• During this administration, 1.1 million homes have been built with the criteria of decent housing for low-income people, near the workplace, he said.
  • Over 2.3 million loans have been delivered, “Particularly credit to buy a new or used dwelling, or improve an existing one, he said.
  • He announced that the backlog of more than 153,000 records in the National Agrarian Registry has been cleared.
  • He delivered housing and title deeds to local residents.

As he delivered dwellings and property deeds in this municipality, President Enrique Peña Nieto declared that, “The new National Housing Policy establishes constructions that will improve people’s quality of life, ensure they have a decent space, and one which is affordable, particularly for those with lower incomes. Subsidies will focus on people with lower incomes, and housing will be near their source of income.”

”What we are witnessing here today has to do with the government’s agenda, which it has been working for and will continue to do so, which is inclusion,” he said.

The point is, “To ensure that the benefits and rights enshrined in our Constitution and in our laws really are in effect in the entire population,” and added: ”There must be no distinctions. These benefits must really translate into quality of life and conditions of well-being for Mexican families.”

The president stressed that, “This is not rhetoric or empty words. Today what we are witnessing here are actual, concrete facts.” He said that, “And just as in Hidalgo, this is a task that is not only intended for one state: it is a national task and policy. We will do what we are doing in Hidalgo across the country.”

He said that the new housing policy has to do with fundamental rights such as the population’s access to housing, and significantly supporting land regularization to give people certainty about their property.

He said that is different from the one there was in the past because for many years, one-bedroom houses were built that were not suitable for beneficiary families. Thousands of houses were built and are now abandoned, “Because people found it too expensive to travel from where they were given a dwelling to their workplace.”

He explained that people stopped paying those loans, “Because why would they pay off a loan for a home that is abandoned, and a long way away from where they are working? They had to pay more on transport and hours spent traveling, if they occupied these dwellings, than what they had to pay for the houses themselves.”

The president noted that, “What was happening was absurd, so we decided to change the national housing policy and unify efforts.” He said that was the first mandate: to establish uniform criteria for all government agencies public that support housing such as INFONAVIT, FOVISSSTE, the State Development Bank, and the  SEDATU and CONAVI programs.

”All these dwellings and subsidies are guided by a single criterion: housing will be built much closer to the workplace; in places with basic transportation, entertainment and recreation services, and near educational facilities for the owners’ children.”

President Peña Nieto said that during his administration, 1.1 million homes have been built in keeping with these new criteria. He added that over 2.3 million loans have been delivered, “Particularly credits to buy a new or used dwelling, or improve an existing one. 2.3 million loans have been delivered for the benefit of an equal number of families so that they can have decent housing.”

He declared: “We are intensifying our efforts to ensure that low-income families in particular have access to preferential loans in order to have decent housing.”

the backlog of more than 153,000 records in the National Agrarian Registry has been cleared

After mentioning that another outstanding issue was to end the agrarian backlog, he announced that the backlog of more than 153,000 records in the National Agrarian Registry has been cleared.  “The records have been fully completed for the benefit of an equal number of families, which now have certainty about the property and land they own.”

 “But that is not all,” he added, “The point was not only to clear the agrarian backlog, but to establish a less bureaucratic mechanism for these procedures to be carried out more easily and more quickly.” A program has now been implemented to, “Ensure that Agrarian Registry procedures do not take more than 60 days,” he explained.

President Peña Nieto also mentioned the delivery of Mining Fund resources. He said that among other benefits, Tax Reform permitted the creation of this Fund, “which will be given to communities to support them so that they really feel the benefits of their contribution through mining.”

He noted that by 2014, the trust had accumulated 2.6 billion pesos. He said that he instructed Secretary Rosario Robles to accelerate the process, “So that these resources are transferred immediately and rapidly to communities and mining areas.”

During the event, the president also paid compensation to Pachuquilla ejido and delivered FOVISSTE certificates. Afterwards, he toured the Paseos de Chavarría housing complex, where he toured the facilities and greeted the residents who received their homes today.


Rosario Robles Berlanga, Secretary of Agrarian, Territorial and Urban Development(SEDATU) told President Enrique Peña Nieto that his administration represents the government of housing and social justice.

She said that, “There is no greater peace of mind, and I do not tire of saying this across the country, which, thanks to your policies and reforms, you have given Mexicans, in the form of two key assets:

One.  “Education, because we know that this is the best legacy we can give our children, quality education.”

And the other.  “A title deed, a piece of paper certifying the ownership of our homes or our land, because we know that this will be our children’s legacy, and we do this through “Paper Provides Proof,” which will allow us to benefit more than two thousand people through the delivery of 624 documents.”

She said that, “There has been a then and now. And this now, we must say with pride, means that families live better, with better quality of life.”


Governor of Hidalgo Francisco Olvera Ruiz thanked the government for its support of the state, and said that with actions such as the delivery of housing and title deeds that took place today, President Enrique Peña Nieto, “Is meeting his commitment to Mexicans to ensure that they have a fairer, more dignified life.”

He informed the president that in the nearly four years of his administration, over 5,800 families have benefitted and in coordination with beneficiaries, over 268 million pesos have been assigned to various works and actions carried out through SEDATU, in coordination with the Commission for the Regularization of Land Ownership and the National Agrarian Registry.

He said that the people of Hidalgo regard the president as, “A leader, a great human being who works for the welfare of all Mexicans, effectively building a modern, competitive country.”

He said that the reforms are not and will not be seen in the short term. “We know that. But it is a fact that Mexico is advancing and that reforms are the basis of what will be the development of this great country and its people, because when you work with responsibility, commitment and love for your country, you always get good results,” he said.

He told the president that, “The people of Hidalgo are committed to working to continue to support the important decisions taken for the benefit of Mexico, and to doing their bit to contribute to the positive growth of this great nation, our country, Mexico.”


Juan de Dios Partida Soto,  a resident of Paseos de Chavarría Housing Complex, thanked President Enrique Peña Nieto for the support that the government has given families because, “As a result, the dream of many Mexicans of owning their own home is already a reality.”

He said that the government’s support has been important, “In achieving one of the greatest aspirations of all Mexicans: to have their own home, a place where family ties are strengthened on a daily basis.”

He told the president that, “With the support of his government, my monthly home loan payments are extremely affordable thanks to the funds from the SEDATU-CONAVI Access to Funding for Housing Solutions Program, which is 70,000 pesos per family, for a home purchase.

He said that, “For a householder, like many of us here today, it is a source of satisfaction to have our own home, because it gives us the opportunity not to have to spend our salary on the payment of rent or a house that will never be ours.”

He noted that Hidalgo residents work hard and believe in effort and hard work. “With that mentality, Mr. President, we are confident that the present and the future of Mexico, with the support of the government you head, is promising,” he said.