• “We are the second country to have taken so many steps and moved up so quickly: six places in such a short time. This is due to the legal framework, the economic and social reforms and institutional reinforcement we have fostered, and the many works underway, he declared.
  • This is changing the face of the La Cañada region, which in previous decades grew rapidly and chaotically, he said.

During the inauguration of the “Mexicable Ecatepec” Public Cable Car Transportation System, President Enrique Peña Nieto declared that the urban infrastructure and mass transit works the government has been promoting make the country more competitive.

He stressed that these public works, which facilitate transport for thousands of users to their jobs or homes, “Make us more competitive, and, among the 140 countries measured by the World Economic Forum, Mexico has been ranked 51st, up from 57th”.

“We were the second country in the world to take so many steps and move up so quickly, six places in such a short time. And this is due to the legal framework, the economic and social reforms and the institutional strengthening we have promoted and the many works that are being built,” he said.

The president declared that three mass transit systems are being built in addition to the Mexicable Ecatepec inaugurated today:  “connectivity between the Valley of Toluca and Valley of Mexico Metropolitan Areas, through the Fast Train that will run between these two metropolises; the Guadalajara City Metro and Line 4 of the Monterrey Metro”:

He pointed out that in previous decades, the La Cañada region in the State of Mexico, “Grew very quickly and somewhat chaotically”. This, together with the topography of the region, made it very difficult to introduce services, he added.

He explained that until recently, “It was a gray area that could be seen in the distance,” but, “through this combined effort we have made and which the government of Mexico and the government of the State of Mexico have clearly defined, we are seeking to change the urban face of the La Cañada region”.

The president explained that the Mexicable Ecatepec Cable Car, the first of its kind in our country and Latin America, is a project designed for the specific conditions of La Canada, “Because building wide access roads for this region is practically unthinkable, if not impossible or impractical”.

He said that this mass transit system will make it possible to complete a journey in 17 rather than 30 or 40 minutes at a lower cost. He added that several murals have been painted on the walls and ceilings in the surrounding area along the cable car route by artists from Ecatepec and other Mexican and foreign artists.

He declared that projects like the Mexicable Ecatepec, “Are part of the framework of urban infrastructure, mass transit and road and highway infrastructure the government has been promoting”.

President Peña Nieto added that today, “The urban face has been changed by painting the facades of many of the houses”. He noted that there is a sum of efforts, and the state government has taken up the challenge of making significant progress, “By painting facades to change the gray face of this part of La Cañada in this region of Ecatepec”.

He said that 180,000 houses have been painted in this region to date, mainly in Ecatepec and Tlalnepantla. He added that the Agrarian, Land and Urban Development Secretariat,  “Supports this effort by the State Government”.

The president said: “If there is  one thing I welcome, it is the sum of efforts by the State Government of Mexico and the federal government. And it's not just rhetoric or a speech; it is an issue that is being implemented through several public works we are delivering for the benefit of the residents of the State of Mexico”.

During the event, the president unveiled the inaugural plates of the “Mexicable Ecatepec” Public Cable Car Transportation System and the “Family of Elephants” sculpture by the artist Fernando Andriacci.

At the end of the event, he greeted residents outside the “La Cañada” station of the “Mexicable Ecatepec” and  afterwards, he led a meeting with civil society.


Communications and Transport Secretary Gerardo Ruiz Esparza said today that the president inaugurated,  “A modern, ingenious urban transport system that improves the connectivity of this part of the Municipality of Ecatepec de Morelos, the most densely populated in the country”.

“The Mexicable is the first public cable car transport system in the country. Yet another commitment the president has met to Mexico State residents”. He said that building, “A rapid, safe, modern transport system shows that citizens’ well-being is a focus of government action”.

“Here we are witnesses,” he said, “of the fact that coordinated work between the three levels of government, in addition to the confidence of private enterprise in our country, the support of citizens and technological innovation are elements which together, can overcome great obstacles and implement key projects such as the beautiful scene we have witnessed here”.

He said that the Mexicable is an efficient form of transport, with a low ecological cost, which will use solar energy It will benefit users, who will have more time to spend on other activities,  which is undoubtedly a factor that contributes to improving the quality of life,” he said.


Eruviel Ávila, Governor of the State of Mexico, said that the Mexicable is a decent, environmentally friendly, fast, safe and economical form of public transport which, he said, without the support of the government, “Simply could not have been achieved”.

He explained that this public work involved federal, state and private investment of over 1.7 billion pesos; it shows how, by working together, “We can do great things,” he said.

He explained that the Mexicable service will cost six pesos, and run Monday through Saturday from 4:30 am to 11 pm and on Sundays from 4 a.m. to 7 p.m. It will transport approximately 26,000 users a day, who will be able to enjoy works of art during the nearly five kilometer journey.

He added that the Cable Car System will be linked to the Mexibus system, since it will connect with another public work the president is supporting economically and technically, Mexibus Number Four, "which will run from Héroes, in Tecámac, along Vía Morelos in Ecatepec through the eastern part of Tlalnepantla to the Indios Verdes  Metro station”.


Oswaldo Neria Alcántara, a resident of the municipality of Ecatepec, said that the inauguration of the Mexicable Ecatepec will enable them to, “Have an innovative transport system, the first of its kind, not only in the State of Mexico but nationwide”.

He said that the main benefits of this public work include the reduction of traffic, “Travel time will be much shorter, and improve security. It has changed and given the region a new urban image,” he added.