· Mexico is a country with enormous cultural richness, and we are deeply proud of our history and  the legacy of our ancestors, declared President Peña Nieto.

· The state visit to Germany by the Mexican president will strengthen the friendship between our countries: Joachim Gauck, President of Germany.

President of Mexico Enrique Peña Nieto, and President of Germany Joachim Gauck inaugurated and toured the exhibition “Mayan, the language of beauty” at the Martin-Gropius-Bau Museum in the capital, marking the start of the Mexico-Germany Dual Year.

The Mexican president expressed his gratitude for, “This cultural meeting space, as part of this state visit to Germany, which reaffirms the bonds of friendship and fraternity between our countries.”

“We are a few yards from the Berlin Wall, which used to divide a people, but the weight of reason and social development enabled it to be demolished, allowing this great German nation to be re-united,” he declared.

He noted that today, countries “Work to build harmony, brotherhood and solidarity in favor of the great causes of humanity. And it is this spirit which today allows us to bring this exhibition of Maya culture, which is emblematic of our country, to this great city, Berlin.”

President Peña Nieto stressed that, “Mexico is a country with a rich culture, and we are deeply proud of our history and the ancient legacy of our ancestors.” He therefore considered it an honor that the archaeological heritage of our country should be displayed in this museum.

“This exhibition traces the route of a civilization that is admired throughout the world for its great technical, architectural and astronomical advances. It includes 300 pieces, some over two thousand years old, which testify to the Maya’s view of the world, their writing and cities such as Calakmul, Chichén Itzá, Palenque and Uxmal,” he declared.

He said that through this select exhibition, “Mexico highlights the best of its past and disseminates its enormous cultural heritage.”

This exhibition, he continued, “Is the perfect setting for launching the Germany-Mexico Dual Year, agreed during my first meeting with Chancellor Merkel in 2012.”

President Peña Nieto recalled a quote from Alexander Von Humboldt when he visited Mexico and discovered its natural and cultural wealth: “If you could only call one place in the world paradise, it would have to be Mexico."

“Today, with this exhibition, we want to share some of that paradise with the German people, in addition to giving them an open invitation to visit our country,” added the Mexican president.

For his part, President of Germany Joachim Gauck, said that President Peña Nieto’s state visit to this country, “Will consolidate the friendship between our two countries.”

He said that, “For cultural exchange, it is always important to strengthen and contribute to a better understanding of the populations of the respective countries.”

He recalled that the opening of this exhibition on the Maya, “Also marked the start of the Mexican Year in Germany, and in the summer, the Year of Germany in Mexico will be launched to further consolidate the bridges between our sister nations.”


President Peña Nieto began his state visit to Germany, accompanied by his wife Angélica Rivera de Peña, at Bellevue Palace, where he was received by German President Joachim Gauck.

There, the Mexican president and his wife signed the Distinguished Visitors’ Book. This was followed by the presentation of the delegations accompanying the president of Mexico and the German president.

During the official welcome ceremony, the national anthems of Mexico and Germany were sung, and President Peña Nieto and President Gauck reviewed a guard of honor.

The two leaders, accompanied by their respective delegations, hailed the state of the their two countries’ bilateral relations, the installation of the Binational Commission, and the beginning of the Dual Year.

President Gauck hailed the reform process that has taken place in Mexico in recent years, as well as the stability and diversification of the Mexican economy in response to the international economic crisis.

The presidents of Germany and Mexico agreed to strengthen bilateral cooperation and exchanges of best practices in culture, science and the rule of law.

At Bellevue Palace, the Mexican president greeted a group of children and youths from the Friedensburg-Oberschule School carrying the flags of the two countries, who attended the official welcome ceremony. President Peña Nieto and President Gauck subsequently led a meeting with their delegations.

Afterwards, the Mexican president paid a visit to the Memorial to the Victims of War and Tyranny, where he laid a wreath at the La Pietá Kollwitz statue of a mother holding her dead son, symbolizing Berliners’ suffering during the Second World War.

President Peña Nieto subsequently visited Berlin City Hall, where he was received by Governing Mayor Michael Müller. After signing the “Golden Book of the City of Berlin,” the president of Mexico and his delegation held a meeting with the Governing Mayor of that city.