• The pact should therefore incorporate human rights, economic and social development, international cooperation and climate change agendas, he said.
  • The president repeated Mexico's offer to organize a preparatory international meeting to finalize this important global agreement in 2018.
  • He co-chaired the Roundtable of the High Level Meeting on the Response to Large Movements of Refugees and Migrants.

President Enrique Peña Nieto said today that the Global Pact for Safe, Regular, Orderly Migration to achieve the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development and Full Respect for the Human Rights of Migrants, “to which we aspire, should see migrants as allies of development and, therefore, incorporate human rights, economic and social development, international cooperation and climate change agendas”.

As he co-chaired the Roundtable on the High Level Meeting on the Response to Large Movements of Refugees and Migrants, together with President of Portugal Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa as part of his activities at the 71st Session of the United Nations General Assembly, he declared that, “We know there are no easy solutions or short cuts” to the reality of migration.

“However, on this occasion, we have engaged in a dialogue that should foster responsibility and cooperation among nations. It is time to implement an inclusive and supportive vision; success will depend on the will and responsibility of all countries,” he declared.

He said that this round table, “Is the first step towards analyzing the migratory phenomenon and advancing a Global Pact for safe, regular, orderly migration”. Along these lines, he repeated Mexico's offer, “To organize an international preparatory meeting to finalize this important agreement in 2018,” because, he said, ours is a "country which, because of its geography and history, is a country of origin, transit, destination and return for migrants”.

President Peña Nieto said that, “The world cannot turn its back on those who already face the pain of separation from their families, their homes and the lives they were building”.

He recalled that in 2015, according to the report by the United Nations Secretary General, the number of international migrants and refugees stood at 244 million people, about half of which are women and a third of which are young people.

The scope of the challenge, he continued, “Requires us to build a global partnership that will address both the causes and factors causing migration, such as the economic, social and cultural impacts it causes in transit and destination countries”.

At the United Nations headquarters, he said that, “Immigration policies must be designed and coordinated to ensure the effective protection of human rights and the fundamental freedoms of all people”.

He said that, “While there is no single solution, for Mexico, it was a great achievement for the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to recognize migrants as subjects of law, and indispensable allies of the countries of origin and destination”.

He said that, “Under this approach, it is essential to overcome visions that criminalize the phenomenon and to promote global policies that impact positively on migrants’ lives”.

The Mexican president said this is a reality that will continue, since either because of the persistence of armed conflicts, economic factors, or the devastating effects of climate change, millions of people continue leaving their countries, facing major risks, precarious conditions and even criminalization.

He said that all the world’s government have an ethical obligation to act to protect migrants’ integrity and life, rights and dignity and at the same time, guarantee a global pact that will achieve full consensus. We must also support the governments and citizens of transit and host countries”.

Thus, he added, “We can all reap the full benefits and opportunities created by migration”.

"The dialogue we began today will give us a historic opportunity to build a diverse, inclusive and equitable world that promotes prosperity for everyone without racism or discrimination,” he said.