• "My government is determined to reach an agreement and a constructive vision that favors the development of the prosperity of our societies, both in Mexico and the United States,” he declared.
  • He thanked federal legislators for approving next year’s budget.
  • Today, Mexico has strengths we never had before: President of CONCANACO SERVYTUR.

As he led the commemoration of the 99th anniversary of the Confederation of National Chambers of Commerce, Services and Tourism (CONCANACO SERVYTUR) today, President Enrique Peña Nieto said that the government has promoted entrepreneurship in the country.

He highlighted three key aspects the government has emphasized to boost business:

FIRST: “This government has been working to preserve our macroeconomic fundamentals, which gives us an environment conducive to the development of entrepreneurship. Nothing is more important in an economy than protecting the economic environment.”

The president declared, “Today we can say that we have preserved economic stability for over 25 years, after having gone through a time of economic crisis. Since then, governments have worked responsibly, and today, one of the government’s highest priorities  is to take care of our economic environment because that is the indispensable condition for supporting business development”.

He said that it is precisely in this context, “That we have submitted to Congress a proposal for a careful, diligent and responsible budget, to protect the stability of our economy”.

He said that the budget was approved early today, and thanked the Deputies and Senators who participated in the approval of the Income Act, “For having endorsed this budget package, which undoubtedly has fundamental variables dedicated to caring for our economy, our economic stability; and for requiring all orders of government toreduce spending, so that for the first time since 2008, we will achieve a primary surplus; that is, we must live within our means. That is acting responsibly.”

SECOND: “Structural reforms, which we have particularly promoted in the economic field. Six Structural reforms ranging from Labor Reform in the transition period, through Telecommunications Reform and Energy Reform to Antitrust Reform are now permitting new breakthroughs, new windows of opportunity, new handholds for Mexico to transition towards further development in its economic activity”.

President Peña Nieto said that these structural reforms are gradually providing Mexico with various benefits.

He mentioned, as an example, that as a result of Energy Reform, “We now have much lower electricity rates than we did just four years ago”. Indeed, he added, “There used to be a gap of over 84 percent between the rates paid in the industrial sector in the United States and those paid in Mexico; Today that gap has virtually disappeared”.

He added that today rates in Mexico are sometimes even cheaper, since there are some states in the US where electricity rates are higher than they are here. “This is a precisely a result of the Structural Reforms, he said.

He said his government must, “Ensure the rapid implementation of our Structural Reforms, meet the deadlines stipulated by  law and provided for in public policy, to ensure that the benefits of these reforms are felt increasingly tangibly in Mexican society”.

THIRD: “The Rule of Law. The government of the Republic has also striven to achieve and significantly advance the consolidation of our rule of law. Let us not lose sight of the fact that as part of the package of structural reforms, we have modernized various legal systems to adjust to the reality of today and really achieve the consolidation of our rule of law”.

"Having a country with an effective rule of law is not only due to having good laws, but to the fact that Mexican society assimilates, knows and appropriates them and is willing to respect and assume them as such”.

He added that, “We have therefore modernized our regulatory framework, promoted bills currently being discussed in Congress on everyday Justice; and promoted two major systems for the fight against corruption and in favor of transparency”.

The president said that, “Our economy now has positive numbers”. He explained that Mexico now has low inflation levels and our economy is creating a significant number of jobs; “In fact, we are achieving historical job creation figures thanks to our entrepreneurs and the investment our country is receiving”.

He said that the dynamism of the economy has also been reflected in sales. He mentioned two important facts in this category: “Private consumption in August rose by 4.4 percent in original figures over the same month of 2015. In addition, the annual growth of total department store sales in October was 11.4 per cent”.

“This shows that our economy is more dynamic and that one of our main strengths is our economic growth,” he said.

He added that particularly in Mexico City, “Events have been held to promote tourism, which have yielded significant economic benefits”. By this I mean, he said, “The Mexican Formula 1 Grand Prix, the Day of the Dead, and the upcoming NFL game”.

He recalled that Mexico is the ninth global tourist destination, which should, “Fill us with pride and satisfaction”.


President Peña Nieto repeated that, in Mexico's relationship with the United States, since the recent election of the next president, “The government has clearly established its position, which is to work, on the basis of a constructive dialogue and mutual respect between the United States and Mexico, on the definition of a new work agenda that will enable us to promote the prosperity of both societies”.

“Let me tell you that I feel I am very optimistic, because we can advance precisely along this path of dialogue and understanding,” he said.

He highlighted, “The government’s determination to make dialogue a means for the construction of agreements to acknowledge that we are two countries that care about what happens; that the relationship between the two nations matters, and that the prosperity of the two countries entails a good understanding between Mexico and the United States”.

He said:  “My government is determined to reach an agreement and a constructive vision that favors the development of the prosperity of our societies, both in Mexico and the United States”.

He told the country’s entrepreneurs: ”As members of Mexican society, we should be proud of how far we have advanced the consolidation and creation of new institutions to shore up the democracy that permits the expression of  different positions and freedom of thought among Mexicans. In the end, though, we are all responsible for striving for what we want”.

“Let us leave pessimism to one side and be positive and optimistic instead, because it is through this thought and this energy that we can project that we will be able to achieve what we want for our nation,” he said.

”You are important contributors and shapers of the Mexico we have today. Let's keep making a better country and a better nation, a space of greater opportunities for the new generations,” he declared.

 “I am optimistic. I believe in the bright future of Mexico, the effort you made, which I acknowledge,” he said.

At the event, the president presented awards to distinguished businessmen in the trade, services and tourism sectors. The prize-winners were: Antonio Chedraui Mafud, of Papelerías Tony; Juan Francisco Ealy Lanz Duret, of El Universal newspaper; y Antonio Chapur Zahoul, of Grupo Palace Resort.

The Secretaries of Defense and the Navy, General Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda and Admiral Vidal Francisco Soberon Sanz were also honored by CONCANACO SERVYTUR’s program “Speak and Act Well as Regards Mexico Program.


Enrique Solana Sentíes, President of CONCANACO SERVYTUR, said that societies’ long-term success is determined by the functionality, robustness and credibility of its institutions. Regarding, “The crisis which many believe lies ahead,” he said that, “Fortunately, Mexico now has strengths we never had before.”

That is why, he said: “Let's have faith. This should be our great opportunity”.

He also urged us, “To be careful with those who seek to undermine the image of our institutions, because they know that in this way, as a society, we will be easy prey of those who have set out to destroy everything we are, what we have and what we believe in, which we have constructed with so much effort over so many years”.

He noted that Mexico today has large world-class manufacturing clusters, and that the government is promoting agribusinesses that will soon achieve great success.  “Today we have a prosperous Mexico, although we must recognize that business has been relegated,” he said.

He thanked President Enrique Peña Nieto for two important measures designed to recover this sector. The first, he said, was the creation of the National Institute of Entrepreneurship, and the second measure was the presidential proposal to the legislative branch last year, which led to the Law to Promote a Sustained Increase in Productivity and Competitiveness.

In this way, he added, “The stewardship of the economy has been returned to the state, by using an industrial policy with a triple helix strategy, and creating the National Productivity Committee to design public policies for the development and promotion of strategic sectors of Mexico”.

He declared: ”We welcome the fact that retail trade, restaurants and the tourism sector have finally been classified as strategic sectors”.

Moreover, he said that in the nearly one hundred years of the organization, “We have been played a key role in the country’s growth. We have undoubtedly been an important factor of change in the most complicated and important moments of Mexico”.

He said that, “Since 1917, we have given the best of ourselves to build a modern Mexico,” and said that "the great process of industrialization was achieved through our finest entrepreneurs”.

He noted that today CONCANACO SERVYTUR has recognized the great work done by the Armed Forces: the Army and Navy, in favor of the country.

He said that in his tour of the country, he has often heard communities and shopkeepers express their gratitude to the Armed Forces, “For always taking care of our physical security and our property, especially in Veracruz, Tamaulipas, Guerrero, Michoacan, Chihuahua, Chiapas and Sinaloa, states which are very grateful to our soldiers for their commitment to protecting the population”.

He said, that, “Many of the fallen soldiers have died for their country as heroes. We recognize them all for their courage and heroism in giving their lives in the call of duty.