·  Respect, tolerance and understanding are qualities which, regardless of people’s belief, make us better people, stated the President of Mexico.

·   We must renew hope in the future; hope is the way and the light, he said.

·   I have no doubt that the visit by His Holiness will leave an indelible mark on Mexicans, but I'm also sure that Mexico will leave a deep impression in the heart of Pope Francis, he declared.

·   Mexico loves you. Mexico loves Pope Francis because of his simplicity, his kindness and his warmth, he announced.

·   The president led the official welcoming ceremony for His Holiness Pope Francis, at the National Palace.

·   Mexico is a youthful nation, capable of renewing and transforming itself: Pope Francis

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and His Holiness Pope Francis stressed the importance of youth as the country’s main source of wealth and of taking action to build a better world, with a collective commitment to a better community and a better society.

During the official welcoming ceremony for the Pope at the National Palace, President Peña Nieto, accompanied by his wife, Angélica Rivera de Peña, said that, “Respect, tolerance and understanding are qualities which, regardless of each of our beliefs, make us better people. They are the meeting place from which, within differences, we can build a better world.”

“We are all called to build a better world by working together and in harmony, because solidarity, as you so aptly said, is a way of making history,” he told the Pope.

“We must renew hope in the future; hope is the way and the light,” he said.

He pointed out that, “It is up to governments to create the conditions to ensure a basic floor of well-being for our societies, by ensuring development opportunities for everyone.”

For his part, His Holiness Pope Francis said that it is particularly up to the leaders of social, cultural and political life to offer all citizens, “The opportunity to be worthy actors of their own destiny, in their families and in all the circles in which human sociability is developed, by helping them achieve effective access to indispensable material and spiritual goods: adequate housing, decent work, food, real justice, effective security, and a peaceful, healthy environment.”

He said that, “This is not just a matter of laws that require upgrades and improvements, which are always necessary but of the urgent formation of each individual’s personal responsibility, with full respect for others as is appropriate in the common cause of promoting national development. It is a task that involves all the Mexican people at various levels, both public and private; collective and individual.”

He told President Peña Nieto: “I assure you, Mr. President, that in this endeavor, the Mexican government can count on the collaboration of the Catholic Church, which has accompanied the life of this nation and renews its commitment and willingness to serve the great cause of man: the construction of the civilization of love.”

President Peña Nieto told the Pope: “We acknowledge you as a sensitive, visionary leader who is bringing a centuries-old institution close to new generations. We hail the reforming Pope who is leading the Catholic Church to establish a connection with the people.”

“Your Holiness,” he continued, "Mexico loves you. Mexico loves Pope Francis because of his simplicity, his kindness and his warmth.”

Pope Francisco, he said, "You have a home in the hearts of millions of Mexicans."

He added: “I am sure your journey through Mexico will be historic; it will bring light and guidance to millions of Mexicans. Your presence here helps to reaffirm our collective vocation for peace and brotherhood, justice and human rights. The causes of the Pope are also the causes of Mexico.”

“Millions of Mexicans are ready to receive your words of peace, love and hope, especially this year when the Catholic Church celebrates the Jubilee of Mercy. You have called for a faith that goes out into the streets. In Mexico, Pope Francis, you will see that faith, you will see millions of good, honest people who lead a life of principles on a daily basis,” he said.

You, "Will travel the country from border to border and discover the plurality of its ethnic and cultural expressions. You  will witness a nation of young people who are meeting their challenges and transforming themselves in order to overcome them,” he said.

He told the Bishop of Rome that, “In the streets, stadiums and squares you visit, you will meet up with a generous, hospitable people, a proudly Guadalupan people. This is the Mexico that receives you with an open heart and arms. We are a community that values the family; a caring society and a nation forged in the culture of effort.”

“I have no doubt that the visit by Your Holiness will leave an indelible mark on Mexicans, but I'm also sure that Mexico will leave a deep impression on the heart of Pope Francis,” he declared.

The Mexican president said that, "From a spiritual point of view, it is up to the Catholic Church and all the other world religions to continue promoting hope and solidarity, brotherhood and above all love.”

“Hence the importance of having a secular state, such as the Mexican state, which, by ensuring religious freedom, protects diversity and human dignity. For their part, it is up to citizens to practice and transmit the values that allow us to coexist and advance in society,” he said.

He added that, “Democracy is spreading throughout the world, which is all to the good. The expression of diversity is increasingly accepted, yet at the same time, intolerant groups have re-emerged, turning their phobias into acts of hatred.”

"Individualism, consumerism and the permanent desire to always have more not only causes anxiety and frustration but also threatens human solidarity and the care of the planet, which is our common home. All these facts will show us a humanity that constantly faces the decision of whether to do good, be indifferent or take the path of evil,” he said.

He said that, “These dilemmas oblige us to reflect, to think where we are going and what kind of world we wish to leave to those who come after us. Above all, these challenges should encourage us to action, collective commitment and commitment to everyone in favor of a better community and society.”


In his message, the Pope declared that Mexico’s greatest riches today have a young face, which, he said, gives hope and projection. "A people with youth is a people able to renew and transform itself; it is an invitation to look to the future with hope and, in turn, positively challenges us in the present,” he declared.

He added that, “An ancient culture and a hopeful human capital, like yours, must be a source of encouragement for us to find new forms of dialogue, negotiation and bridges capable of guiding us along the path of supportive commitment.”

A commitment, he said, “In which everyone, beginning with those who call ourselves Christians, commit ourselves to building a truly humane policy and a society in which no one feels a victim of the culture of exclusion.”

He considered that, “A hopeful future is forged in a present of fair, honest men and women able to engage in the common good, this common good that does not have a flourishing market in the 21st century.”

He noted that, “Experience has shown that whenever we seek the path of privilege or benefits for the few to the detriment of the common good, sooner or later, life in society becomes fertile ground for corruption, drug trafficking, the exclusion of different cultures, violence and even human trafficking, kidnapping and death, causing suffering and hampering development.”

He explained that the Mexican people have placed their hopes in the identity that has been forged in hard and difficult times through the great testimonials of citizens who have understood that overcoming situations born of individualism required the agreement of the political, social and market institutions and of all the men and women who engage in the pursuit of the common good and the promotion of people’s dignity.”

He said he is ready to travel through, “This beautiful, great country as a missionary and pilgrim who wishes to renew with you the experience of mercy as a new horizon of possibility, which is invariably the bearer of justice and peace.”

Earlier, President Peña Nieto and his wife received His Holiness in the Main Courtyard. The national anthems of Mexico and the Vatican were played at the official welcome ceremony.

The Mexican president and the Pope saluted the flags of both countries and their respective delegations. They later held a private meeting. They also exchanged gifts and issued a postage stamp commemorating Pope Francis’ visit to Mexico.

Afterwards, in the Blue Room at the National Palace, Pope Francis and President Peña Nieto welcomed President of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation Luis María Aguilar Morales; Chairman of the Board of the Chamber of Deputies Jesús Zambrano Grijalva; and Chairman of the Board of the Senate Roberto Gil Zuarth.