· In contrast to what happens elsewhere, in America we are determined to work together, President Peña Nieto said after the North American Leaders’ Summit, in which Justin Trudeau and Barack Obama also participated.

· The Trans Pacific Partnership is a great opportunity to reaffirm this integration among the three countries that currently comprise NAFTA, he said.

· The president traveled to Chile to participate in the 11th Pacific Alliance Summit.

At the conclusion of the North American Leaders' Summit  2016, in which he participated with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and US President Barack Obama, President Enrique Peña Nieto said that, “Isolationism is not the solution to global challenges”.

In a press statement issued in conjunction with the leaders of Canada and the United States, the Mexican president said that, “Unlike what happens in other parts of the world, North American countries are determined to be closer, work as a team, complement each other and move forward together as the world’s most competitive region.”

He declared that, “We are convinced that by working together and leveraging our complementarities, we can be the most competitive region in the world”.

At the National Gallery of Canada, the venue for the meeting, President Peña Nieto said that the North American Leaders' Summit proves that isolated national efforts are insufficient. “The point is,” he said, “if we want results for the development of our societies, it is better to work together as a region”.

The president reported that the Trilateral Summit of the governments of Canada, United States and Mexico reaffirmed their decision to work together with vision and determination to advance the economic integration of North America.

He also noted that in achieving this goal, “Mexico regards the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) as a great opportunity to reaffirm this integration among the three countries that currently make up the Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), while projecting it to other world regions, particularly Asia”.

The president explained that, “The advantages and benefits of this integration for the welfare of our societies will be able to be extended by the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which Mexico enthusiastically supports”.

He explained that this agreement, of which the three North American countries form part, is still under debate and pending approval by the Senate in Mexico

He declared that the North American Leaders' Summit focused on four priorities: climate change, clean energy and environment; trade and border competitiveness; security and defense, and cooperation in regional and global affairs.

He said that Mexico addressed the issue of border trade and competitiveness, in which the leaders agreed to:

FIRST. - The creation of one-stop shops and border facilitation. This is intended to advance a one-stop shop for foreign trade throughout North America.

SECOND. - Cluster mapping in North America, as this is an essential tool for decision-making and to continue developing and promoting regional economic growth. The president explained that the commitment is to have a trilateral cluster map as soon as possible.

THIRD. - The Trilateral Trusted Traveler Program. On this point, President Enrique Peña Nieto said Mexico has proposed that this program be based on the existing Global Entry program, already in place in the United States and Canada.

He also announced that this year, the electronic kiosk system will be implemented, which already operates at various airports in the United States and Canada. This system will operate throughout North America, making it easier and faster for visitors to travel through the region.

After the joint press statement, President Peña Nieto left for Ottawa Airport, from which he  set off for Chile, where he will participate in the 11th Pacific Alliance Summit.