• Another objective is to improve the country`s competitiveness, he said.

  • Major investments have also been allocated for hydraulic infrastructure to prevent future floods in this region of the state of Mexico, he declared.

  • We have decided to support security efforts in the State of Mexico through another three thousand elements from the Federal Police and the Armed Forces, he declared.

  • He urged women to have mammograms to ensure the early detection of breast cancer.

  • We have managed to reduce the incidence of cancer among women by 18 per cent.

President Enrique Peña Nieto declared today that the government has allocated an investment of approximately $40 million pesos for 12 strategic infrastructure works, designed to improve the living standards of the inhabitants of the Metropolitan Zone of the Valley of Mexico and improve the country's competitiveness.

He declared that five works have already been concluded, three are underway and another four are about to be started.

As he inaugurated the expansion of the Mexico-Puebla highway, the president declared that the government has decided to modernize or expand all the large highways that converge on the capital of the country and build new ones to enhance Mexico City’s connectivity.

He said that for at least two decades, the government had failed to invest in works to improve the connectivity of the great metropolis of the Valley of Mexico. He also recalled that this was, “The first highway built, nearly a hundred years ago, and today, for the first time, after several decades, we are modernizing connectivity, the roads, highways and freeways linking the capital of Mexico, Mexico City, the conurbated area, the great metropolis of Mexico  City, to the rest of the country”.

He explained that many families that live in this great metropolis, “Spend many hours a hour traveling from their homes to their workplaces and to go back home. Instead of  being able to enjoy and spend time with their families, in areas for relaxation and recreation, they have to spend several hours in the t

He said that, "The central purpose of all these works is to improve families' quality of life, which will impact their well-being and enable them to feel better and avoid the stress caused by spending several hours in the traffic traveling from their homes to their workplaces".

He declared that the second goal of these works is to improve the country’s connectivity. He recalled that Mexico has achieved a record figure as regards job creation: Mexico has achieved record job creation: 2,331,000 new jobs during this administration. Continuing this route of creating more jobs and being more productive has been made possible by the infrastructure we are developing.

The president declared that the public work inaugurated today, “Links the Metropolitan Zone of the Valley of Mexico to the state of Puebla, and links various municipalities and boroughs in Mexico City and the State of Mexico to the center of the country".

He said that it is a particularly important road which, “Every day, takes thousands of inhabitants of the State of Mexico to work in Mexico City, who come to work in various municipalities in the State of Mexico, and travel between Puebla, the State of Mexico and Mexico City every day".

President Peña Nieto said that, "In addition to the government's investment and efforts to improve connectivity between the state of Mexico and the residents of the Mexico City conurbation, we are also significantly investing in hydraulic infrastructure to prevent future floods".

“We are making significant investments to prevent these floods, he declared, and these are some of the good things that are not always mentioned, but they count for a lot and change the lives of thousands of Mexican families.

The president declared that although the government of the state of Mexico has made a great effort to protect the security of families in the state of Mexico,  this has been insufficient because there are areas where both the State of Mexico’s personnel and its institutional capacity have been insufficient”.

“We have decided to firmly support security efforts: over three thousand elements from the Federal Police and our Armed Forces are already present in the state of Mexico to support the security work whereby we seek to improve security conditions in the State of Mexico,” he declared.


During the event, President Peña Nieto urged all women in Mexico to visit the health institutes to have a mammogram, to ensure the timely detection of breast cancer.

After recalling that October is the month of the fight against breast cancer, he said that this disease is the main cause of deaths from cancer among women in our country, “And we wish to combat it and we are making major efforts in this area: it is worth noting that a significant number of mammogram machines have been purchased to perform mammograms on women".

He declared that so far during this administration, 4.3 more mammograms have been performed than during the same period in the previous administration.

This figure, he said, “reflects the major investment we have made to perform a greater number of mammograms and we have managed to reduce the incidence of cancer in women by over 18 per  cent".


Gerardo Ruiz Esparza, Secretary of Communications and Transport, declared that, “In keeping with President Peña Nieto’s instructions, we are constructing a major infrastructure program to move Mexico, so that Mexico continues to advance".

He said that the project for the modernization and expansion of 14.2 kilometers of the Mexico-Puebla Highway involved an investment of $2.3 billion pesos,  which created over five thousand direct and indirect jobs and promoted the region’s economy.

He said that traveling time on this road has been reduced from an hour and a quarter to just 25 minutes. “We have streamlined the capital's main link with municipalities in the east zone of the State of Mexico and the States of Puebla and Tlaxcala as well as one of the main roads to the Gulf of Mexico and the southeast of the country.

He said that through this public work, the president has improved connectivity through 12 strategic points of access to the Valley of Mexico and the capital. “I think this, Mr. President, is a breath of fresh air for the Metropolitan Zone, Mexico City, the capital of all Mexicans, to preserve them  as business centers," he added.


Eruviel Ávila Villegas, Governor of the State of Mexico, said that, “The more road infrastructure we have, the more attractive we will be to firms, which will therefore be able to create more jobs”.

He declared that, in addition to being one of the four states in the country with the highest job creation, together with Puebla, the State of Mexico is one of the two states that advanced most in the Doing Business study performed by the World Bank,  which identifies the most competitive places for businesses.

He thanked the president for the highway expansion inaugurated today, since it will be reflected in more jobs and bring more investment to the State of Mexico. “It will also translate into quality of life because we will be able to get home and to work more quickly and spend more time with our families. The aim is to spend less time in the traffic and more time with our families. That is the aim of the Federal Government, the Government of the State of Puebla and the Government of the State of Mexico,” he declared.


Olga Lidia Guevara Gómez, a user of the Mexico-Puebla Highway, said that one of the main benefits of this public work is that it reduces travel times. “It will allow us to spend more time with our families or do another activity, which will improve our quality of life. We will not only be able to travel more quickly but also more safely," she said.

She said that,  "This day will be recalled by everyone as the day when our authorities answered our requests. We thank you for listening to us because thanks to your will and dedication, this work has become a legacy that will be enormously beneficial to society”.