• .This will allow thousands of workers to achieve their desire of owning a decent, quality home, he said.
  • The Institute will grant 460,000 loans in 2017, 30,000 more than the number awarded this year, he said.
  • One out of every four loans granted by INFONAVIT during the 44 years of its history has been assigned during this Administration, he said.
  • He gave a press conference with the Director General of INFONAVIT.

At a press conference with the Director General of INFONAVIT, David Penchyna Grub, General Coordinator of Social Communication of the President’s Office and Government Spokesman Eduardo Sánchez Hernández announced that in 2017 the agency will raise the maximum amount of loans awarded to workers from $92,472 pesos, to $1,552,000 pesos.

He considered that this increase in the maximum loan amount will allow workers to purchase homes with greater value and better characteristics, as well as ones that are closer to their workplace.

”Having a home is undoubtedly every family’s dream," he said, stressing that the new amount represents a 68 percent increase, unprecedented in the history of INFONAVIT. This, he added, “Will allow thousands of workers to achieve their desire of owning a decent, quality home”.

In addition, he said, next year the National Workers’ Housing Fund (INFONAVIT) will provide over 200 billion pesos in loans; and grant approximately 460,000 credits, exceeding the figure for this year of 430,000.

He reported that, “Over 25 percent of all the credits INFONAVIT has granted for 44 years, have been awarded during this government”. That is, one out of every home loan INFONAVIT has granted throughout its history has been authorized during President Enrique Peña Nieto’s administration.

He added that it is estimated that, “By the end of this administration, over 3.5 million loans will have been granted, representing a record in the history of social housing in Mexico.  It means that loans for one out of every three homes managed by INFONAVIT, during the 44 years of its existence, will have been processed during President Enrique Peña Nieto’s administration”.

Eduardo Sánchez announced that in 2017, the Institute will provide workers with a new offer of credit products for home purchases, which will help hundreds of thousands of families consolidate their assets.

 “The responsible approach of programs such as Housing to Prosper, Decent Housing for Heads of Families and the National Fund for Popular Housing Trust has made it possible to orient the growth of the supply of real estate products towards the population with lower incomes living in vulnerable conditions,” he said.

“This step will consolidate President Enrique Peña Nieto’s National Housing Policy, whose goal, from day one, has been to promote the orderly, sustainable development of the real estate sector for the benefit of Mexico’s workers and communities,” he said.

The government spokesman explained that thanks to the coordinated work of the Secretariat of Agrarian, Territorial and Urban Development /SEDATU) through INFONAVIT, with state and municipal governments work, “Mexico has shifted towards a model of sustainable, intelligent urban development, with better quality homes, and construction with an increasingly small carbon footprint, in other words, with eco-technologies that benefit the environment, and which are closer to the workplace”.

At the same time, he said, “This boost to building policy provides certainty for the housing construction industry, which represents 7 percent of the gross domestic product and directly and indirectly creates approximately three million jobs”.

Eduardo Sanchez said that, “Through INFONAVIT, as one of the engines of the government’s housing policy, Mexican families have, as never before, opportunities to purchase their own homes, thereby enabling each Mexican to create his or her own success story”.