The survey shows that 57 percent of the population served no longer live in food poverty, announced the Social Communication Coordinator of the President’s Office and Government Spokesperson Eduardo Sánchez Hernández in a joint press conference with Secretary of Social Development Rosario Robles Berlanga.

Eduardo Sánchez declared that since the beginning of this administration, the government proposed to positively transform the lives of Mexicans, especially the poorest. It sought to improve the conditions of those who experienced food shortages, lacked the income to purchase basic family provisions and had no access to health services, education, housing or social security.

He declared that in one of the first actions of his government, President Peña Nieto announced a sweeping social policy reform: “We would have to go beyond the welfare approach which, over decades, proved insufficient to remove the poorest Mexicans from marginalization,” he explained.

For this reason, the government designed and launched the National Crusade against Hunger, which, “Is the result of this new vision of social policy which the government used to address the shortcomings of the most vulnerable sectors of the population,” he said.

Eduardo Sánchez reported that in order to measure the progress of this effort, the CONEVAL study was conducted among beneficiaries in the first 400 municipalities where the Crusade began operating. The results, “Show that social shortages in food, education, health, access to social security, housing and basic services, have significantly decreased.”

Through the National Crusade against Hunger, “The social policies of President Enrique Peña Nieto have changed the lives of millions of Mexicans,” he declared.

Eduardo Sánchez said that working closely with the beneficiary communities and targeting resources to meet the needs that the people themselves have defined, have proved an effective way to improve the living conditions of the poorest. He said that the CONEVAL study shows that in the universe analyzed:

57 percent of the population served by the National Crusade against Hunger no longer experiences food shortages.

Seven out of every ten beneficiaries now have health services they lacked just two years ago.

The education gap declined from 30.9 percent to 27.5 percent.

The social security gap decreased by 10 percentage points.

The quality of spaces and basic services in the homes of the target population also improved.

“The results published by CONEVAL today,” he added, “are living proof that a coordinated, focused, tenacious effort, shared between the three levels of government and closer to the needs of people, brings us nearer to the goal of improving the living conditions of seven million Mexicans, the poorest of the poor.”

He declared that, “They provide evidence that President Enrique Peña Nieto’s social policy brings us closer to the fairer, more inclusive Mexico we all want.”