• He urged young entrepreneurs to persevere and not to give up, and to strive to achieve their projects.
  • The government wishes to be a great facilitator, and channel and provide spaces for the achievement of the efforts of our young people, who have creativity, talent, and a desire to succeed, he said.
  • It is not only a task for the government, but an effort by institutions, civil society organizations, and especially businessmen, to support new entrepreneurs, he said.

As he inaugurated National Entrepreneurs’ Week, President Enrique Peña Nieto said that the government, through the National Institute of Entrepreneurship (INADEM) has channeled over 27.5 billion pesos into supporting entrepreneurs and small or micro businesses during the four years of this administration.

He said that, “This is not only the government’s task. It is an effort by civil society institutions and organizations and especially businessmen to support new entrepreneurs who must walk the path many top businessmen took in the past”.

He reported that to date, INADEM date has supported 2,300,000 entrepreneurs and small or micro businesses by reviewing their projects, orienting them to give them greater viability and put them in touch with financing sources.

The president urged young entrepreneurs to persevere and not to give up. He recalled that this was one of the teachings of former President of the State of Israel and Nobel Peace Prize winner Shimon Peres.

The president mentioned three central aspects for those wishing to undertake a project:

First: “Conceive an idea, be clear about what you want to accomplish, what you want to accomplish, and what you want to materialize”.

Second: “Persevere and strive to achieve this project”.

Third: Do exactly what the government’s role is: “Do not leave them alone”. He recalled that, to this end, at the beginning of this Administration, INADEM was created “To accompany you, not to abandon you, not to leave you alone, to guide you, to advise you and to let you know about the various supports available in the government, which people are sometimes unaware of, which can support projects you are working on".

President Peña Nieto said that the government wishes to be a great facilitator, “Which channels and provides scope for the efforts of our young people, of those who have creativity, talent, and a desire to succeed and seek to undertake a project that will allow them to achieve personal fulfillment, and at the same time grow and succeed in life”.

He said: “Things are not achieved overnight, they are achieved gradually, over time, and sometimes by accepting failures and setbacks. There is no experience of success that has not experienced setbacks and failure”.

He added: “It is perhaps there, during setbacks and failures, that you learn most. And I would like to share this reflection with you: do not give up, continue with your attempts and efforts. If you ever make a mistake, it is just a lesson to encourage and spur on what you propose to continue achieving in your personal lives and the professional and entrepreneurial projects you are undertaking”.

The president said that this National Entrepreneurs’ Week is designed to ensure, “That many young people can go to INADEM and find out about the various platforms available to support entrepreneurs in our country”.

He said the success of this event is reflected in the number of attendees, which has been growing. He said that last year, 120,000 attended, and that this year 180,000 are expected, in addition to thousands of others who will follow the event online during the six days of National Entrepreneurs’ Week.

At the event, the president listened to several testimonials by young entrepreneurs. One of them, Daniel Erick Maffassanti, related his experience of developing his project with the support of INADEM. He said that, “Entrepreneurship means learning” and urged other young entrepreneurs not to give up: ”It's just a matter of putting your heart into it, and sooner or later, doors will open”.

At the end of the event, the president toured the different areas of the National Entrepreneurs’ Week exhibition.


Enrique Jacob Rocha, President of INADEM, said that when the President created the Institute, at the beginning of the Administration, he issued a clear mandate and an instruction to work hand in hand with the various allies to build a “robust and dynamic environment, based a powerful state policy to support entrepreneurs and small businesses”.

He said that entrepreneurs and businessmen, “Seek to transform their environments. Through their example, they are inspiring others to take this eventful path”. He invited entrepreneurs, “To overcome the fear of failure, to take the final step on the path to success, because that is what this is about, accompanying you on this journey”.

"They all make us dream of a winning Mexico capable of going beyond its limits; they infect us with their motivation, passion and hunger for success to make Mexico the biggest success story”.

Jacob Rocha said that during National Entrepreneurs’ Week, visitors can tour a 35,000 square meter area to discover the range of products and services provided by over a thousand exhibitors, visit 13 themed pavilions and choose from over 22 keynote addresses and 450 conferences and workshops.

He added that, thanks to business organizations, higher education institutions and state and municipal governments allies, there will be over 1,900 points broadcasting points via streaming. The aim is to exceed the goal reached last year of 350,000 entrepreneurs, who found out about the progress and development of National Entrepreneurs’ Week.


Pamela Tomás Obrador Galarza, who described her experience as an entrepreneur with the Barber’s Spa company, said that seven years ago, she launched her business, which became a franchise and currently has 40 sales points, creating more than 200 formal jobs.

She said that thanks to the support provided by INADEM, her business grew by 62 percent and was positioned at the national level. She therefore thanked the Institute for its programs, which, she said, “Are crucial to achieving entrepreneurs’ dreams, creating jobs and being part of Mexico’s economy”.

She explained that National Entrepreneurs’ Week is a forum where the whole entrepreneurial ecosystem converges, and all the advice and support required to complete a business model are received. “An entrepreneur takes risks, is passionate about his project and encourages more people to be part of it. We fall, we get up, but always with a set goal or a target. Don’t stop fighting,” she said.


Inés Jimenez Palomar, Director General of inMateriis Company, launched her project in September 2013, “With a global vision of democratizing science through outreach activities to the general public and open laboratory spaces where any young entrepreneur can implement his ideas, and find technologies that really have an impact and thus improve quality all round".

Jiménez Palomar said she, “Wanted to help change the country through science. I was disoriented. I did not have the faintest idea how I was going to accomplish that or what was currently being done in Mexico, far less how much it would cost. Fear and uncertainty slowed me down, but every day, I took a small step that brought me closer to what I wanted to achieve”. She advised young entrepreneurs: “To dare to share your idea, fail and ask lots of silly questions”.

“Today, after three years and three government funds, thanks to CONACYT and the Economy Secretariat, as well as collaborations with different research institutes, companies and universities in Mexico and the United Kingdom, inMateriis has been able to grow and achieve what was once only a dream,” she said.