• It is committed to caring for our environment, and boosting economic activity that is fully harmonized with respect for the natural environment, he said.
  • It is time to implement new paradigms, new models of sustainable development with respect for the environment, which is what it means to be sustainable: productive activities that generate employment and great development and are absolutely environmentally friendly, he said.

President Enrique Peña Nieto today highlighted Mexico’s commitment to, “Taking care of our environment and boosting economic activity that is fully in harmony with respect for the natural environment”.

During his inauguration of PROTEAK UNO’s Tecnotabla Panel Plant, the president said, “It is time to implement new paradigms, in other words, new models of sustainable development with respect for the environment, which is what it means to be sustainable: productive activities that generate employment and development and are also absolutely environmentally friendly”.

“Mexico is fully committed to working and making its contribution to mitigating and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which cause global warming”.

“If we neglect to care for the environment today, we will be condemning future generations to who knows what kind of world, what kind of country they will live in and under what conditions,” he added.

President Peña Nieto also highlighted Mexico’s commitment to the development of commercial forest areas, because, “For many years, we maintained the paradigm, the model, the stereotype that it was unthinkable to exploit our forest areas, when it is in fact possible”.

“It is possible to reforest and use forest areas,” he said, after stating that, with this new model, as already happens in countries such as Canada and Finland, “It is possible to exploit our forests while ensuring the care, reforestation and preservation of our forests, as well as achieving a commercial goal”.

The president said, “We warned of the devastating impact of climate change, which has raised temperatures worldwide, and our country resents this because when the temperature rises, climate conditions change and, for example, in recent years, we have seen a sharp increase in the number of devastating hurricanes and climate effects.

This is a consequence, he added, “Of climate change, meaning that temperatures have been rising all over the world.” He recalled that August of this year was classified as, “The hottest in world history, and obviously the hottest in our country”.

He said that in recent days, the Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources presented Mexico’s ratification of the Paris Agreement to the United States, “Which commits Mexico, along with other nations, to take action to reduce climate change and prevent the temperature from continuing to rise”.

The president reported that in December of this year, our country will receive more than 10,000 people from all over the world for the Conference of the Parties 13 (COP13) on Biological Diversity.

He noted that Mexico will host the meeting, “Because of the richness and biodiversity of our country. Mexico will host this Conference of the Parties to address four key issues and establish new models for development in forestry, fishing, tourism and agriculture”.

The Federal Executive noted that the PROTEAK UNO firm, which allocated an investment of $200 million USD for the plant inaugurated today, “is a model of what can be done for the environment: the development of forest and commercial plantations fulfills two purposes: on the one hand, the reforestation of our country, and on the other, which also serves corporate purposes, obtaining profits for those individuals and companies who decide to invest in this activity”.

At the event, President Peña Nieto unveiled the inaugural plaque and toured the facilities of the new plant.


Hector Eduardo Bonilla Castañeda, founder and Chairman of the Board of PROTEAK UNO, noted that during this administration, the company has received, “the invaluable support of the Federal Government, whose programs significantly contribute to the development of the forestry sector”.

He mentioned the existence of a partnership program with small producers in the region, backed by the state government and the National Forestry Commission, and said that today, Mexico has the largest carbon program for mitigating global warming.

Bonilla Castañeda stressed that Mexico is a great country full of opportunities and development possibilities. “It is a country of working people and natural conditions that is the envy of any other country in the world”.

He hoped that the plant inaugurated today, “The largest industrial forest investment in the country and the largest investment in non-oil private capital of the region, will serve as an example of what can be achieved in the forestry sector with work, effort and love”.


Governor of Tabasco Arturo Núñez Jiménez, said that, “The good news about the Tabasco countryside is precisely the development of commercial forest plantations”.

He said that PROTEAK UNO's investment in the municipality of Huimanguillo, “Is made with full respect for the environment in a scheme of sustainability and modernity”.

He added that the other good news about the Tabasco countryside is the expansion of palm oil to 20,000 hectares, making the state the second largest palm oil producer after Chiapas.