·        I will announce them in Mexico, he said.

·       Mexico and Denmark signed various participation agreements. In particular, they signed one on technical cooperation for the treatment of diabetes, and one that encourages the exchange of best practices and support in energy.


·       We see great potential in the health, energy, food and clean technology sectors and in the Mexican educational system: Prime Minister of Denmark.

President Enrique Peña Nieto also announced that next week, he will establish the government's position and announce the lines of action that will be promoted on drug use in Mexico.

At a press conference, together with Prime Minister of Denmark Lars Løkke Rasmussen, and in response to a specific question, the Mexican president said: “I cannot give you details on the position because I will establish it next week. The government clearly said that we would have to include the participation, as was done at various consultation forums,  of representatives of Mexican society, which will result in the government’s position, which I will set next week, in Mexico.”

He noted that Mexico will attend the United Nations Forum on the subject, where Foreign Minister Ruiz Massieu will express the country’s views and position on the matter.

President Peña Nieto also reported that in the context of his meeting with Prime Minister of Denmark, the two countries will sign various cooperation agreements.

He stressed that one of them, concerning health, will make it possible to take up the Danish experience in the prevention and treatment of diabetes.

He recalled that unfortunately Mexico is a country with a high incidence of diabetes among its population, “And today we are making efforts at the government level to combat this disease.”

He thanked the Danish government for its willingness to share its experience, “And thereby achieve an institutional effort by the Mexican Ministry of Health, so that greater efforts can be made in the areas of primary health care regarding the prevention and treatment of diabetes.”

The Mexican president declared that in the economic sphere, Danish companies have expressed interest in investing in Mexico in different fields. “The energy sector is one of them, because one of the aims of Energy Reform is to encourage private sector participation, particularly projects generating clean energy,” he said.

He particularly mentioned the case of a Danish company’s project that will turn the wind farm being built in our country into the largest of its kind in Latin America.

He noted that Denmark is one of the European Union countries with the greatest investment in our country and promises to have a greater presence in our country on the basis of the opportunities Mexico now projects.


Prime Minister of Denmark Lars Løkke Rasmussen said that at his previous meeting with President Peña Nieto, a frank and open dialogue was held in which various issues of mutual cooperation in the economic sphere were discussed as well as others with regional and global reach.

He recalled that last year, total trade in goods between the two countries, “Was 4.4 billion Danish kroner and we expect this figure to increase in the years to come.”

“We also see great potential in the health, energy, food and clean technology sectors and in the Mexican education system,” he added.


After the press conference, President Peña Nieto and the Prime Minister of Denmark witnessed the signing of:

·        The Specific Cooperation Agreement between the Mexican Ministry of Health and the Danish Ministry of Health to Strengthen Primary Care through the Implementation of the Comprehensive Health Care Model, which promotes the exchange of practices favoring primary health care.

·        Cooperation Agreement on Diabetes Training for Personnel in the Primary Care Sector in Mexico, between the Mexican Ministry of Health, the University of Copenhagen and Odense University Hospital of Denmark. The agreement promotes technical cooperation in the treatment of diabetes.

·        Memorandum of Understanding between the Mexican Ministry of the Interior and the Danish Institute for Human Rights to Support the Elaboration of the “National Program on Mexican Forms and Human Rights.” 

·        Letter of Intent between the Mexican Ministry of Energy and the Danish Ministry for Energy, Public Utilities and Climate on Energy Cooperation, which encourages the exchange of best practices and technical support in this field.