• The goal for this administration is for six million adults to receive their elementary or middle school certificates, which will involve certifying the same number certified in the previous 12 years in six, he said.
  • 30 million adults in the country do not have their elementary or middle school certificates, he reported.

President Enrique Peña Nieto today led the event in which 10,000 adults in Yucatán received their elementary or middle school certificates through the Special Certification Program.

As a result, he said, “Today we are delivering certificate No. 500,000 this year, and another half a million adults are already in the process of having their studies certified. He said that the goal for 2016 is to certify the knowledge of a million and a half adults in the country, who currently do not have elementary or middle school studies.

He hoped that soon, in late July or early August, “We will be awarding certificate number one million in 2016.”

During the event, at which he congratulated the Yucatecan adults who received their certificates today, the president said that in Mexico, there are about 30 million adults who do not have their elementary or middle school certificates. He said that the goal is, “For six million people to have their elementary and middle school studies certified during this administration”, which means certifying the same number certified in the previous 12 years in six”.

He explained that through these actions, “We are really picking up the pace with the work we are doing. We are speeding up work to achieve almost twice the number of certificates, twice as many people who can accredit their knowledge than in the previous 12 years.”

The president noted that when someone cannot accredit having studied or having knowledge at this level, “Many of their aspirations are unfortunately frustrated.” Sometimes they do not achieve promotions or salary increases.”

He explained that those who have completed elementary school yet lack a certificate earn approximately a third less than those that do. At middle school level, the difference is almost half.

He declared that the Special Certification Program is a large-scale crusade to promote education and give more Mexicans the key to building a successful future and creating opportunities during their lifetime”.

President Peña Nieto announced that the National Institute for Adult Education (INEA) has more than 9,000 people involved in this effort together with 130,000 volunteers, young people pursuing higher technical education studies, who are also part of this front.

He instructed the Education and Social Development Secretaries, “To speed up the process, identifying the beneficiaries of the PROSPERA, Senior Citizens, Female Heads of Household and 65 and Over Programs so that they have the opportunity to accredit their elementary and middle school studies".

He also said that the INEA, “Can help us identify those who for some reason have dropped out of elementary and middle school. Let us go to them and show them the way to be able to accredit and certify their elementary and middle school studies.”


José Antonio Meade Kuribreña, Social Development Secretary, said that the Special Program Certification is important because it advances two issues: inclusion and education. “Recognizing and certifying what our people have achieved strengthens and benefits us,” he said.

Secretary Meade said that certification is not an isolated strategy, “It is part of a national inclusion strategy President Peña Nieto has instructed to be implemented nationwide.” It is a strategy involving education, health, housing, social security and food, he explained.

Secretary Meade explained that four of every five adults who will participate in this program are beneficiaries of PROSPERA or are senior citizens, who are giving their children the chance many of them did not have. “Their experience and effort gave them the basic knowledge we were unable to give them at school.”

"As Mexicans, they were entitled to that education and also to obtaining a document accrediting this,” he said. “From this perspective, this graduation  is an act of justice. Today, Mexico recognizes their merits and enforces their right to certifying the knowledge they have acquired,” he said.


Public Education Secretary (SEP) Aurelio Nuño Mayer emphasized that the president’s vision and commitment to promoting education reform is to “transform lives through quality education, and to transform the life of Mexico by transforming the lives of its people and their families.”

He said that the efforts made by those who are certified will also transform their lives.  “Through better schools, better trained teachers and, of course, people like you who had the courage to recover a dream that was interrupted at some point.”

“That is the sole purpose of this great educational transformation the president has led with great clarity and bravery,” he stated.

He said that today at their graduation, 10,000 Yucatecans “are showing something that is fundamental for the country the president is committed to building: they are proving that it is possible, when a dream is interrupted for various reasons, to complement and achieve it.”


After thanking President Enrique Peña Nieto for his support, because in 2015, the state ranked fifth among those with the greatest reduction in poverty, according to the latest CONEVAL figures, Governor of Yucatán Rolando Zapata Bello said that every primary and middle school certificate received by Yucatecan citizens today, “Means an opportunity to thrive,” and is the result of a personal and family effort.

He said those who completed their elementary and middle school studies as part of the Special Certification Program, have a “first-rate godfather” in President Enrique Peña Nieto at their graduation.

 “You are progressing and are an example of the will and determination of what you are capable of doing, and that is the transforming power of education,” he said.

He added that for this reason, Yucatán is promoting President Enrique Peña Nieto’s Education Reform, which it has implemented through teachers who have excelled on the assessment tests nationwide, schools that will have a record investment for remodeling and children who have ranked highest in the Math Olympiads or young people who are pursuing graduate degrees.

He informed the president declared that, “The best educated generation in the history of Yucatán is currently being trained, which will enable us to advance a more inclusive, equal society, in which social rights are effective, in keeping with the government’s National Social Inclusion Strategy.”


Gloria Trinidad Segura Mis, a student in the Special Certification Program for Middle School Education, a 44-year-old housewife and mother of three, thanked President Enrique Peña Nieto for his Special Certification Program, and said that in her case, completing her studies gave her the opportunity to work.

 “Thank you, Mr. President Enrique Peña Nieto, for your initiative which allows many women like myself to have the opportunity to obtain a certificate through which they can aspire to a job that will enable them to support their families,” she said.

Originally from the Municipality of Seyé, she explained that she only had the opportunity to study elementary school and could not move up to middle school, “because of the extreme financial difficulties we faced.” In addition, she said, “At that time, in my village, only boys had the opportunity to go to school.” Girls had to stay at home doing household chores.”

So, she said, “When I found about the Special Certification Program from staff from the Adult Education Institute, I decided to take part.”

She added that thanks to the PROSPERA program, her children can continue studying. “The program is giving them the opportunity I didn’t have.”