• .“With unity, let us defend the highest interests of the country and protect the nation’s welfare,” he said.
  • The president led the ceremony of promotions and awards for the Armed Forces during the 106th Anniversary of the Mexican Revolution.
  • Promotions are a collective achievement because our Armed Forces are a single body, comprising men and women working towards a single goal: serving Mexico with passion and commitment, he said.

President Enrique Peña Nieto today led the Presentation of Promotions and Awards to members of the Armed Forces as part of the 106th Anniversary of the Mexican Revolution. During the ceremony, he called on, “All Mexicans to follow the example of our armed forces and strengthen our unity. To close ranks to continue advancing the construction of a more inclusive, equitable and prosperous country”.

At Campo Marte, the president of Mexico declared: “National unity allows us to recognize, appreciate and celebrate our political, cultural and ethnic diversity that enriches us as a society”.

With unity, let us celebrate our ancient roots and bicentennial identity. With unity, let us vindicate the greatness of our past and work together for a better future. “With unity, let us defend the highest interests of the country and protect the nation’s welfare”.

After he personally presented 47 medals and promotions to General and Head of the Presidential Staff, Roberto Francisco Miranda Moreno, among others, President Peña Nieto said that November 20, “Is the most eagerly anticipated day for soldier and marines as well as their families. On this symbolic date, it is therefore an honor to present medals and promotions to members of the Army, Navy and Air Force”.

He congratulated them, “On their services to the fatherland, on their continuing efforts for the benefit of Mexicans, and their sporting prowess,” and especially, “The staff who have been promoted to the next grade”:

He said that, “The promotions awarded today are a collective achievement. This is because our armed forces are a single body, a single entity formed by thousands of women and men working in a harmonious, coordinated fashion to achieve a common goal: to serve Mexico with passion and commitment”.

They are also, he said, “Recognition for battalions and brigades because, I repeat, this is a team rather than an individual triumph, because they are united in purpose and actions, and because they are united in heart and soul”.

“That is the great lesson provided by our Armed Forces, to be united in both recognition and challenges,” he said.

He said that, “Receiving a promotion is one of the most significant events in the life of military men and women. It acknowledges their studies, their fitness and health, their career and, above all, their institutional loyalty”. Therefore, he said, “From now on, feel proud to wear the badge of your new rank”.

The president thanked General Salvador Cienfuegos and Admiral Vidal Francisco Soberón, Secretaries of National Defense and Navy, respectively, “because they have been entrusted with the task of looking after their own troops, caring for soldiers and marines, looking after them and ensuring that this organization is always at the service of the country, committed to working with loyalty, passion and total dedication”.

"The president hails the leadership of both the General and the Admiral for being an example to their other comrades in arms".

He stressed that there are many reasons why Mexico is grateful to soldiers and sailors today, “Because with loyalty and patriotism, they spend day after day engaged in the surveillance and protection of our vast territory and our valuable natural resources”.

"For with discipline and determination, they are on the first line of defense of our homeland security, the struggle for peace in cities and areas where their support is most needed. Because with diligence, solidarity and commitment to service, they invariably come to the aid of their fellow countrymen in the moments when they most need it,” he added.

"Our Armed Forces serve Mexico on many and varied occasions but they all share a common factor: our soldiers, marines and airmen are present when Mexicans is at risk,” he said. “By land, sea and air, you are the brave face of Mexico”.

"At all times, our nation will continue to count on its soldiers, marines and airmen, supportive men and women whom we are all grateful to for their dedication, commitment and patriotism,” he explained.

The president recalled that, “One of the first institutions born of the Revolution was the Mexican Army. It was Venustiano Carranza who formed a new Armed Forces, with the aim of restoring constitutional order”.

"The first mission accomplished  by this army of patriots was the restoration of legality, freedom and democracy in our country. Thereafter, the soldiers and airmen of this noble, century-old institution, like the members of the Mexican Navy, have been a force for Mexico’s peace, stability and development,” he said.

He noted that, “Our Constitution contains the ideals that unite Mexicans, ideals such as social justice, education for all, national sovereignty and, of course, our democratic life. Next year we will celebrate the Centenary of our Constitution, and in doing so, we will endorse these principles,” he said.

President Peña Nieto today also gave Sporting Merit awards to members of the Armed Forces who won medals at the last Olympics.

At the event, attended by members of the Legal and Extended Cabinet, Military, Naval and Air attachés from various countries and staff of the Secretariats of Defense and Navy and their families, a musical-military show was performed, and nine Air Force aircraft conducted a flyover.


Navy Secretary Admiral Vidal Francisco Soberón Sanz said that, “Today we know that in order to achieve national development, we must regard union as the only transformative force that will consolidate us as a better nation”.

"It is our commitment and conviction to answer the call of those who need us and to support the decision of our Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, which motivates us to restore order, peace and tranquility,” he said.

Soberón Sanz said that, as the Armed Forces, “Our actions have always been responded to by the precepts embodied in the Constitution, whose essence can be summarized as seeking the welfare of our fellow citizens”.

He told President Enrique Peña Nieto, that, “Today more than ever, we recognize your leadership and confirm our absolute loyalty, since we value your efforts and determination to build a better nation. A nation with strong institutions created by and for Mexicans; institutions that guarantee the stability and future of this great nation that is Mexico”.

“Rest assured, Mr. President, the Armed Forces will continue to give our best to comply fully with their orders. There are clear that their top priority is to create the conditions conducive to the development of our country, and thus achieve our full potential,” he said.


On behalf of Raul David Guillén, promoted to Major General today, he told President Enrique Peña Nieto of his continued commitment, “To the line of duty with passion and intelligence, always attached to the rules that govern us, and full respect for the rights of people, always seeking the safety and welfare of the community”.

 “Our effort, dedication and perseverance have met with success today. The soldiers of sea, land and air who have received awards today thank the president for his presence at this event to share our joy”.

General Guillén Altúzar said that, “This gesture of empathy by our Supreme Commander, reflects his leadership and the constant concern he has shown for the welfare of his troops since the start of his administration”.

He noted that the Armed Forces, “Are the work of many generations of Mexicans in military uniform, which, with a firm commitment to service and a sense of belonging, have committed themselves to the finest causes of our country”.

He declared: “That is the premise that guides the performance of each sailor, soldier or airman; that is the essence that calls us to be the faithful custodians of national interests and objectives. Following these precepts, we will continue putting society at the center of our actions, because we are members of it too and, because we are here to serve Mexico”.