“We often focus on the bad news, which seem to be common or more striking, and we forget or ignore the good news, which is very important and positively impacts the lives of Mexican families,” he said.

· He also explained that the electricity tariff, paid by nearly 99 percent of Mexican households, has not increased, and conversely, since Energy Reform came into force, has been reduced by nearly 10 percent at current prices.

”Let us appreciate the good news because this is what allows our country to keep growing and moving towards a better future,” he said.

· He led the Strengthening of the Food Supply and Support Network Event.

The president today stressed the importance of focusing on the good news occurring in the country, which, “Has a positive impact on the everyday lives of Mexican families”.

He said that Mexico is growing as a nation, because of all the momentum of the efforts made in the past by several generations, which are now being implemented to promote structural change.

He said that, “We often focus on the bad news, which seem to be common or more striking, and we forget or ignore the good news, which is very important and positively impacts the lives of Mexican families”.

At the Strengthening the Food Supply and Support Network event, among the good news, the president mentioned the Finance and Public Credit Secretariat’s announcement of the reduction of the rates for LP gas, consumed by nearly 90 million Mexicans. “It is part of the implementation of the Energy Reform, which has led to competition, and today, by allowing the free importation of LPG, has led to more competition and a drop in prices,” he explained.

He said that accordingly, “A family that used to buy a gas cylinder which used to cost in the order of 290 pesos will now be paying 261 pesos”.

“This is good news stemming from the reforms we are promoting,” he said.

The president also provided the context for what is happening with the country’s electricity rates. ”For certain sectors, it has increased; It is the time of year when costs increase. Yet despite these costs for sectors of the industry, trade and large consumers, who pay higher rates because they have a high consumption of electricity, the rate they are now paying is less than what they paid before the entry into force of Energy Reform,” he said.

"But I must say another thing that is rarely mentioned: The electricity tariff paid by the vast majority of Mexicans, almost 99 percent of Mexican households, has not increased. On the contrary, since Energy Reform came into force, real prices have fallen by nearly 10 per cent,” he said.

This is good news and we should appreciate it because this is what allows our country to keep growing and moving towards a better future”: he said.

President Peña Nieto added that,  “So far this administration, over two million jobs have been created”.

 “Never before had so many jobs in the same period of almost four years been created in any other administration,” he said.

 “Today, as never before, jobs are being created, and this is thanks to the efforts that have been made and the reforms that have been undertaken, which have encouraged and attracted major investments to create jobs,” he explained.

He explained that all the families benefiting from the PROSPERA program, comprising more than 6 million and impacting 25 million Mexicans, are linked to the Labor Secretariat, which has made it a priority to attend the children of these families so that they can secure jobs.

He added that, “We are ensuring that by the end of this administration, all the families that are beneficiaries of PROSPERA program will also be affiliated to the Popular Insurance Scheme, thereby ensuring their access to health and medical services”.

“These are the efforts that are being made and they are for the good of Mexicans. And although sometimes they want to flood us with bad news, good news counts for a lot  and is worth a great deal. It will change the lives of many Mexican families and have a positive impact,” he said.

The president said that in order to ensure supplies for the most vulnerable population, the poor living in remote areas of the country, major efforts are being made, “And two great Mexican State institutions are involved in this: DICONSA and LICONSA”.

DICONSA, he added, is the largest supply network in Latin America, which has 27 000 distribution centers across the country, located where they are most needed, where there is no other form of supply.

LICONSA is responsible for supplying nutritious milk, and today more than 6.2 million children benefit from its food products.

“Thank you to these two great institutions. Thank you to the more than 13,000 workers who are part of this important supply network and help ensure Mexicans’ food,” he said.

President Peña Nieto  also thanked the more than 60 million Mexicans who voluntarily participate in running the more than 5,000 Community Kitchens of the Social Development Secretariat, where more than half a million people receive food daily. He also thanked the Armed Forces, “For being part of this social task.”

At the end of the event, the President unveiled the DICONSA Maize Warehouse and toured its facilities.


Secretary of Social Development (SEDESOL) José Antonio Meade told the president: “We could not have done this event three years ago, because you have instructed us and taught to work differently. You have taught us that we must work together, you have taught us that we will only be able to overcome the challenges we have if we work as one”.

He noted that the Food Days launched complement each other and are anchored by two pillars of the Administration: DICONSA and LICONSA. He said the third bulk warehouse delivered today is the result of a modernization program that will involve over a billion pesos during this administration.

The SEDESOL director added that by the end of this year, “There will not be a single PROSPERA family that does not have access to the Popular Insurance Scheme”. He explained that, “We are working with PROSPERA in ways we had not worked before,” with labor and productive inclusion, making credit more accessible, providing scholarships for young people and certification for female heads of household. “We are transforming PROSPERA so that it remains the most important program”.

He explained that as from this Administration, the daycare centers that now take care of and feed children will start also to educate them. He said that every month, more than 12 million meals are served, together with those served at IMSS and ISSSTE kindergartens and in the CDI hostels, meaning that 25 million meals are served to children every month.

He said that every day, 550,000 Mexicans have breakfast and lunch at the community kitchens, and that 20 million meals are served every month. He said that, “These 550,000 meals could not happen without the support of the Army and Navy,” who train 3,000 cooks a month. “There would be no community kitchens without the Army and Navy,” he declared.


Governor of the state of Hidalgo José Francisco Olvera Ruiz, said that, “While it is true that globally the economic turmoil may affect much of the world and the countries in difficulties, the fact is that we must recognize that in Mexico the various structural reforms are paying off”.

He said that the delivery of bulk warehouse, “Is a sign that the structural reforms President Peña has implemented with bravery, determination and great vision are paying off, because they are providing benefits for communities which only need a slight push like this to get results”.

He added that other presidential commitments are being met in the state, such as the City of Knowledge with an investment of over 1.2 billion pesos in infrastructure; and the National Center for Innovation in the Textile and Apparel Industries,” a project that the president saw, authorized and is already being built”. He said that later this month, the City of Women will be delivered in Tepeji del Río. The second of its kind to be built in the country, it will benefit more than 20 municipalities.


Roberto Canjay Bagui, chairman of the board of the "La Vega" rural warehouse, said that it was a great honor to speak on behalf of his DICONSA colleagues and celebrated being gathered together, “For a matter of utmost importance for Mexicans, which is good nutrition".

At DINCOSA, he said, “We want to represent communities so that they can supply their store, and thus ensure food for their children. We work from and for the community”.

He said it is a challenge to go where no-one else goes, where there is no schedule that limits them or situation that stops them from ensuring distribution to families. "Our commitment is to be there, day and night, regardless of the adverse conditions," he said.

Therefore, he continued, strengthening the DICONSA supply network, the largest in the country and Latin America, great, is a triumph for the beneficiary families and workers, “Who struggle to achieve this reality every day and change the lives of our beloved Mexican families. Everyone’s participation is crucial to forming the DICONSA community.”

"Together we create family unity and guarantee a healthy, varied, sufficient diet for everyone,” he concluded.