· India is also a great power and a world reference.

· The President of Mexico received the Prime Minister of India, who is on a working visit to our country.

· President Peña Nieto is a reformer and a believer in the destiny of this great country: Narendra Modi.

President Enrique Pena Nieto said Mexico and India agreed to scale the level of current  relations between the two nations to shift from what is known as a Privileged Partnership to a Strategic Partnership.

In a joint press statement with Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, currently on a working visit to Mexico, the Mexican president said that they also agreed to “cooperate in promoting reciprocal investments and expand those that already exist in various sectors such as the steel, pharmaceutical, food and auto parts industry” and even the presence of Mexican companies in Indian movie theaters.

At the event, held in the Adolfo López Mateos Hall of the official residence of Los Pinos, the two leaders resolved, “To promote investment on the basis of the Energy Reform Mexico has undertaken, so that Indian companies can invest in renewable energy generation in our country.”

They also agreed to have further cooperation in aerospace, “An area in which our country is significantly expanding, and in which India is also a great power and a world leader.”

The Mexican president said that the agreements reached today include the expansion  “of our technological exchanges to enhance our Digital Strategy Program, and even to establish a joint laboratory.”

“We have agreed that in the course of this year, meetings will be held between Indian and Mexican government officials in the High Level Group Meeting on Trade, Investment and Cooperation, and in the Binational Commission to deepen this shared vision we have,” he added.

President Peña Nieto welcomed India’s accession to the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, and thanked it for joining the Nuclear Suppliers' Group.

 “As a country, we will have positive and constructive support in this regard, by recognizing Prime Minister Modi’s commitment to the international disarmament and non-proliferation of nuclear weapons agenda,” he added.


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted the agreement reached with the Mexican president to strengthen the alliance with our country, which he regarded as strategic, and stressed the potential of bilateral relations to increase trade and investment.

He said that Mexico is an important partner for India’s energy security, as a result of which attempts are being made to “go beyond a buyer-seller relationship; we wish to have a partnership, a long-term alliance.”

He mentioned their intention to deepen cooperation and investment in other areas such as information technology and the pharmaceutical, aerospace, automotive, and science and technology industries, which include key growth areas within the bilateral links,” he said.

“We also will launch concrete projects in areas such as agriculture, agricultural research, biotechnology, solar energy, waste management and natural disasters,” he said.

He thanked the Mexican president for his positive, constructive support for India's membership in the Nuclear Suppliers Group; an area where, he said, “We have the best practices and sharing them can benefit our two societies.”

President Modi said that he regards President Peña Nieto as, “A reformer and a believer in the destiny of this great country”

“I am also focusing on reforming India’s economy and its governance structures,” he said, and declared that both leaders agree to, “Recognize the opportunities we have as well as the challenges we face in this century. We feel it, we know it and we know that our growing agreement on international issues allow us to combine our capabilities, to strengthen both regions and our work, which are of strategic importance to both countries.”