• Mexico and Argentina also agree that it is necessary to break down barriers, promote changes and design policies, especially structural reforms, in order to meet the new challenges of the global world, he said.
  • Both are also countries that are open to the world, he said. Mexico has a network of 12 trade agreements with different countries, giving it preferential access to 45 countries and a market of 1.1. billion people, he declared.
  • Together with Argentine President Mauricio Macri, he inaugurated the Mexico-Argentina Business Forum.
  • President Peña Nieto presented awards to Hernán Santiago Lombardi and Adriana Rosenberg, distinguished Argentines engaged in exemplary efforts to strengthen ties between Mexico and Argentina.

As he inaugurated the Mexico-Argentina Business Forum, together with President Mauricio Macri, President Enrique Peña Nieto said that for Mexico, a fundamental condition for promoting development and prosperity is maintaining its macroeconomic stability.

He said that, like Argentina, for Mexico, “Preserving the fundamentals of our economy, is a pillar and an essential condition for boosting development; it is up to each government, within the scope of its responsibilities, to take the decisions it deems appropriate to preserve our macroeconomic stability”.

This is what are we doing in Mexico, “Since we regard it as an essential condition for development and prosperity,” he declared.

The Mexican president said that Mexico and Argentina, “Agree that we must tear down barriers, drive change, design policies and above all, implement structural reforms to be able to adjust to the new challenges of the global world”.

He recalled that in the particular case of Mexico, “Various structural reforms, both political, social and economic, have been undertaken”. He said that particularly in the economic field, “Six of the 13 structural reforms we promoted have now become new pillars and new foundations for the future development of our country’s economy”.

He noted that in addition, Argentina and Mexico, “Are two countries that are open to the world”. He said that our country already has, “A long tradition of being open to the world, which has boosted its openness to the world, we have adjusted our condition of being a closed country, and having a closed economy, and a country where virtually the main export was our oil; and I’m talking about just 30 years ago”.

He added that today, “Our trade is open: we have a network of 12 trade agreements with different countries, giving us preferential access to 45 countries and a market of 1.1. billion people”.

He explained that the most foreign currency is generated by the food industry, tourism and vehicle manufacturing. In fact, he continued, “We have already become the world’s seventh largest vehicle producer. Today, we produce 3.4 million a year, we export 2.8 million, and the remainder, which have also achieved record sales figures, are sold on our country's domestic market”.

President Peña Nieto said that Mexico has made structural reforms a new platform, and today the government is working to define and materialize the benefits that will derive from these reforms for our society”.

Among Mexico’s competitive advantages, he cited its geographical location, since it is “a strategic bridge between North America and Latin America”.

He said that in Mexico, “We have been working to expand our communications, highway, road and rail network infrastructure, and our port capacity”.

He noted that so far this administration, “We have expanded our port capacity from 280 to 370 million tons annually. By the end of this year, we will be handling 400 million tons annually and the goal set for 2018 is 500 million”.

The Mexican president said that trade between Mexico and Argentina stands at 2.5 billion.

Argentina, he added, is Mexico’s fourth largest trading partner in Latin America, while Mexico is Argentina’s third largest trading partner in the region, “But the potential we two countries have to grow the level of trade we have today is enormous”.

He reported that during his meeting with President Macri, within the framework of his state visit to Argentina, “We decided to review and deepen the Economic Complementarity Agreement (ACE6), the agreement governing or regulating trade relations between the two countries”. “We have decided to expand the terms of this Agreement,” he added.

He also said that the 17 bilateral cooperation agreements achieved during this state visit, “Should not remain at the level of a letter of intent or good intentions. Our interest, the Mexican government’s genuine interest, is to support the political will that allows us to overcome any barriers, implement the agreements we have signed in a real, authentic way, to enable us to achieve greater integration between Mexico and Argentina and between Argentina and Mexico”.


For his part, Argentine President Mauricio Macri said that this kind of forums is important for entrepreneurs to “discover the opportunities in our country, discover the good partners they can have on Argentina, with whom they might end working in Mexico and throughout the region”.

He said that in Argentina, “Today we have a big, main goal, to which we are committed, which is to reduce poverty in our country. A path we call Towards Zero Poverty, and there, we clearly need entrepreneurial spirit, the ability to create value”.

That's what we are aiming for today, and we hope that our brothers in Mexico, who accompany us today, will become enthusiastic and interested in participating in this great process of change undertaken by Argentina in search of their own development,” he said.

He expressed his interest and desire that Mexican entrepreneurs, “Will find areas and possibilities to invest, to find local partners and, above all, moment by moment, for us to manage to normalize our economy.”

Presentation of Mexican Order of the Aztec Eagle

As part of his state visit, President Enrique Peña Nieto awarded the Medal of the Order of the Aztec Eagle, in the plaque grade, to Hernán Santiago Lombardi, and in the insignia grade to Adriana Rosenberg, two distinguished Argentines whose work to achieve closer ties between Mexico and Argentina has been exemplary.

Hernán Santiago Lombardi is the director of the Federal System of Media and Public Contents of Argentina, and Adriana Rosenberg is President of the Proa Foundation and a cultural promoter.

On behalf of the Mexican government, the president thanked both of them, “For their promotion to keep Mexico present in the sister nation of Argentina”.

He said that Adriana Rosenberg, “Has worked hard to publicize the wealth of the pre-Columbian civilizations established in what is now Mexico, and has also fostered an appreciation for modern art through the works of artists such as Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo and Rufino Tamayo, and mid-20th century creators such as Julio Galán, and contemporary artists such as Jorge Méndez Blake, among others”.

He said that Hernán Santiago Lombardi has been one of the best known figures in the cultural sector of Argentina in the past 15 years, and as Minister of Culture of the City of Buenos Aires, “He has also been an active promoter of Mexican culture, which now has a greater presence on the streets and esplanades of this beautiful city.”

Thanks to his determined and generous intervention, he said, “In 2008, the City of Buenos Aires opened the iconic forests of Palermo to stage the first Mariachi Festival. Over time, the festival has grown and spread to other musical genres, as well as various elements of cultural promotion and Mexican cuisine”.

The two laureates thanked the President of Mexico for the distinction and expressed their pride at having maintained strong links between Argentina and Mexico.

After the ceremony, President Peña Nieto was taken to Ministro Pistarini International Airport to travel to Mexico City.