• Both privately and publicly, during the G20 Leaders’  Summit, the president of Mexico thanked President Obama for his cooperation with the Mexican government.
  • The Mexican and US governments have worked on a common agenda of issues such as security, education and the environment, as well as infrastructure and border security.
  • There has been interest on the part of the government of our country in encouraging dialogue with the US presidential candidates, in order to provide some perspective on Mexico’s importance to the United States, and the United States’ importance to our country.
  • The president issued a press statement to comment on the activities carried out within the framework of his participation in the G20 Leaders’ Summit.

President Enrique Peña Nieto announced today that, as part of the activities of the G20 Leaders’ Summit,  he told US President Barack Obama, “Of the Mexican government’s gratitude for his cooperation and for having worked throughout his administration on a path of great cooperation, with specific goals we have set in various areas”.

In a press statement issued after the G20 Leaders’ Summit, the Mexican president said that the Mexican and US governments have worked together on a common agenda on issues such as security, education and the environment, as well as infrastructure and border security.

President Peña Nieto said that, in a private dialogue, and also publicly during the G20 Summit, the last  in which Barack Obama will participate as president, “We thanked him for the enormous collaboration between his government and the Mexican government to work together on shared issues and solve common problems”.

He also reminded the US president of, “The Mexican government’s decision to remain absolutely respectful of the US election process”.

He explained that the Mexican government has expressed interest in encouraging dialogue with the US presidential candidates, “In order to provide some perspective on Mexico’s importance to the United States, and the United States’ importance to our country”.

The Mexican government is also keen, “To highlight the enormous contribution made by Mexicans living in the United States, both of Mexican origin and first and second generation Mexicans, which total more than 30 million and are certainly already part of a hard- working community that actually contributes to the development of that country.”

“This is why we have tried to arrange meetings with both candidates, as I told President Barack Obama,” he said.

The Mexican president said that President Obama was, “Very respectful and extremely willing to continue working on the course we have charted to achieve rapprochement, the agenda we have been working on for a long time, which  the two governments jointly defined”.

“We agreed to maintain this position until the end of his administration. There was a great receptivity, and I reiterated these points: recognition of his government, respect for the US electoral process, and interest by Mexico in simply inserting ourselves in a space for dialogue which we are observing today: since Mexico is part of the debate, more so than ever before, and now in an unprecedented fashion in the debate on the US presidential candidates,” he said.

He noted that, “Mexico has quite legitimately sought to space to define its role in relations with the United States and the relevance of this relationship, and show how strategic our partnership is for both nations, which makes it possible to moderate  and obtain more information on the candidates’ position towards our country”.


In  a press statement, President Peña Nieto also mentioned the issues addressed at the G20 Leaders’ Summit, among which, “Seeking mechanisms to mitigate risks given the complex, volatile environment the world is experiencing”.

He said that, “The implementation of structural reforms is the best way to shield against these complex scenarios, and although some of these reforms will not provide benefits in the short term, they are undoubtedly the best route to ensure the development and prosperity of our societies”.

He noted that, “Fortunately Mexico has already completed its structural reforms, and is now implementing them in the best way to shield ourselves from the volatility created by the complex world scenario”.

He said that, “The agreements made here undoubtedly affect the performance of economies, the stability of the financial system, by ensuring it can cope with the complex scenarios the world is now experiencing in financial terms due to the slowdown of the world's economies. This forces us to take measures so that we can ensure that the world's economies maintain a path of sustainability, development and growth, and provide conditions of well-being for our societies.

”We discussed remaining in this global economy, avoiding making protectionist decisions that inhibit global trade and, on the contrary, establishing all the mechanisms agreed on to continue encouraging a global, interconnected economy, supplemented by the strengths of each country and for this to be an important engine for the economic development of our societies,” he added.

He reported that the Chinese presidency of the G20 Summit stressed the need to promote an innovative economy as a means of generating development, and a more interconnected and above all, inclusive economy.

“We noted that development should not only take place within certain regions, but must be shared and equal for all regions,” he said.

The Mexican president pointed out that he shared the enormous amount Mexico has been done in this respect to promote more equitable development for the whole country.

“I outlined the social policy the government is promoting, particularly through the PROSPERA program as regards financial inclusion, which was also a central element all countries pledged to promote to make it one of the mechanisms that supports the egalitarian development of our societies,” he explained.

"We talked about the Special Economic Zones as a means of boosting development in the most backward regions,” he added.


President Peña Nieto said that within the framework of this Summit, he also had opportunity to meet with British Prime Minister Theresa May, to whom he expressed, “Interest in maintaining the route of agreements we have concluded with the UK to expand trade levels between the two countries”.

He said they agreed to strengthen relations so that, “We can establish bilateral relations with the United Kingdom in order to create a free trade agreement”.

President Peña Nieto added that had the opportunity to hold a bilateral meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, in which, “We evaluated the Integral Strategic Partnership agreed in 2013, designed to further intensify trade relations, cooperation and above all, further complement our economies”.

This has meant that today, for example, “We are already exporting Mexican products to the Chinese market to which we previously did not have access, among which avocado, raspberry, pork, tequila and blueberry, products that previously had no opportunity of positioning themselves in China’s large market”.

“We also spoke of achieving greater connectivity. The approval of direct flights by Chinese airlines to Mexico to improve connectivity between the two countries is already underway, as a result of the growing tourism registered in Mexico of visitors from China,” he said.

He recalled that between 2014 and 2015, “Tourism from China grew by nearly 30 percent”.

”These are elements that allow us to consolidate our position as the world’s ninth most popular destination and we want this to continue to grow, because in the end, this will make it possible to achieve greater profits and job creation in our country,” he said.

He added that he told President Xi Jinping that, “Within the framework of the Special Economic Zones, efforts are being made to encourage Chinese investment in projects that will be promoted”.

“China has told us that it has developed this model in different parts of the country. Using these models as reference will encourage and increase the success of the SEZs model we are promoting,” he said.

He said that during the G20 Summit, on behalf of the leaders present, “He thanked China and its President Xi Jinping for their extraordinary organization of this summit, which has shown the best of China and projected the enormous vitality China and its economy are currently experiencing".

He thanked his hosts for, “The great hospitality we were shown, but especially for the fact that China has shown what it has planned  and also become a benchmark for countries that are promoting the transformation and development of our societies”.

At the end of his press statement, President Peña Nieto was driven to Hangzhou International Airport to fly back to Mexico.