·They are infrastructure works that are implemented through the efforts of the public and private sectors to boost the competitiveness of our country and continue to promote the creation of better quality jobs for Mexicans, he said.

· Manzanillo is strategically positioned to leverage our international trade, especially that triggered by the Transpacific Partnership (TPP), he said.

·  President Enrique Peña Nieto today inaugurated the HAZESA de Manzanillo Multi-Purpose Terminal and delivered the Pez-Vela-Jalipa highway, infrastructure works implemented through the efforts of the public and private sectors to boost the competitiveness of our country and continue to promote the creation of better quality jobs for Mexicans.

The president declared that the new Terminal consolidates Manzanillo as the gateway to the Interoceanic Economic Corridor in the Center. He said that, “It is strategically positioned to leverage our international trade, especially that we anticipate will be triggered by the Transpacific Economic Cooperation Agreement (TPP), which has already been signed and is subject to approval by the Congresses of the signatory countries.”

President Peña Nieto said that 25 major projects are being undertaken to strengthen Mexico’s port systems, which provide for the modernization of various ports in the Pacific and the Gulf of Mexico.

He explained that by the end of this administration, “These projects will have involved over 62 billion pesos in public and private investment.”

The president declared that Manzanillo is an emblematic harbor, noting that it has featured heavily in the efforts to modernize and improve the connectivity of the sector:  “In November 2013, we inaugurated the first stage of the Specialized Container Terminal, TEC II. Today, we inaugurated the Automated, Non-polluting Multi-purpose Terminal, which streamlines bulk loading and unloading, reducing freight costs and times in the logistics chain.

He noted that the latter involved private investment of $1.2 billion pesos by a company that is one hundred percent Mexican and one hundred percent from Colima.

The president also added that today, with the delivery of the Pez Vela-Jalipa road, “We are fulfilling a commitment I made to the people of Colima.” This road, he added, "will improve traffic for the container carriers arriving at or leaving the port.”

"With a federal investment of 749 million pesos, it will benefit over 163,000 inhabitants of the municipality of Manzanillo and the town of Jalipa.” This is why we inaugurated the Multipurpose Terminal and highway infrastructure to improve traffic at the port,” he said.

He said that the new terminal and the various works in progress in the country, “Reflect the confidence investors have placed in Mexico’s economy and confirm the decision by our country to remain an open economy, which promotes and defends free trade as a source of growth and prosperity for nations.”

President Peña Nieto said that one of the government’s major goals is "to ensure that the development of Mexico, the growth of the economy and the social development of our country is equal in every zone and region of the country. We do not wish them to grow at different rates or for there to be major differences between the different regions of the country. We wish to have one nation, growing at the same pace and in the same way and like a single country of which we are fully proud, as Mexicans.”

“That's one of the great objectives and goals that lie ahead; which is why we are promoting the growth and development of economic activity in our country,” he said


Secretary of Communications and Transport (SCT) Gerardo Ruiz Esparza, said that according to the goal set by President Peña Nieto to transform Mexico into a global logistics platform with high added value, since the beginning of this Administration, the SCT has embarked on the construction of infrastructure to achieve logistic, multimodal connectivity.

He said that this is designed to promote national competitiveness and foster economic development, reduce the cost of transport of manufactured goods and trigger job creation.

Ruiz Esparza said that the expansion of the port of Manzanillo makes it a strategic player in the international logistics industry, particularly for markets in Asia-Pacific, North America and Latin America. He explained that the completion of the multi-purpose terminal inaugurated today, with an area of 16 hectares, increases the port's capacity by two million tonnes of ore bulk and 465 thousand tons of general cargo, achieving a nearly 10% increase in the port's capacity. Involving an investment of $1.2 billion pesos, it will be an important source of jobs for Colima, he said.

He said that the construction of the Pez Vela-Jalipa Federal Highway is President Peña Nieto’s 76th commitment. It is a modern highway measuring 6.5 kilometers, built with an investment of a approximately 750 million pesos that will streamline the logistics of containers from the port to the main roads connecting them to the center of the country,” he said.


President of the Mexican Chamber of the Maritime Transport Industry (CAMEINTRAM), Luis Manuel Ocejo Rodríguez, confirmed shipping entrepreneurs’ commitment to the government’s project to transform the port industry to meet all its maritime needs. "We want to continue growing together with Mexico," he said

He said that the Mexican navy is experiencing a critical moment since this industry is not immune to the economic repercussions from the rest of the world. He added that this situation poses a challenge, since, “The importance of the Mexican merchant Navy is not only economic and social; its participation and development is essential to strengthening national sovereignty”.

He said that this sector contributes to the effort President Peña Nieto is making for Mexico and offered his, "firm cooperation to strengthen the Mexican fleet in any cabotage traffic and thus reduce the activity of foreign ships wishing to offer their services in Mexican waters, in our territorial sea, contiguous zones and the exclusive area of Mexico.


Jose Ignacio Peralta Sánchez, Governor of the State of Colima, said his state is “deeply grateful to the President for the attention given to the state over the years, and is ready to offer its support in the enormous task that lies ahead of us in the immediate future.”

He said that since our nation has close links with the sea, it is an area that it conducive to trade, productivity and progress. We are honored to be part of the country's efforts to increase port capacity and improve road infrastructure,” he added.

Peralta Sanchez said that "Colima is a state with a great ability to contribute to the national productive effort and is also a state facing difficult circumstances, but we are confident that we will reverse it with the president's support and guidance.