• .A date has yet to be set for a meeting with the US president elect. “With the new US government, we will make dialogue the means of setting a new agenda in the bilateral relationship”:
  • Mexico will continue working on the free trade route, he said.
  • The Navy has taught us that Mexico is a single country, which we all construct on a daily basis.
  • The presentation of the Belisario Domínguez Medal to Gonzalo Rivas tomorrow represents the Senate’s recognition of an unsung hero, he said.

President Enrique Peña Nieto, said today that, “The meeting with the Mexican government and its institutions will  take place after the US president elect has appointed his cabinet.

In an interview held during the activities commemorating Mexican Navy Day, the president declared that, “No-one has been appointed to represent the Mexican government to the US transition team. We realize that the new US cabinet is still being formed and that the US government is in transition, he explained.

At this point, he repeated, “There is no conversation, no dialogue, and no-one has been designated to perform this task”.


He said that the relationship will take place from government to government, once the US president takes the oath of office on January 20”.

The president said that no date has been set for a meeting with US president-elect Donald Trump. He added that, “We must make dialogue the means of finding, in conjunction with the US government, a means of setting a new agenda for bilateral relations, which will address sensitive issues for both governments, within a framework of absolute respect for our sovereignties, and a willingness to construct”.

“This is the task to which we shall devote ourselves, once the new government is in power. I would like to make it quite clear that everything else is mere speculation with no basis,” he said.

He said that the government will continue to work with the heads of the various agencies to fully assume its responsibility”.

He said that the agenda, “We have worked on with the US government will be concluded in order to begin a new agenda and a new working strategy with the next US government”.


Regarding the future of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), President Peña Nieto said that, “It is too early to say what route will be taken,” and made it quite clear that, “Mexico will continue working on the free trade route”.

He declared: “What is a reality today is the Free Trade Agreement Mexico has signed with 46 countries around the world, which we should intensify. We want to expand the level of trade we have with those 46 countries”:

“The trade agreement we have with North America is obviously a priority, and will remain a central issue,”  he declared.

The president also noted that the Mexican government,, through its consulates, defends and advises our fellow countrymen living in the United States.

united are stronger; TOGETHER WE CAN BEAT ANY adversity and overcome any challenge

In the event commemorating Mexican Navy Day, President Peña Nieto recalled that in recent days, he urged Mexicans to close ranks to move forward with unity of purpose and action. “United we are stronger, together we will be able to overcome any adversity and meet any challenge,” he said.

He said that for Mexico’s Armed Forces, being a single corps is what gives it a sense of cohesion and unity and enables it to serve the country with honor, duty, loyalty and patriotism.

To the members of the Mexican Navy, he said:  “You, as members of our Armed Forces, have taught us that Mexico is a single country and that we are building it together, on a daily basis. It is our common home, our biggest project, our collective mission”.

For all of you, serving Mexico is more than a job, it is a way of being. The force that moves you are naval principles and values, and merit and glory are your greatest rewards. Defy winds and storms with your mettle and strength of character to lead our country to a successful conclusion,” he said.

After thanking and congratulating Mexican marines on their vocation of service to the country, the president also recalled that yesterday, he was privileged to receive the certificate accrediting the Revillagigedo Archipelago as a World Heritage Site.

In this remote area located 720 kilometers off the coast of Colima, he added, “The Mexican Navy is present, serving the country”. It has done so for almost 60 years, “Overcoming conditions of isolation and always proving its unwavering dedication to service to protect the territorial integrity and the vast natural resources of these islands”.

He said the Revillagigedo Naval Base, “Is one of many examples of unreserved commitment, institutional loyalty and above all, the intense patriotism of the members of the Mexican Navy”.

The president said that another task in which the country’s marines have shown their vocation of service to Mexico, “Is the assistance to the civilian population in an emergency or disaster”.

He added that this year's Navy Day celebration has special significance because it is part of the 50th Anniversary of the Navy Plan, the ultimate expression of solidarity, fraternity and generosity of this institution”. He added that since 1966, “The heroism of the Mexican Navy has been demonstrated countless times when it has assisted, rescued and saved the lives of thousands of Mexicans”.

“This has been witnessed by the crew of boats that have been stranded or had accidents at sea. For them, the arrival of our marines has been synonymous with tranquility, encouragement and hope. Moreover, together with the Army and Air Force, you have participated in most of the disaster, rescue and protection actions for communities affected by natural disasters or major accidents,” he added.

He explained that, “In the event of earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and landslides, members of the armed forces are the first to arrive and the last to leave. They are present from the moment the emergency starts, through the stages of cleaning up and the protection of families’ assets to reconstruction. Crossing rivers, forests and mountains, they have given their courageous support to those who have been affected or injured in the most difficult moments”.

The president said that last Sunday, at the ceremony of promotions and decorations to mark the 106th anniversary of the Mexican Revolution, Navy Secretary Admiral Vidal Francisco Soberón Sanz, “Reiterated the demand for the Armed Forces to move towards a legal framework that guarantees their public security actions”. The government, he continued, “Endorses this position and will address this pending issue, which will give certainty to the soldiers, airmen and marines who watch over our peace”.

Earlier in the day, the president launched the Oceanic Patrol Boat “Chiapas” and the Logistics Supply Ship “Isla María Madre”. He also signed the Distinguished Visitors’ Book.

Afterwards he toured Multipurpose Heli-transportable for the Navy Plan; and presented awards in the field of Civil Protection to Mexican Navy personnel.


During an interview with the media, President Peña Nieto said that the presentation of the Belisario Domínguez Medal to Gonzalo Rivas, tomorrow, “Constitutes the Senate’s recognition of an unsung hero”.

“What the Senate is recognizing is the anonymous heroism that occurs in many places in the country. And in this case, it clearly identifies a person who risked his life to save other people’s lives; he genuinely gave his life,” he explained.

“I think this is appropriate recognition for him and for many unsung heroes who have done so much for others, their peers, who do not always have this recognition," he added.

ARMED FORCES HAVE DEFINED THE WAY TO GENERATE conditions of peace, tranquility and security that every citizen of this nation deserves: ADMIRAL SOBERÓN SANZ

Naval Secretary Admiral Vidal Francisco Soberón Sanz said that, “Today, more than ever, the Armed Forces have defined the path for generating the conditions of peace, tranquility and security every citizen in this country deserves. They have an inescapable duty that requires immediate results; actions whose only basis is legality, transparency and absolute respect for human rights”.

He said that, “In response to the current security situation, soldiers, pilots and marines confirm our commitment to ensuring the welfare of all Mexicans”.

He said that the goal of a Mexico at peace, as stated by President Peña Nieto since the start of his administration, “Is to improve public security conditions in the country so that our fellow citizens can move around safely, without fear, exercising their rights and guarantees within a framework of freedoms”.

That goal, he said, “Is supported by the total dedication of the armed forces of our country, and is an honor for the marines in the Mexican Navy, a duty that we fulfill without reserve, an act of utmost loyalty and patriotism to Mexico”.

He stressed that the Navy Secretariat, “Works every day to offer the nation a reliable, modern and efficient Navy”. In this regard, he said that incorporating Ocean Patrol Boat “Chiapas” and the  Logistic Supply Ship “Isla María Madre” into the naval fleet, “is the result of decisive actions to keep the bow of our navy pointing towards modernity”.

He said that the Heli-transportable Multipurpose Modular Camp, revealed today, is, “One of the greatest innovations in equipment and infrastructure known to assist the population”. It is a system whereby, “We can reach the most remote, inaccessible places where, if necessary, we will be able to provide medical care 24 hours a day,” with the capacity to distribute more than two thousand hot food rations a day, and potabilize over a hundred tons of water.


Claudia Pavlovich Arellano, Governor of Sonora, thanked President Peña Nieto for the support the government has given Sonora, which, she said, “Have enabled us to move forward and build solutions because that is what this policy is about, solving problems”.

Noting that, “The exercise of government is intended to serve those who have placed their trust in us," she explained that this involves, “Building opportunities for those who invest their money and talent to create jobs." The point, she continued, “Is to improve the chances of the young people who are graduating from universities, to incorporate the most disadvantaged sectors into development, and to open spaces for those who have not been heard”.

She said that her government is committed to working in a steady, disciplined and orderly manner.  “We are committed to the honest use of public resources, so that every peso from citizens is spent on what it should be and as it should, so that every peso that the federation sends to Sonora to be used carefully and responsibly,” she said.