• Making health services available to the population is essential for them to have quality of life and thus achieve their projects, he said.
  • The government of the Republic is working on three key objectives in health: expand infrastructure, improve the quality of services, and ensure that medical units have sufficient medical personnel, he said.

President Enrique Peña Nieto today inaugurated the San Pablo del Monte General Hospital, where he declared that, “Health is a government priority”.

He stressed that making health services available nationwide is a, “Central issue for Mexicans to have quality of life and achieve their life projects, at both the individual and the community level”.

“It is essential to have health,” he said, adding that the delivery of the San Pablo del Monte General Hospital meets the commitment he made four years ago to the inhabitants of the municipality. "I remember that one of the most frequently repeated requests that day was: we need a hospital nearby. We need a hospital for this town, which also adjoins other municipalities”.

“Yesterday we brought blankets, today we came to inaugurate a hospital, to fulfill the commitment we made to the people of San Pablo del Monte,” he said, adding that inaugurating a hospital means taking health to places where, for many people, health services are a long way away.

The government is working on three key health goals:

First: “Expand the health service infrastructure to bring hospitals and outpatient centers closer to the population”. He said that 640 hospital units and nearly 3000 outpatient units have been built during his administration.

He explained that the goal of universal health services is to, “Make more efficient use of the country’s entire health infrastructure,” by improving coordination between the various institutions.

Second: “Improve health care quality”. The president declared that hospitals have been improved by modernizing their equipment.

“That is another of the tasks we are working on”.

Third, ensure that medical units have sufficient doctors and nurses.  “That means more spending, of course. And sometimes the location of the medical units we build means that there is a shortage of medical personnel”. 

He said that efforts are underway to ensure better distribution and more recruitment of medical personnel to staff the centers that have been built and modernized and will continue to be built in the coming years.

The president said that what counts in health are results, “What matters is how much Mexicans’ health has improved health according to various indicators”. He said that an average of one million people are attended every day at a clinic or hospital in the country’s’ health sector.

Every day, an average of 4,500 births are attended, “In other words, every day our population increases by 4,500," and 10,000 surgeries are performed. Infant and maternal mortality have also been reduced, he said.

“These are the figures. This is what this effort to bring health to Mexicans and ensure their health entails. And that is what this government is doing: making health a top-priority issue”.

The president thanked Governor González Zarur for the achievements, works and projects achieved during his administration, and the willingness, “For the state government of Tlaxcala to form a team with the Federal Government, to work for the residents of Tlaxcala”.

On the occasion of the Christmas festivities, President Peña Nieto wished all Mexicans, “A Merry Christmas in the company of their loved ones and hoped that 2017 would be a wonderful year for all the residents of Tlaxcala and Mexico. Personally, in their collective tasks, and those they perform for their communities and what in it means to continue building a better nation, I hope Mexico has a very good 2017”.


Noting that health is a priority for President Enrique Peña Nieto’s government, Health Secretary José Narro Robles said that in the case of Tlaxcala, the results of a state health policy are already visible.

He said that the president’s commitment, “Does not end with words or a speech, but is reflected in the facts and here are the facts.” By way of an example, he cited the reduction in infant and maternal mortality and motor vehicle accidents; as well as the improved access to health services, quantified by CONEVAL as approximately 15 percent nationwide.

Health, he said, “is one of the most important things human beings have, and when we are healthy, we advance substantially in everything we want, it makes it easier to achieve what we want,” he said.


Governor of the State of Tlaxcala Mariano González Zarur mentioned some of the achievements in his state, which, he said, are due to the support of President Enrique Peña Nieto. He cited the attraction and retention of domestic and foreign investment, the growth of formal employment, the alleviation of extreme poverty and educational backwardness, and improved access to health services and housing.

He said that thanks to the combined resources from the federal and state government, “A record investment of 2.723 billion pesos was used to improve the conditions of educational spaces; the dropout rate fell while the proportion of illiterates declined from 5.2 to 2.8 per cent.

The government of Tlaxcala stressed the progress achieved in health, as a result of which today, “Millions of Mexican have access to health services through the Popular Health Insurance Scheme while thousands of high school and college students are affiliated to the Mexican Social Security Institute”. He thanked President Peña Nieto for supporting the construction of the San Pablo del Monte General Hospital, which will benefit over 200,000 people from various municipalities in the state.

“Tlaxcala families now have better living conditions thanks to the unconditional support of their government,” he said.


Cayetano Corona Gaspariano, a resident of the municipality of San Pablo del Monte, said the new General Hospital is a very important since it meets people’s needs, providing prompt primary and secondary health care.

 “I appreciate having this hospital nearby, because not having to travel long distances will undoubtedly help me feel better,” he said.

Finally, on behalf of the residents of Tlaxcala, he told the president: “I am very grateful to you for this building, which will encourage prevention, care, and the restoration of our health so that as citizens, we will be in optimal conditions to continue working and thereby contribute to the development of our country”.