· The president urged government and society together to make efforts to achieve the full rule of law.

· This requires that governments and every citizen adopt a new attitude committed to change and to adopting new paradigms that will achieve development and trust in society, he said.

· This is a Mexico that is certainly better than  the one we had in the past, and I'm sure it will be much better in the future on the basis of what we have constructed and planted in these first three years, he said.

· As part of the 33rd Ordinary General Assembly of the Business Coordinating Council, the president swore in its new leader.

President Enrique Peña Nieto said today that as a nation, “We have a great opportunity to take off and grow on the basis of the confidence we have in ourselves, which the world at large recognizes and appreciates about Mexico.”

He added that Mexico now has an opportunity, “To ensure that Mexicans make confidence the path for building on behalf of the prosperity of our country.”

During the 33rd Ordinary General Meeting of the Business Coordinating Council (CCE), in which he swore in its new leader, Juan Pablo Castañón Castañón, the president said that entrepreneurs from other nations, “Are now taking notice of Mexico, they see our country as a destination that has strengths and one in which there is increasing confidence to invest and grow with our nation.”

He congratulated the Mexican business community for having, “Confidence in our nation to enable Mexico to achieve scenarios of greater well-being and prosperity for its society.”

He said that enterprise is what will make it possible to create opportunities for development for all Mexicans. “In every entrepreneur, every businessmen, whether small, medium or large, there is the confidence in our country to grow with Mexico and contribute to its development,” he added.

President Peña Nieto said that in these three years of government, “We have promoted structural reforms, and we have repeatedly heard that we need to further advance its implementation, a task we have not postponed or ignored. On the contrary, every day we have proved how action, public policies and the government’s work, together with that of society, are designed to ensure that these reforms translate into concrete benefits for Mexican society.”

He said that today we need, “To continue building with Mexico, on the basis of an attitude that each one adopts as citizens.” Let us build, he continued, “With full respect for the rule of law, because in governments and in every citizen,  there is a new attitude committed to change, with new paradigms take will create development and confidence in society.”

"This is the route we have charted for the following years: implement, renovate, consolidate and create a new path towards those scenarios or in those areas where we still have deficiencies and we wish to advance and have greater achievements,” he said.

As an example, he said: “There is the fact that we have adopted a much more honest, committed attitude and we are acting with a new ethics that allows us to assume our responsibilities and comply fully with them, as citizens and as government agents.

The president said that thanks to the structural reforms and changes it was possible to achieve through the an agreement between the different views and political forces, Nowadays, we are better prepared to deal with the adverse situations the world is experiencing.”

He said that major international organizations, particularly financial ones and the world at large, “Appreciate that Mexico has great strengths and a scenario of greater opportunity precisely as a result of the timely changes we have made.”

He noted that these changes are already achieving conditions of greater well-being:


"We have had seven months with the lowest inflation rate we have achieved as a nation. Otherwise, Mexican families’ economy would surely not have contributed significantly to the dynamism of our economy, because inflation is the highest, most expensive for society,” he said.

He reported that last November, an inflation rate of 2.21 percent was registered, the lowest since it began to be measured in 1970.

The president added that another important achievement is the creation of formal employment in the country. “We have achieved record figures in employment. This means that more families have secured formal employment, that today they have the benefits of social security, which contrasts with jobs in the informal sector, and that in these first three years,  a record number of jobs have been achieved: 1,892,000 jobs for this period of the Administration, the highest figure ever recorded in the past five administrations, measured during the same period.”

He added that the credit is also contributing to trigger our economy, especially domestic consumption in our country. “Today, we have more consumer credit, today there is more retail banking credit for the private sector, with 10.6 percent growth in real terms. And something that is important within this increase in credit in Mexican society, is that much of this growth, over 20 percent, reflects the increase in loans to small and medium enterprises.”

He said that consumption is also growing in the country, “And that is what is allowing our economy to grow, even if not at the desired or expected levels, which we will achieve when the global economy is more dynamic.” What is a fact, he added, “Is that today, domestic consumption is what is significantly leveraging the growth of our economy.”

“Low inflation, job creation and more credit are boosting our consumption. In the first 11 months of the year, comparable sales from the National Association of Supermarkets and Department Stores grew 6.5 percent in annual terms and 10.1 percent in total stores. These figures are consistent with the growth that occurred in the development of The Good Weekend, in which sales increased by 9.9 percent over last year,” he said.

He mentioned that another fact that speaks of confidence in our country, “Is Mexico’s investment from domestic businessmen or global and foreign companies that decide to invest in Mexico. During the period from 2013 to 2015, foreign direct investment has totaled nearly $92 billion USD.

And as regards domestic investment, I would like to say that large companies, such as the Mexican Business Council, have announced and have been making investments of over $87 billion USD.”

· President Peña Nieto declared that this is a Mexico that is certainly better than the one we had in the past, and I'm sure it will be much better in the future on the basis of what we have constructed and planted in these first three years,” he said.

He said that, “This is a democratic government, a government that listens and is committed to finding coincidences.”

He recalled that as presidential candidate, he signed the Agenda for Mexico, submitted by the Business Coordinating Council of the time. “Today, as president, much of that agenda is being fulfilled. It has been materialized for the good of our nation,” he said.

Entrepreneurs envisage a prosperous, solid, steady Mexico in their institutions: JUAN PABLO CASTAÑÓN

Juan Pablo Castañón Castañón, who today was sworn in as President of the Business Coordinating Council (CCE) for the period from 2015 to 2016, said that with President Peña Nieto, “We have built a relationship of dialogue that allows us to envisage a prosperous, strong, firm Mexico its institutions, which marks a new stage in our history.”

He acknowledged its reforming spirit and conciliatory openness and expressed his desire for “Society and government together to continue building the Mexico we aspire to.”

Noting that the structural reforms of the past three years have served, “To formulate a platform for the development of Mexico,” he stressed that in this period as a business leader, every 45 days, he receives an invitation from a business group from another country, all interested in Mexico, to link Mexican businessmen with businessmen from other countries. “That is the scope of the trust and faith the world has in Mexico’s growth,” he said.

After proposing that a development agenda for companies should be promoted, he said that, “Everyone is obliged to think of the nation we are building, the model of the country we want for our children and future generations.” He said that, “The company, as a community of persons, is called upon to play a key role involving social mobility, progress and development.”

The modernization process that triggered REFORMS IS ALREADY A historical legacy for Mexico: GUTIÉRREZ CANDIANI

Outgoing Chairman of CCE Gerardo Gutierrez Candiani thanked the president for his openness and willingness to dialogue, and for, “The willingness to work together we have found in his person and in his government, which extends to members of his Cabinet and contributors.”

We are clear, he said, “That the process of economic modernization that triggered the reforms you presented and Congress approved is already a historical legacy for our country.”

He stressed that, “The business sector has made a wide-ranging pact with Mexican society to build a better destination for everyone, for a country in which everyone can live and prosper with more opportunities, justice, solidarity and human dignity.”

“It is a commitment to a forward-looking nation, but one that includes its best historical causes, which has decided to overcome the inertia and vices that inhibit progress,” he said.

Gutierrez Candiani called for a confirmation of the great alliance between entrepreneurs and society and Mexico. “Our commitment is to positively transform the nation,” he said and stressed that, “The business sector is and will be the engine of progress and welfare for Mexicans, and an ally of all the groups and governments working for this same goal with vision, responsibility and justice.”