• At the official residence of Los Pinos, the president sent off Mexican delegations participating in the Rio 2016 Olympics and Paralympics.
  • He said that they, “Are setting off with determination, courage and strength to show that they are the best in each of the disciplines in which they participate”.

At the official residence of Los Pinos today, President Enrique Peña Nieto Mexican sent off the Mexican Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic delegations, whom he told he was confident they would honor Mexico’s name.

“You,” he said, “will be projecting to the world what is happening here in Mexico; the transformation Mexico is undertaking, not only through government efforts but because, as a society, we want to be better and to have a better nation”.

He explained that, “We are all working to shape it, to transform Mexico, by creating a country of greater opportunities for all and, above all, a country that gives its inhabitants quality of life and well-being. You designed, precisely, much of the transformation Mexico is undergoing”.

He confirmed that the transformation, “Is not only part of an initiative by the government, but by society itself, which always aims to overcome conditions, overcome stages and achieve a country that provides its population with better and better conditions.

He stressed that the Olympic and Paralympic Games to be held in August in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, are undoubtedly the competition most  eagerly awaited by all sports delegations every four years, because they represent a great opportunity and personal challenge for each one, “A challenge to prove his or her ability and great potential to the world”.

He noted that Mexico will follow the sporting event closely and hoped that everyone would do their best. “All this preparation for months and years to take the national team to this competition undoubtedly creates great motivation, pride and honor,” he declared.

The president said that, “There will undoubtedly be many Mexicans who will experience this sporting event; family members will accompany many of you”.

He also informed them that, “The sports authorities will also be there to accompany you and provide assistance during the competition”. Therefore, he added, “You will not be alone”.

He wished them every success in the goals they have set, “So that at the end, when you return, we can say with great pride: We did it!”

He said that they, “Are setting off with determination, courage and strength to show that you are the best in each of the disciplines in which you participate”.

President Enrique Pena Nieto said Mexico is a great country, which it will prove at Rio 2016.

He also told the members of the delegations that they will represent the country, “To take a message of peace, harmony and solidarity with all peoples who will be represented in Rio, in 2016”.

He congratulated them on having qualified, noting that, “This delegation of 194 athletes are those who have trained most and are best able to represent Mexico. As you said, you are worthy representatives of our country at this sporting competition.”

He thanked them for being the representatives of the Nation.

He said that, as president, the ceremony is especially significant because it is the first and only occasion to send off a delegation to the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

“This is undoubtedly a very special moment for me. It represents a historical fact, which will always be memorable, because I am looking at young athletes who have come to this sending-off, to represent Mexico after spending many hours of work and training with discipline, effort and dedication to be here today and represent Mexico at this sporting event at these Olympic and Paralympic Games,” he said.

At the end of his message, President Enrique Peña Nieto presented the flag to the representatives of the Mexican delegations who will participating in the Rio 2016 Olympics: Daniela Campuzano Chavez Peon, in the discipline of mountain biking, and in the Paralympics, Edith Nelly Miranda Herrera, in swimming. Immediately afterwards, he had his official photograph taken with each of the delegations.

SPORT can show us a country's cohesion and identity: CONADE

Alfredo Castillo Cervantes, Director General of the National Commission of Physical Culture and Sport (CONADE), said that the delegation attending the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games is historic because it is the largest in the last 40 years, 128 classified athletes, and that it will participate in the largest number of disciplines: 27.

Saying that, “An athlete is not created overnight” but “through many years of effort and sacrifice,” he hailed the fact that, “Sport, which concerns us and brings us here today, is the purest expression of positive nationalism. Sport can show us a country’s cohesion and identity”.

He noted that the result of these Olympics could be the product of many consequences, since on the day of the competition, anything can happen.

He noted that Mexico has four athletes among the top three places in world rankings; 21 among the top eight in world rankings and 38 in the top 16 in the world, meaning that there is a 35 to 40 percent possibility of obtaining medals among the world’s top 16 athletes.


Declaring that the athletes participating in the Rio Olympics know the challenge they face, María Espinoza Espinoza, Olympic Tae Kwon Do  sportwoman, said that it is a source of pride to represent Mexico at every competition.

Mexicans, she said, “Can be certain that all the athletes who attend the Olympics will do our best to honor Mexico’s name”.

She said that that the training they have received, supported by the government, “Gives us the confidence to know that Mexicans are well represented,” and declared that they will fight, “because we are Mexican, because we have courage, honor, and bravery and because we are pursuing a dream, which is to honor the Mexican flag”.

She said that athletes are, “Ambassadors of peace and reject violence; we advocate unity”. They are, she said, “The bearers of specific values that do not accept discrimination based on creed, ideologies or color”.


”Sport, as a public policy supported by the president, has focused on the athlete, and taken care of our sporting needs, through meetings, training, medical check-ups, multidisciplinary teams," said Juan Ignacio Reyes González , representative of the Paralympic Delegation.

He said that it is an honor to represent Mexican Paralympic sport, noting that winning medals is the result, “Of work, efforts and sacrifices to achieve goals.”

”We know,” he said, "that the main objective we all have is to honor Mexico’s name”.

On behalf of the members of the delegation, he expressed their commitment to “compete with honor and passion for Mexico” at Rio 2016.