• .Mexico's future depends solely on us, our unity and effort. Today in Mexico we are doing things differently to achieve different but also more positive and better results, he said.
  • He outlined what has happened in Mexico, particularly in the last month, giving several reasons to be optimistic about the future of our country.
  • Given the scenario of uncertainty in US-Mexico relations, the government will continue to make dialogue the means of finding points of agreement, he said.

During his participation in the 14th edition of  the “Mexico Business Summit: Discovering the new technological era,” President Enrique Peña Nieto urged people to work together: “Let us defend and continue working for what we have achieved through the efforts of several generations. Let us set aside particular and partisan attitudes; the present requires us to work on one side, for a single reason: Mexico”.

“Mexico's future depends solely on us, our unity and effort. Today in Mexico we are doing things differently to achieve different but also more positive and better results,” he said.

The president outlined what has happened in Mexico, particularly in the last month, giving several reasons to be optimistic about the future of our country.

He said that the Mexican Social Security Institute will announce today that in October, “An increase of over 171,000 formal jobs was recorded, 17 percent more than the figure recorded in the same month in 2015". He added that, “This brings the number of jobs created during this administration to 2.503 new jobs”. This figure is almost three times the number of jobs created during the first four years of the previous administration”.

“In fact, this administration has created more jobs than any other, and this is largely the result of the confidence our country elicits as a result of our strengths, among both domestic and foreign investors," he said.


At the event, President Peña Nieto said: ”Some say there is no reason to be optimistic about the future of our country, to which I would reply:

”How can we not be optimistic? First of all, we have an excellent geographical location; we are a bridge between Latin America and North America as well as between Asia-Pacific and the Atlantic. How can we not be optimistic, if there are over 120 million Mexicans, who are increasingly well trained and play a more active role in building our country?”

How can we not be optimistic, he continued, “If we have the strength, talent and creativity of a young country? How can we not be optimistic about what has been achieved through the13 Structural Reforms? What the Structural Reforms tell us and mean is that Mexico's future lies in the hands of Mexicans themselves”.

He said that in the last month alone, “The most ambitious fiscal package in terms of budget balance in the past nine years was discussed and approved”. It went almost unnoticed, he added, “Yet it involved using consensus and agreements with the various political forces to create a responsible budget package to continue to preserve our macroeconomic stability as well as a Budget Package that entailed a major adjustment to government spending”.

He said that, “Working on a package with these characteristics, achieving the agreement and support for it to be approved, is by no means an easy task. However, it has been achieved with the participation of the various political forces”.

The president noted that despite the highly complex environment, “Congress and the president have shown joint responsibility”.

He explained that a few days ago, Petróleos Mexicanos, “Released a new business plan, which for the first time ever, makes the company’s profitability its main objective”.  In order to further develop the energy sector, “The third call was issued yesterday for Round 2, which awards contracts for onshore oil exploration and drilling”.

In the telecommunications sphere, “In late October, invitations for tenders for the construction and operation of the Shared Network advanced.  This will provide coverage for more than twice the number of Mexicans using the 4G networks currently operating”

He said that this Shared Networking model, the only one of its kind in the world, “Will allow us to provide Internet services to the vast majority of Mexican society, in the most remote areas of the country. That is the purpose of setting up this model to create competition, higher quality services, better prices and above all, broad coverage”.

As regards education, the president declared that,  “Last weekend, 11,000 teachers were evaluated in states such as Chiapas, with a 95% attendance rate.

How can we not be optimistic, he said, “If we have built and improved more than 3,800 km of highways and roads? We have been working to expand the network of highways in our country, in order to complete 52 with a length of  over three thousand kilometers, which will significantly improve the road and highway infrastructure in our country”.

He noted that this administration, “Is modernizing the 12 access roads into the capital, which has already involved an unprecedented investment to improve the connectivity of Mexico City and its metropolitan area”.

He went on to say: ”How can we not be optimistic, if national and global companies remain confident and continue to invest in our country. Yesterday, Toyota began construction of a new plant to manufacture 200,000 vehicles for our domestic market and the global export hub our country has become as the world’s seventh largest automaker”.

“How can we not be optimistic, if the country now has historically low inflation?” he said.

President Peña Nieto said that in the legislative area, last month, “Congress passed laws that will transform labor justice and make its administration more transparent. Its reform is underway. It has already been approved in the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, and is waiting to have the majority support of local congresses”.

 “These advances give Mexico reason to be optimistic,” he said. From now on, he said, “Let us have confidence in ourselves and the future we are building together”.

The president said that a new chapter is beginning in the relations between Mexico and the United States. “We must turn this challenge into an opportunity, and must do so with determination, great confidence in ourselves, and above all, great national unity,” he said.

“I know that the world stage, particularly the new chapter opening in US-Mexico relations today, creates constant uncertainty, but the government will continue to make dialogue the means of finding points of agreement, as we have done throughout this administration,” he said.

He stated that, “With the new US Administration, we will converse on the basis of three core values: Optimism, in which words and reason are undoubtedly the best means of ensuring coexistence between people and nations; we will have to work with great pragmatism, to agree what is useful for Mexico and the whole of North America; and always in defense of the basic principles that are negotiable, such as our sovereignty, national interest and the protection of our fellow countrymen”.

The president added that the government has created certainty for investors and business development in Mexico, and is working on three main fronts:

FIRST: “Continue to provide an environment of macroeconomic uncertainty. We must continue to preserve an economic environment of stability through sound public finances, a flexible exchange rate, autonomy as regards the Central Bank’s monetary policy, and a robust banking system”.

SECOND: “Certainty in the implementation of each of the Structural Reforms. Now is the time to continue working on the greatest economic transformation of the past two decades, through greater competition in the markets, credit expansion and the opening up of sectors”.

THIRD: “Certainty in the application of the rule of law. We will continue to improve what we have called everyday justice, the kind that has the greatest impact on the everyday lives of Mexicans, where 90 percent of litigation cases are resolved, which includes 90 percent of the differences between Mexicans or foreigners.

"We will continue with the implementation of Adversarial Criminal Justice System, a new model of criminal justice that also breaks a great paradigm. It will involve us in the conception and assimilation of a new culture in the implementation of criminal justice and the consolidation of two new systems: the National Transparency System and as of today, the National Anticorruption System”.

At the event, the president presented an award to Miguel Alemán Velasco, the organizer of the Business Summit, to whom he said: “You are regarded as a great Mexican, who is always supporting his country and promoting the best causes of our people”.


President of the Business Summit Miguel Aleman Velasco confirmed his support and that of the participants in the Business Summit, of President Peña Nieto. He declared: “You have the constitutional mandate to find a constructive channels of dialogue with those who, perhaps out of ignorance, regard us with suspicion. At a personal level, I reiterate my unwavering loyalty to my president and my country”.

He stressed that, “When history so demands, our duty is to our Country, with a capital “c”. It is time to unite because of our qualities, the result of our ancient pride, but above all, we are united by the desire to excel. That is the example we received from our parents, that is the greatest legacy we can leave our children”.

Alemán Velasco said that, “Conditions in the international scenario are uncertain. Our country has the strength provided by fundamental macroeconomic variables, which are reinforced by the structural reforms that expand our long-term development horizon”.

He said that, “Mexico's challenges are economic growth, the strength of our institutions and the certainty of our laws. We must seize the opportunities to have investment, sustained public investment with high social returns; foreign investment that provides contributions, innovation and competitiveness, and Mexican investment that creates jobs and moreover, for what is earned in Mexico to be invested in Mexico”.

"That, Mr. President, also counts and counts for a great deal,” he said, and pointed out that, “If they want to cut our wings or branches, we are certain, Mr. President, that we can fly and we will fly”.


Governor of Puebla Rafael Moreno Valle Rosas told the president of Mexico that, “One aspect where there is a potential for Mexico is the reforms that have been passed under your leadership; We understand that are maturing, but we are convinced that Telecommunications Reform and Energy Reform will provide an opportunity to attract large investments and, above all, to create well-paid jobs”.

He said that, “The spirit we have felt at this Summit Business is solidarity with the government and the country's future. We understand that common problems require shared solutions; cohesion and coordination between the public sector and private sector”.

“Municipalities, states and the government must work together but coordination with the business community and civil society participation are also essential,” he added.

“We have seen a spirit of unity, Mr. President, because in view of the challenges, today more than ever before we must work together because Mexico is our home and should be our shared cause,” he said.