FIRST: We have the lowest inflation rate in history. He noted that, “According to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), the inflation rate in August was 2.59 percent.”

He explained that this means that, “The price increase in goods and services has not been greater than it was in previous years. We have the lowest inflation rate recorded since inflation began to be measured in Mexico over 40 years ago. We have low inflation, which allows us to have stability in the price of goods consumed by Mexicans.”

SECOND: Employment in Mexico is rising. "Today I am able to inform you that figures from Mexican Social Security Institute for employment in August posted another increase, even higher than that of previous months: in August, the number of jobs rose by 72,359. This is 25.4 percent higher than the number of jobs created in August of last year, bringing the number of jobs created so far in this administration to 1,496,000.

“Let’s put this in context. I do not always like making comparisons, because I like to prove what this government is doing, but to put things in perspective, it may be worth recalling what was happening at this point in other administrations in the past, at this stage. In the one that began 12 years ago, the administration that lasted from 2000 to 2006, at this point, not only had jobs not been created in Mexico but they had been lost. More than 500,000 jobs had been lost by then.

"Six years ago, during the last administration, there were 62,000 fewer jobs. Today, at this stage of the Administration, nearly three years into this government, nearly one and a half million jobs have been created. There are more jobs in the country. More employment has been created in Mexico.”

THIRD: The domestic economy is moving. Consumption is increasing. "Yesterday, the National Association of Supermarkets and Department Stores, which mainly groups together retail chain stores and department stores, announced that sales in August of this year were 7.8 per cent higher than in August of last year. This figure is even higher than the average rate at which our economy is growing.”

“These three data, which are encouraging, are a clear sign that our economy is moving, even though there is an adverse scenario in the world, and that the government is acting responsibly to ensure our country’s economic stability,” he said.

During the event, at which he delivered two vehicle bridges and public safety patrols, President Peña Nieto said that the draft budget for next year, “Will force the government to tighten its belt and be extremely austere as regards public spending.”

He said that the government, “Has decided to act with great responsibility and has submitted a budget package that includes an adjustment in spending that will make us act more austerely, while sparing several crucial areas for national development.”

He explained that, “We have decided to adjust and tighten our belts, generate domestic savings and maintain our investment priorities in public security, combating poverty and the development of more infrastructure to benefit Mexicans.”

The president noted that in the issue of public safety, “We must continue to invest, we need to pick up the pace, and we must continue working to strengthen the Mexican state’s capacity to have more robust, better trained and better equipped security institutions.”

In addition, he said, “We intend to carry out a truly ambitious national infrastructure plan.” He added that in the proposed budget package, “There will also be more room for infrastructure projects and the development thereof, which can be undertaken with greater participation by the private sector so that the government can allocate more resources to other areas and other needs of Mexican society and with the participation of the private sector, be able to continue building and developing the infrastructure our country needs.”

The president said that, “Now is the time to keep to the course we have set, in which we have clearly defined objectives.” He urged society to be persevering and tenacious, and act, “In keeping with what we have set out to accomplish for the benefit of Mexican society.”

At the event, the President unveiled the inaugural plaque of the “Centennial of the Constitution,” vehicle bridges that will improve the speed and safety of traffic through an area of the municipality Toluca, where various educational institutions are located. He also handed over the keys to the security patrols to the state police.


Gerardo Ruiz Esparza, Secretary of Communications and Transport, said that the “Bicentennial of the Constitution” Bridges, inaugurated today by President Peña Nieto, are part of the infrastructure that makes it possible to attract investment, create jobs and allow Mexico to be seen today as a major center of worldwide investment.

“Mexico is doing well; because of these structural reforms, this infrastructure, it is being regarded as major center of international investments for the benefit of Mexicans,” he said.

He explained that the construction of the project required an investment of 200 million pesos, noting that each one has a length of 650 meters and a width of 10.5 meters, allowing crossings and returns to the Toluca-Palmillas-Atlacomulco road, making the movement of people and goods quicker and safer.

He explained that for long-haul users traveling to Toluca, Atlacomulco and Mexico City, shorter travel times will translate into more time they can spend with their families and other productive activities, as well as lower costs for transporting goods and merchandise.

He announced that, before the event, President Enrique Peña Nieto flew over the new La Marquesa-Toluca Highway, 57% of which has been completed and which is scheduled for completion by June 2016. It will have a length of 14 kilometers and will require an investment of approximately 3.7 billion pesos. The president also oversaw the expansion to four lanes of the Tenango-Ixtapan de la Sal Highway, which required a total investment of $1.5 billion pesos.


Eruviel Ávila, Governor of the State of Mexico and President of the National Conference of Governors (CONAGO) told President Enrique Peña Nieto "We will be working very closely with you, to continue promoting and implementing education reform, to achieve better quality, inclusive education for the entire population.”

He declared: “Today I reiterate the position of the country's governors and the government of the State of Mexico: we want to achieve the educational infrastructure bonds that will translate into more and better classrooms; they will be translate into roofs for schools and school toilets because schools are our children’s second home.”

He added that the State of Mexico went from fourth to first place in foreign direct investment, with more than $1.12 USD, as reported by the Secretariat of Economy in the past few days. And that, he said, “Is no coincidence. It is the result of the fact that the sweeping reforms promoted by President Peña Nieto are already paying off.”


Luis Roberto Mancilla Urióstegui, a resident of Toluca, said that through the delivery of these infrastructure projects, President Enrique Peña Nieto, “Has shown that with his vision and leadership, together, we can build a prosperous Mexico.”

He noted that one of the main benefits of the work is that it will provide safe entrances and exits, “Thereby reducing accidents on the stretch of road between Toluca and Palmillas.”

He said that the delivery of patrols to 80 municipalities in the state, “Enhances the safety of our families and thereby promotes the development of the whole state.”

"With great pride, young people have found the government has once again met its commitment to all the residents of the State of Mexico, a situation that motivates us, because we see in you and the governor an example of service,” declared Mancilla Urióstegui.