• History shows that the two countries have always been stronger, safer and more prosperous when they have work together and when they contribute to the other country’s success, he declared.
  • The large community of Mexican migrants contributes daily through their work and creativity to the development and wellbeing of the United States and Mexico, he said.

This evening, Enrique Peña Nieto received the Statesman Award, conferred by the Foreign Policy Association during the World Leadership Forum 2016.

After receiving the award from Executive Director John Hess accompanied by Chairman of the Foreign Policy Association Jillian Sackler, the Mexican president declared that he received this award on behalf of a country that is now changing, and whose achievements are the result of Mexicans’ collective effort.

In New York, where he is participating in the 71st Session of the United Nations General Assembly, the president noted that relations between the US and Mexico are essential for the progress and prosperity of both countries.

“It is a relationship forged over centuries, represented by thousands of bi-national families, and over one million legal, regular border crossings every day”.

It is a relationship, he added, “Between two cultures that enrich each other through their affinity as regards artistic and cultural expressions”.

The president noted that institutional links between Mexico and the United States, “Are above any situation”. Regarding the US electoral process, the president confirmed his institutional commitment to working in a respectful and constructive manner with whoever US citizens elect on November 8.

”History shows that the United States and Mexico have always been stronger, safer and more prosperous when they work together; when both countries contribute to the success of the other,” he declared.

He said that his priority as president, and that of his government, “Is to protect Mexicans wherever they are. It is to ensure that their rights are respected”.

He said that Mexican migrants’ contribution to the United States, “Is particularly noteworthy. It is estimated that there are 35.5 million people of Mexican origin in the United States, of which one third are migrants and over 20 million are second and third generation Mexicans”.

“This large community contributes daily through its work and creativity to the development and well-being of the United States and Mexico,” he declared.

The Mexican president said that, “The challenges of our era transcend physical boundaries and challenge cultural barriers. In short, no nation or society, however powerful, can meet the challenges of the 21st century on its own”.

“In this context, for the US to maintain and increase its position as a leading global player, and continue growing and creating jobs, integration and cooperation with Mexico are a necessity of the first order,” he said.

President Peña Nieto  admitted that the information on Mexico received by broad sectors of American society is often sparse, inaccurate and distorted.

“These information gaps have been filled with myths, inaccuracies and prejudices, creating fertile ground for intolerance and discrimination,” he said.

The good news, he said, “is that for every stereotype, there is a reality that belies it; for every prejudice, there is evidence to contradict it, and for critics of the relationship, there are friends and allies, like all of you. Today, thanks to this partnership, we are advancing against stereotypes, prejudice and misinformation”.

The Mexican president said that, “The United States and Mexico are neighbors, friends and partners. In the next 50 years and beyond, we will remain neighbors, friends and partners. That is because the proximity and integration of our societies are a reality that cannot be reversed”.

He went on to say: “For this process to be as positive as possible, we must act with intelligence and vision. I firmly believe we must encourage a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship that creates well-being for the present and future generations in our hemisphere, based on respect and cooperation, and rejecting any form of discrimination or exclusion”.

President Peña Nieto  pointed out that the history of the two nations gives us, “The opportunity to choose the path we will take: cooperation or confrontation, inclusion or exclusion. Do we wish to isolate and weaken ourselves, or integrate and become stronger, safer and more prosperous, all together”.

The Mexican president said: “Let us make North America the world’s most dynamic, competitive, safe and successful region; let’s do all this together”.


John Moore, Senior Vice President of Morgan Stanley, said that since the Statesman Award honors statesmen who have worked for peace and prosperity in their country and the world, it is important to honor President Peña Nieto at this unique moment in history for the reforms in Mexico, and the spirit of dialogue open to diplomacy he has fostered.

After stating that the Mexican president has created a new era of openness, economic and investment opportunities in Mexico, he said that the cornerstone of his government of transformation have been the structural reforms in energy, telecommunications and financial services, ending monopolies, opening up new opportunities for private investment, and laying the foundations for Mexico to be a model and a leader in the global economy.

He said that although there many challenges around the world, the historical mission continues its path and growth persists. He said there are many opportunities and that Mexico’s place in the Americas and around the world is one of leadership, resilience and productivity.


John Hess, CEO of Hess Corporation, noted that President Enrique Peña Nieto’s mandate has been one of transformations since he has laid the foundation for a more inclusive, just and prosperous society.

We recognize, he said, his vision and bravery; his courage, but more importantly, we recognize his great and substantial achievements, creating an unprecedented number of jobs, expanding trade and setting a new path for the world and also with a growing economy.