne out by her personal attention to the Mexican tourists affected in Egypt and her most recent visits to the United States, Claudia has been more concerned than anyone else with the protection of Mexicans abroad”, he said.

He noted that this commitment, “Was also reflected in her work to empower our fellow countrymen in the United States and in the strengthening and modernization of our consular network”. As Foreign Secretary, he added, "another of her personal battles was to promote sensitive causes such as gender equality”.

The president also highlighted, “Her time as Secretary of Tourism, when she was responsible for implementing key policies for Mexico to return to the list of the world’s 10 most visited countries,” he said.