• One of its goals is for people with fewer resources to travel within Mexico economically, and to know and be proud of their country, he said. 

• Currently, 88 percent of earnings from tourism and the development of this industry are produced by domestic tourists.

• Mexico is already a great tourist power: we are among the 10 top destinations in the world that receive most tourists annually, but we can, and will consolidate the great strength we have as a country, he said.

• In 2012, we had just over 23 million international tourists in our country; last year we have 32 million foreign tourists, equivalent to 37 per cent growth in three years, he said.

• Tourist activity accounts for 8.5 percent of the Gross Domestic Product and generates in the order of 9 million jobs directly and indirectly, he said.

• The president inaugurated the Mexico Tourism Tianguis 2016.

As he inaugurated the Tourism Tianguis Mexico 2016, edition number 41, President Enrique Peña Nieto announced the start of the National Movement Let’s All Travel through Mexico (VTxM), designed to enable the people with fewest resources to travel within the country inexpensively.

He stressed that in this edition of the Tianguis Turístico, “The aim is for more Mexicans to get to know Mexico, be proud of their country, and discover its wealth, tourist sites, beaches, cultural attractions and natural beauty in this indescribable country of ours."

He stressed that the VTxM Movement, which involves the participation of the country’s tourist service providers, seeks to, “Expand the opportunities to discover our country, so that more Mexicans can visit, tour and discover it and then project their enormous pride in it.”

He declared that currently, 88 percent of the earnings from tourism and the development of this industry are produced by domestic tourists.

He said that the tourism industry is largely governed by seasonal demand, since it is obviously saturated during the holiday season, but at other times our tourist services are under-used.

Accompanied by his wife, Angelica Rivera de Peña, the president said that Mexico is already a great tourist power: “We are among the 10 top destinations in the world that receive most tourists annually, but we can and will consolidate the great strength we have as a country.”

He said that, “There are many reasons and arguments proving that Mexico is moving forward, that it is growing in different areas, one of which is the tourist industry.”

He said that the country, “Is not only growing because of the public policies we are undertaking and the confidence that tourism entrepreneurs have, “But because this sector has great potential to continue contributing increasingly to Mexico’s development: today, tourism accounts for 8.5 percent of gross domestic product.”

The president said that more than many other important industrial activities, "Including construction and mining, tourism is one of the major industries contributing significantly to Mexico’s economic development.”

President Peña Nieto said that within the great social impact of the tourism industry, “It is estimated to generate in the order of nine million jobs both directly and indirectly.”

He recalled that in 2012, we had just over 23 million international tourists in our country; last year, in 2015, we had 32 million foreign tourists. That is equivalent to 37 percent growth in three years.”

“We want the tourist industry in Mexico to continue to grow, because it has an enormous potential. It has the opportunity to continue growing and for its various tourist destinations to continue to expand and continue becoming consolidated. We are a country like few others; we can boast about ourselves to the world,” he said.

The president said that the government, “Has worked hand in hand with tourist service providers, and entrepreneurs in general, listening to concerns and making strategic partnerships.”

 “We have managed to promote Mexico at various forums and in different areas,” he said, and as an example, cited a film from the “007 James Bond series,” featuring Mexico, and the return to this country of Formula 1, “One of the sports with the greatest visibility in the world: it is watched by over 500 million people.” Moreover, a US American football league game will be played in Mexico at the end of this year.

“We will continue to do this for the benefit of our country’s tourism industry, which in the end, will continue to translate into economic income and job generation for more Mexicans and, above all, greater well-being for our society,” he declared.

The president thanked entrepreneurs in the tourism sector for their confidence in Mexico, “Who have invested in industry and tourist services in our country.”

In his speech, President Peña Nieto was accompanied by his wife and a group of Mazahua children, who, as part of the VTxM National Movement, had the opportunity to travel to different parts of the country.


Minister of Tourism Enrique de la Madrid Cordero said that the last three years have been the best in recent decades for the country’s tourism industry, which is partly due to the policies implemented by the president.

He noted that the 41st edition of the Tourism Tianguis has attracted visitors from 79 countries, the highest number in its history. It is also the first time the Asian delegation has represented 52 countries. He added that 14 countries that had never before been to Mexico are attending the Tianguis.

He explained that 15 representatives of romance tourism and the meetings and conventions industry, which accounts for approximately 20 percent of tourism GDP, are also present.

De la Madrid Cordero said that the Let’s All Travel through Mexico Program is designed to enable all Mexicans to travel through their country. "We want them to enjoy it, discover it, fall in love with it and feel that it belongs to them,” he said.

He noted that the program will not be based on fiscal resources: “On the basis of the existing installed capacity, in which the government, the authorities and entrepreneurs have already invested, we want to make this country move more and enable all Mexicans to get to know it.”


president of the National Board of Tourism Entrepreneurs Pablo Azcárraga Andrade highlighted the double digit growth of the tourism sector in the past three years, which, he said, “Is becoming the initial means of triggering the huge tourism potential of our country.”

"Let us give Mexico the opportunity to become a real world tourism power. We are on the threshold and it depends on us. As entrepreneurs, we are already deeply involved,” he said, stressing that they are committed to Mexico, to being more competitive, efficient and productive; and to creating more and better alternatives for young people.

He said that our country has clear competitive advantages such as its large national domestic market, which, in addition to being three times greater than the international, is growing, strong and complementary. "Tourism is and can be increasingly big business in Mexico,” he said.


As he welcomed all the countries attending the Tourism Tianguis 2016, Governor of Jalisco Jorge Aristóteles Sandoval Díaz said that this forum has been globally consolidated, and is expected to break all records this year in presenting the wonders of our country.

He thanked President Enrique Peña Nieto for the support given to this sector, which has been a key driver of economic development.

He recalled that at the beginning of the current government, Mexico was out of the “Top 1”" worldwide, and during President Peña Nieto’s administration, “It has returned to the world’s top ten tourist destinations,” thanks to the talent of each of the entrepreneurs in the industry, which is based on and enhanced by the competitiveness of human capital.

“That is why when people come to Mexico, they return. We say that Jalisco is Mexico, but I know that all the governors will be able to highlight the virtues and wonders of their cities, "said Aristóteles Sandoval.