• The package also stipulates that there will be no increase in existing taxes and, above all, the quality of government spending will be improved, he said.
  • In the three years and nine months of this administration, 2,170,000 formal jobs have been created, 4.3 times more than during the previous administration, he noted.
  • The Foreign Direct Investment recorded during this Administration stands at $120 billion USD, 50 percent more than during the same period in the previous administration, he declared.
  • The president inaugurated the Coca Cola Center for Innovation and Development.
  • We have witnessed the current government’s efforts to promote major reforms, which will lay the groundwork for Mexico to enter the future, making it a country that is constantly growing and attractive for investment: James Quincey, World President of The Coca-Cola Company.

President Enrique Peña Nieto declared that the budget package submitted to Congress today for debate and approval is based on the premise of, “Taking care of our macroeconomic stability, acting with fiscal responsibility, not increasing existing taxes but maintaining the pledge I made to Mexicans, and above all, improving the quality of government spending”.

During the inauguration of the Coca Cola Center for Innovation and Development, the president declared that 118,000 new jobs were recorded in Mexico in August, the month when the highest number of jobs in history were created.

He added that with that number, in addition to those that have been created in the three years and nine months of this administration, “We have already created 2,170,00 formal jobs”. He said that this is, “4.3 times more than the number created in the previous administration”.

The president said that this shows, “That the government’s commitment is to create the best conditions in order to attract more investment and create more opportunities for Mexicans”.

He said that the unemployment rate reported for last June by INEGI,  “Was 3.8 percent, the lowest since 2008”.

He said that the government’s commitment to the stability of our economy and to promote and encourage investment into our country, “is reflected in two important respects: more Foreign Direct Investment registered in the country, more jobs and a lower unemployment rate”.

”Today we have more investment in our country than we have ever had before, which is creating more jobs. It is important to highlight that many Mexican families and many Mexicans are now finding employment and opportunities for professional and personal development,” he said.

He noted that during this administration, foreign direct investment has amounted to $120 billion USD, “50 percent more than the investment recorded in the same period in the previous administration. This proves that the conditions have been created for firms to decide to invest in Mexico”.

President Peña Nieto said that these conditions allow global companies such Coca Cola decide to invest in Mexico, “Because they see the prospect of growth and development in Mexico, and because they regard Mexico as a reliable place in which to keep investing”.

He thanked Coca Cola for the confidence it has placed in our country, reflected in the announcement of an eight billion dollar investment plan from 2014 to 2020.

He noted that this investment is not only intended to expand its distribution centers and manufacturing, but is now earmarked for research, innovation and technological development, “The application of knowledge in the products offered by this company to improve their quality and benefit the health of our society”.

“It is a company committed to innovation, research, which also assumes its social responsibility,” he said. He recalled that The Coca Cola Company creates 92,000 direct jobs in the country through its bottling plants.

At the end of the event, the president toured the Center for Innovation and Development.

MEXICAN COCA-COLA INDUSTRY AN EXAMPLE OF INNOVATION: James Quincey, World President of The Coca-Cola Company

James Quincey, World President and COO of The Coca Cola Company said that, “We have witnessed the current government’s efforts to promote major reforms, which will lay the groundwork for Mexico to enter the future, making it a country that is constantly growing and attractive for investment”.

He said that, “The Mexican Coca-Cola industry is an example of innovation that has exported its capacity for entrepreneurship and development to other countries”.

He reported that, “From this Center for Innovation and Development, we will work to provide families and our consumers in Mexico and throughout Latin America with new products and formulas that adapt to current needs”.

He noted that, “The success of Coca-Cola here is no accident,” because, he said, everything the company has achieved would not be possible without its bottling partners, “Who, with their leadership practices, have gained Mexico worldwide recognition”. Today, he said, Coca-Cola FEMSA operates in 11 countries in Latin America and Asia, while ARCA Continental has operations in Argentina, Peru and Ecuador.

He said that, “Mexico’s importance for Coca-Cola is the reason why we decided to set up this center, which is so important to us, here. Innovation facilities like these only exist in five other countries”.


Economy Secretary Ildefonso Guajardo Villarreal said that among the OECD countries, Mexico ranks third in the creation of complex manufacturing goods, thanks to a set of public policies involving development, innovation and technology transfer.

 “In this effort, the agrifood and beverage industry obviously contribute through their participation. In this case, global companies I come to Mexico in search of Mexican manufacturing talent,” he explained.

He noted that the new Coca-Cola center is an example, explaining that most of the professionals who participate in it are linked to research, postgraduate and master’s degrees and specializations in food issues.

He added that, “This center is strategically important,” because it will create quality jobs; because the type of investment will improve our position in global value chains, and because,  by doing research, they contribute to new sweetening  technologies, new packaging technologies and new technologies to manufacture packaging”.

He declared that in Germany, company researchers developed a new formula to maintain nutrients and transfer the benefits of eating organic products throughout the world. Therefore, he said, “We want Mexico to be part of that success story in new product development worldwide.”


CEO of Coca Cola-Mexico Francisco Crespo explained that clear rules of the game and a fair, straightforward and stable framework, enable the company to describe the case of Mexico when it competes in global decisions, as happened with the construction of the Center for Innovation and Development Coca Cola in our country.

Noting that this multinational operates in over 200 countries and there are only six research facilities like the one opened today in Mexico City, he stressed that after thinking and evaluating options, “Our main office saw the merits of Mexico; a great, stable and solid country with the best prospects for growth”.

“It is not only the 340 million pesos invested, or the 100 jobs associated with this investment. The main objective of this center is knowledge creation in the practical application of science and technology,” he said.