• This is in comparison with what was invested in the whole of the previous administration, he said.
  • Five hundred million people were aware of the Mexican Grand Prix Formula 1, he said.
  • The president delivered the Villa Victoria Rowing and Canoeing Course, and the Maria Guadalupe González Romero State of Mexico Square.

President Enrique Peña Nieto said that, “Today, as a nation, we are making a very specific effort worth noting, which is dedicated precisely to the children and youth of our country”.

“Today we are thinking of them,” he said, “not because they are part of tomorrow, but because they are our present and tomorrow will depend on how much we do for them today. That is the reason behind everything we have been constructing”.

He declared that, “The main testimonial, the main pillar that will allow us to transform the society of tomorrow, the Mexico of tomorrow, which will serve as the basis for national development, is the education we are providing today, the quality of which we are attempting to improve”.

During the event, at which he delivered the Villa Victoria Rowing and Canoeing  Course, and the “Maria Guadalupe Gonzalez Romero State of Mexico Square, named after the Olympic silver medalist in Rio 2016, the Mexican president declared that during his administration, 3,400 spaces have been built for recreation and sport throughout the country.

He noted that, “In these first four years, we have invested 22 per cent more in sport infrastructure than during the entire previous administration”.

He stressed that, “This proves the government’s commitment and goal of ensuring that our youth will have more spaces for recreation and playing sport”.

He added that educational infrastructure has gradually improved. He explained that, “Thirty-five thousand schools which will be fixed by 2018; 35,000 schools accounting for almost 50 percent of the country's educational enrollment”.

That is the impact it will have as regards improving the country's educational infrastructure alone, in addition to the curriculums and pedagogy that will no longer involve rote learning and instead, teach students to learn to learn, which is the essence of Education Reform,” he said.

The president congratulated all the teachers who have embraced Education Reform, which undoubtedly places greater demands on them, to update their knowledge, because in time, they will have to prove this knowledge in the assessments they will have to undergo”.

He said it is not easy for teachers, “To assimilate this new educational model that requires more of them, while at the same time opening up great opportunities that will also allow them to move up the teachers’ pay scale on the basis of their merits and knowledge”.

He said that, “When they do well in their evaluations, when they get good grades in these assessments, they will obviously get an immediate pay rise and the opportunity to move up the teachers’ pay scale”.

"These are the three major components of Education Reform, designed to protect our children and youth from now onwards,” he said.


President Peña Nieto stressed that the Mexican Formula 1 Grand Prix held last weekend, “Is one of the events the government promoted and managed to ensure was held right here in our country. The Federal Government invested a significant amount of money to ensure that this car race will project Mexico to the rest of the world”.

He said that 500 million viewers worldwide follow the Grand Prix through television networks. “500 million people saw that this race was held here in Mexico,” and hoped that this year our country would earn the recognition of the organizers as the, “Best venue for the Formula 1 Grand Prix;” as it did last year.

He said that the five years that have been scheduled and agreed with the organizers to hold the Formula 1 Grand Prix in our country are intended to, “Promote Mexico abroad, so that more people become aware of Mexico”. He said that it was properly organized and took place in a very festive atmosphere.

He stressed that, “Today, we must find good reasons for the world talk about Mexico and get to know it better. This is what the government has been promoting; we do so to attract more tourists to our country”.

He said that the Day of the Dead parade, held for the first time in Mexico City, and modeled on the James Bond film, was also sponsored and promoted by the government to project Mexico.

“Join the government’s reasons to help Mexico be known for good reasons,” he said.

President Peña Nieto said that the canoeing and rowing course inaugurated today will elicit many positive comments about Mexico, because our athletes, “Will project Mexico, now that people have more and better space to practice this sport”.

In this context, he offered, “Applause and great recognition for our athletes, because it requires a great deal of them to achieve national representation and represent us in various sports competitions”.

He hoped that this would provide recreation and sports facilities for the residents of Villa Victoria and neighboring municipalities, and enable them to continue to create more spaces, and project Mexican youth, “And all the things we have as a country, our pride at being Mexican, and all the things we are doing for the benefit of Mexico”.

He said that it is fitting that the State of Mexico should acknowledge Lupita González by naming the State of Mexico Plaza and the sports center after her, since she and all the athletes have honored Mexico’s name, “And become a benchmark for many young aspiring athletes, and the general population to see them as an example to follow, “and give us great satisfaction and positive role models for children and youth”.

At the end of the event, the president visited the wharf where he waved the starting flag for the inaugural regatta.


Alfredo Castillo Cervantes, Director General of the National Commission of Physical Culture and Sport (CONAD), stressed the importance of sports infrastructure as part of the recovery of public spaces, both for national sport, and high performance sport.

He said that sports infrastructure makes it possible to play recreational sport, which allows coexistence. “Because not only children and parents play on this court; they are accompanied by their parents and relatives. And that allows for better integration,” he said.

He told President Peña Nieto that, “The recovery of public spaces is something that you, through your presidential commitments in each of the states, has instructed the authorities to achieve. But in addition, you have provided sports infrastructure for hundreds and thousands of people throughout Mexico”.

He said that together with the SEP and SEDESOL, the government has used sport to enable children who had not completed primary or secondary school to the finish their studies with the promised that they would be given sports training and access to community kitchens. Four thousand young people from the 68 poorest municipalities in the country, who will lead violence-free lives, completed their studies, and “will set an example of how education and sport will make it possible to achieve other goals”.


After thanking the government for building new sports facilities in this municipality, Governor of the State of Mexico Eruviel Ávila said that culture, sport, recreation and education are the perfect antidotes for attacking violence.

He said the rowing and canoeing course inaugurated in this municipality is the third in the country, which has significant advantages such as its climate and altitude;  “This means we have the highest rowing and canoeing course in the country. It is probably one of the highest in the world”.

“Interest has already been shown by international athletes in this area to arrange camps here, because next year there will be a world championship, Mr. President, in the United States, and this rowing and canoeing course will serve our athletes, and those from other countries, so that they come to train here and perform very well in the United States,” he said.

He said that both the course and the State of Mexico Square are works that the federal and state government have built for everyone's enjoyment.

Since it is located near the capital, the capital of the State of Mexico,  2,560 meters above sea level, the rowing and canoeing course, “Will not only benefit athletes but also provide financial benefits for families, because there will undoubtedly be a greater demand for food and accommodation, which will benefit the region”.


National rowing team member Montserrat Jaime Garcia thanked President Peña Nieto, “Because ever since he was governor of the State of Mexico, he has helped us a lot”. If I had not had the kind of support I had in the State of Mexico, I would not have been who I am today, A high performance athlete, with a lot of international and national experience, and A professional, because as you said, education is very important”.

"I am one of those lives that was saved for a number of reasons. If I had not had a sports culture, I would not be here; I would not have a degree or a master’s or a job; I would not have visited 12 countries; I would not have visited over half of the states of my country and I would not be who I am. I am really very grateful and proud of the President of Mexico.”

Adding that she was six seconds shy of qualifying for the Rio Olympics 2016, she said that with support like this, such as the new rowing and canoeing course, “I won’t even be a hundredth of a second away from,” attending the Japan Olympic Games in 2020.