· This will be enhanced by the establishment of direct flights between Italy and Mexico, he said.

· At the National Palace, the Mexican president received President of Italy Sergio Mattarella, currently on a state visit to Mexico. One of these agreements, regarding culture, will make it possible to intensify joint efforts to showcase the rich artistic and cultural heritage of both nations and have a greater exchange of films produced in Italy and Mexico, while working on the route to movie co-production, he declared.

· He thanked Italy for its contribution to the European Union’s decision to undertake the renegotiation and updating  of the trade agreement it has with Mexico.

· Mexico and Italy are linked by a relationship and a strategic partnership that reflects a shared point of view: Sergio Mattarella.

At the National Palace, President Enrique Peña Nieto today received President of Italy, Sergio Mattarella, currently on a state visit to Mexico, the first by an Italian president in 20 years.

The Mexican president declared: ”From a shared vision, we wish to strengthen and expand the relationship in terms of cooperation, mutual investments, and trade between the two countries,” which will be enhanced by the establishment of direct flights between Italy and Mexico, through Alitalia airlines, which will enable Italians to travel directly to Mexico and Mexicans to Italy three days a week.

He said that all this, “Is designed to create favorable conditions for growth, development and prosperity for our societies”.

In a press statement, issued jointly with the Italian president, the Mexican president expressed his thanks for, “Italy’s contribution to the European Union’s decision to undertake the renegotiation and updating of the trade agreement it has with Mexico”.

"This will undoubtedly make it possible to have a new legal scaffolding that will allow us to grow and intensify the level of trade that exists between the European Union and our country,” he said.

He declared that Italy is an important trading partner for Mexico:  “It is our third largest trading partner in the European Union. It is a country with whom we have more than $6.7 billion USD in trade a year, although we noticed that the current level of trade has enormous potential as a result of the structural changes both countries have implemented”.

The two presidents witnessed the signing of five bilateral cooperation agreements, “Which are part of a joint action plan signed by the Italian and Mexican governments”.

President Peña Nieto said that one of these agreements, in the cultural field, will “intensify joint efforts to show the rich artistic and cultural heritage of both nations.” He stressed that this agreement will also make it possible, “To have a greater exchange of films produced in Italy and Mexico, while working on the route to film co-production”.

Another agreement involves energy cooperation in the field of energy cooperation, renewable energy, energy efficiency, biofuels, energy storage, sustainable hydrocarbon exploration and extraction and clean technologies.

 “We acknowledge that today it is our duty to work for the environment, and environmental protection, and that Mexico has planned a route designed to ensure that energy generation will be increasingly cleaner and through renewable sources to prevent greenhouse gas emissions,” declared the Mexican president.

A third agreement involving education is designed to increase cooperation between Mexican and Italian researchers, and achieve greater exchange between research centers in the two countries.

Another agreement, regarding the administration of justice, will make it possible to promote cooperation on issues such as police investigation and criminal analysis and combat money laundering, human trafficking and transnational organized crime”, he added.

He explained that these, “Are elements that will strengthen the capacities of our Attorney General's Office and state attorney generals’ offices, particularly when the new Criminal Justice System comes into force. Among other things, it requires prosecutors to have overwhelming evidence to prove the guilt of anyone alleged to have committed a crime.

Lastly, the agreement on Sport and Physical Culture will make it possible to promote, “The development of human resources, physical activities, sports culture and the fight against discrimination and unsportsmanlike conduct”.

“Italy is a country that excels in various sports and Mexico is determined to share these experiences, and training styles and methods, so that our athletes in various disciplines can improve their performance,” he said.

President Peña Nieto also expressed his solidarity with the Italian people, particularly with the relatives of the citizens of that country who lost their lives in the terrorist attack in Bangladesh a few days ago.

He condemned the acts of terror, such as those that occurred in the past few days in Bangladesh, Turkey and Iraq. “These are countries that have unfortunately seen acts of terrorism, which spread fear and undermine the human condition, and people’s dignity,” he said.

“Mexico firmly condemns these acts, because there is no cause that can resort to violence, far less terrorism, to defend its struggles,” he said.

Later, at the luncheon hosted in honor of President Mattarella, the Mexican president declared that, “Italy and Mexico are not only united by the past; we are also united by a responsible, serious commitment to building a better future”.

“The Italy of today is making deep structural changes in the political, electoral, fiscal, labor and judicial fields and in the legislature, in order to adapt to the new global circumstances. In Mexico, we are also being transformed: we are in the midst of implementing a structural change that will strengthen our economy and competitiveness, which expands citizens' rights and will strengthen our democratic institutions,” he declared.

“The reforms Italy and Mexico are undertaking are also seeking to consolidate democracy, ensure quality education for the new generations and promote the sustainability of our shared home: our planet," he said.

He said that, “We are preparing to meet the challenges of this time of global change; one of the most important of which is undoubtedly migration,” in which Italy and Mexico, “Are a gateway, a place of transit and also a destination for thousands of migrants”.

After declaring that inequality between different parts of the world has made migration one of the biggest challenges at the beginning of this century, which we must address globally, he declared that, “Mexico supports orderly migration with full respect for human rights”.

The Mexican president said that, “In the rapidly changing world we are immersed in, societies cannot become indifferent to human suffering; we must never forget that fraternity and solidarity are essential values for the future of humanity.

"Fraternity and solidarity are principles shared by our nations; Mexico knows it has Italy’s friendship in the same way that your great country, Mr. President, has the affection of the people of Mexico,” he declared.


Italian President Sergio Mattarella said today that Mexico and Italy are linked by a relationship and a strategic partnership that reflects a share vision as well as a common assessment of key issues on the international agenda.

He declared that the purpose of his visit is to witness the great, intense friendship between the two countries and the desire to further develop the excellent cooperation on different issues at the political, economic and cultural level. Mexico and Italy, he noted, are fully in agreement as regards the quest for peace and collaboration at international level.

"We have a shared vision of the economic and international level,” he added, which encourages Italy to move ahead as regards international agreements with the European Union and to broaden them and make them much more consistent. This is not only important for Mexico and the European Union, he said, "It is a sign of building a fabric of international collaboration, which is what the world really needs”.

Declaring that collaboration will enable mankind to improve its living conditions at the economic level, he added that, “Opening up markets is extremely important because it will help those who need jobs”.

President Mattarella said that the two leaders have stressed the importance of the agreements signed today, which, “Testify to the intensity and collaboration between Mexico and Italy in many sectors”.

He explained that broad cooperation exists with Mexico in the field of combating organized crime as regards the exchange of experiences between judicial authorities, and reiterated that in this fight, the rule of law and respect for human rights take precedence. "This is something both Mexico and Italy believe in,” he added.

He said there is also a great deal of cooperation between the two countries in scientific and technological fields, “Which means that we are looking towards the future”. He added that cultural cooperation, “Arises naturally because Mexico and Italy have a great ancient cultural tradition”.

The Italian president thanked the Mexican president for his solidarity towards Italy regarding the victims of the attack in Bangladesh a few days ago. Mexico and Italy are countries that understand that working intensively at all levels is extremely important for confirming the right to life of human beings against violence and obscurantism, he said.

Subsequently, at the luncheon hosted in his honor and that of his daughter, Laura Mattarella by President Peña Nieto, the Italian president repeated his satisfaction with the fact that 20 years after the last visit by an Italian President, Italy has renewed its friendship with Mexico in a solid relationship with a multitude of opportunities. "The friendship between Mexico and Italy has very strong, deep roots,” he said.

He said that Italian companies have continued to highlight Mexico’s strength. He declared:  “I feel very confident that in the coming years, thanks to the ambitious reform program pursued by the Mexican government, trade and investment opportunities will multiply for the benefit of the growth for our two economies”.