· The president led the event to launch the Affiliation of High School and College Students to the Mexican Social Security Institute, which has been an ongoing program since 1988.

· Many of them are unaware they have this right. “What we are doing is making an effort to spread this knowledge so that more young people know they have the right to become affiliated to the IMSS,” he said.

· The president also highlighted the efforts made to meet the most important and highest priority objectives of this government: health, education, and achieving a more equitable Mexico.

Earlier today, President Enrique Peña Nieto highlighted the efforts of various government agencies to affiliate high school and college students to the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) to provide them with medical and health services.

He said that today, approximately three million students are already members, and that the goal is to reach 7 million at these educational levels. “I am convinced that we will soon reach this great figure, seven million young people who are members, and have their booklets, which will guarantee them access to the health services provided by the IMSS,” he said.

The president also highlighted the efforts made to meet, “The most important, highest priority objectives of this government.

First of all health; “Achieving greater universalization in health, in other words, ensuring that each and every Mexican has effective access to health care.”

He said that, “Sometimes, it is not enough to be affiliated or to have a hospital nearby, what one needs is effective access to health.”

The second objective, he added, is education. "The most important, fundamental and sweeping reform is education, reform, which will permit or ensure that new generations have more effective spaces and opportunities to engage in productive activity, but also to obtain a better income and better paid salaries,” he said.

The third goal, he said, “Is to ensure a more equitable Mexico and narrow the equality gap.”

To do this, he said, “We began by identifying our greatest vulnerabilities, in other words, that there were more than seven million Mexicans who lacked access to a daily diet.”

He noted that various actions have been undertaken, such as, “A national crusade against hunger, the participation of various public and private entities, a cross-cutting effort, involving not one person or one official, but several units to achieve a objective: for people to have access to a daily diet.”

President Peña Nieto said that, “These are basic services we wish to exist in Mexico and for them to become a reality.”

He explained that the government, “Is making a great effort to affiliate high school and college students so that they have their Social Security booklets.”

Many of them were unaware they had this right. “What we are doing is making an effort to spread this knowledge so that more young people know they have the right to become affiliated to the IMSS,” he said.

The president declared that he has instructed the directors of the IMSS and the Ministry of Social Development to “make a great effort to achieve affiliation.” He expressed his gratitude for the participation of the ANUIES (National Association of Universities and Higher Education Institutes), all the universities and technological colleges  of the Ministry of Education, and local governments to accompany this effort.

He told the young students: "At the Institute, you will find all the health services for prevention and health care, which will guarantee that you know which clinic to go to if you need to.”

A video was shown at the event, explaining that high school and college students at public institutions have had the right to be affiliated to the IMSS since 1988, when a presidential decree  was issued to recognize their right to health.

However, until recently, young students were given a temporary affiliation number. At the start of every course, the numbers were sent to educational institutions, which assigned them to students, meaning that their social security numbers changed every year.

In 2015, it was decided that the social security number granted to young students should remain the same throughout their lives, as it does for all rightholders. Thus, with their membership number and ZIP code, young people will be able to locate their clinics and register.


Mikel Arriola Peñalosa, Director General of the IMSS, told President Enrique Peña Nieto, that the effort to provide medical services for young students through their affiliation to the IMSS, “Confirms that the actions to achieve social inclusion implemented by your government increase Mexicans’ access to health and social security.”

He noted that this reflects a, “Clear policy by the president to expand the access to health services of a sector of the population that represents the present and future of Mexico, which are its students.”

”This insurance scheme will not entail any cost for students because it is fully covered by the government,” he said.

Mikel Arriola said that, “Today, it is essential to understand the importance of prevention, and you young people can be our main allies in instilling a solid culture of prevention in society.”

You have in their hands the opportunity to change the history of Mexico. If as IMSS rightholders we adopt prevention, we will obtain three major benefits:

FIRST: You will have the opportunity to prevent the development of chronic degenerative diseases in a timely fashion.

SECOND: The IMSS will be on your side to prevent unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

THIRD: The IMSS, together with the Ministry of Health, will be able to help you prevent, control and overcome addictions, which pose a serious risk to young people.

The Director General of the IMSS said that in the Mexican Social Security Institute, we are ready to give students free health care. "It is a right you have and a state obligation you are fulfilling, Mr. President.”


Aurelio Nuño Mayer, Minister of Public Education, announced that technological institutes and universities and polytechnics have the highest employability rate in the country, since 80 percent of graduates of these institutions, “Have completed their studies and secured a job within just six months.”

And they find it, he added, in the most dynamic sectors of the economy: in the automotive, aerospace, electronics, computer and software sectors, and in the food industry. In other words, “They find well-paid jobs in the most dynamic sectors of the country, and in the formal sector,” he said.

On average, he said, the salary of a recent graduate from this educational system is above the average salary of the country’s professionals.


Moreover, he added that 80 per cent of students from these institutions, “Are the first generation to pursue higher education studies,” in their families.

He told students attending the event: “You are transforming Mexico with your dedication and talent. And you are doing so at a historic moment. The president, with great conviction and firmness, has made education his top priority at both the discourse level and in fact.”

He said that, “This can be seen in the political determination to break down barriers and move mountains and confront highly complex interests to bring about an educational transformation that can actually give the children and young people of Mexico a higher quality education.”


José Antonio Meade, Minister of Social Development, said that, “There is no education without health,” because "the vitality that gives health is the basis of all our whole lives and society. That is why access to health services is a priority for President Peña Nieto’s government.”

Today, he told high school and college students attending the event, “President Enrique Peña Nieto’s government has given you a key that will open the door to a healthy, full life.”

He recalled that 60 percent of Mexicans were born in the Mexican Social Security Institute. “which reflects the strength of public institutions. Half a million consultations are given at the IMSS every day. Every day, more than 27,000 surgeries are performed,” he said.

Therefore, he explained, as a result of this affiliation, “Which is of enormous importance, 900,000 students will be able to obtain a consultation and that consultation will be free. And the 42,000 who require surgery will be able to have it without them or their families having to pay for it.”

He said that he has discussed the issue in great depth with the mayor of Mexico City, with whom, “We will go out to enroll 800,000 students in Mexico City.” He added that, “It is an issue we have discussed with the Governor of Oaxaca. Together we will affiliate another 70,000.”

We have a president who supports youth and helps us ACHIEVE our goals: SANDRA LUÉVANO, STUDENT

Sandra Luévano  López, a student affiliated to the IMSS, said that health is an essential human right for people’s well-being and one of the fundamental components of human capital. Therefore, he hailed the fact that today, students will be able to exercise their right to health, “A right shared by all Mexicans.”

She declared that as a young student, having the protection of Mexican Social Security Institute encourages people to continue and concentrate on their academic activities. “We therefore hail actions like these and will show that investing in youth is also very profitable.”

She declared that young people are working hard to contribute to the development of the country, since they now have, “A president who supports youth, a president who helps us achieve our goals.”