Toluca, State of Mexico; Monday June 20, 2016

Angélica Rivera de Peña, President of the Citizens’ Advisory Council of the National System for Integral Family Development (DIF), inaugurated the XLII National Wheelchair Games to promote the social inclusion of people with neuromotor disabilities, and form national and international teams with these high-performance athletes.

This competition has been held since 1973 by the National DIF, the Physical Culture and Sport Commission (Conade), the Mexican Social Security Institute and the Mexican Wheelchair Sports Federation (Femedssir), and on this occasion by the Mexico State government and DIF.

In her message, Angélica Rivera de Peña stressed that President Enrique Peña Nieto is working to achieve the inclusive Mexico with rights that persons with disabilities deserve. She declared that the 850 athletes participating in these games are an example of life and enthusiasm.

She congratulated them and told them that this sporting event will undoubtedly produce those who will represent us in the “Rio 2016 Olympic Games,” who will honor our country.

State Governor Eruviel Ávila welcomed the athletes, to whom he said, “We are good people, people who warmly greet our visitors,” stressing Mexico’s outstanding participation in the various adapted sports competitions, borne out by the 273 medals won to date.

 Director of Conade Alfredo Castillo Cervantes said that our country has distinguished itself by having prominent representatives and that sport is a form of social integration, enabling those who play it to overcome adversity, with the positive attitude, ability and support of their families.

Carolina Alanis Moreno, director of the Mexico State DIF, said that hosting the XLII National Wheelchair Sports Games is a clear sign of the public policies promoted by the governor of the State of Mexico, which promote the full exercise of rights human rights of persons with disabilities.

Athlete Erick Espinoza Alejandro Santos made the sportsmen’s oath and Ivan Rodríguez Luna made the judges’ and referees’ oath, while Jesús Fernández Ángeles had the honor of lighting the Olympic flame.

A key feature of this inaugural ceremony was the wheelchair dance team of the State of Mexico, which infected the audience with its enthusiasm.

For three days, special athletes will compete in nine disciplines: athletics, dance sport, basketball, cycling, swimming, power lifting, tennis, table tennis and archery.