·        It is a decentralized agency of the Ministry of Education, which coordinates the work of 266 technical colleges in the country, where 566,000 students study, he said.

·        Mexico’s technological system is the largest in Latin America, he said.

President Enrique Peña Nieto said today that the Tecnológico de México (TecNM), a decentralized agency of the Ministry of Education that coordinates the work of the country’s 266 institutes of technology where 566,000 students study, “Is preparing the younger generation to join the knowledge society” and offers quality education so that young people who graduate from these institutions can engage in productive projects.

He said that Mexico’s technological system is the largest in Latin America, and that one of its goals is for young people who graduate from the various institutes of technology in the country “to have job opportunities as soon as possible.”

He said that according to studies and statistics, “70 to 80 percent of students graduating from technological colleges find jobs.”

At the event, during which he presented awards to students from various technological colleges in the country, incorporated into the TecNM, who excelled in international competitions in the areas of robotics, mechatronics and systems, the president declared that among the reforms undertaken in recent years, “Education Reform is the most important one because it opens up horizons, paving the way for the new generations to enter a Mexico that will undoubtedly give them an opportunity to achieve personal fulfillment.”

He said that the reforms, “Are not only designed to provide us with a new legal framework. Several are providing a number of benefits and will open up many opportunities.”

“All the reforms are designed to create opportunities and enable the new generations to be incorporated into economic activity. That’s what we’re trying to achieve in the government and we are also supporting our young people more directly and extensively,” he declared.

President Peña Nieto said that among other projects, the Scholarship Program for the country’s institutes of technology has been expanded from 415,000 to over 580,000 scholarships.

He added that a Student Exchange Program  is also being supported, whereby students can gain experience in other countries, particularly in the United States, which will enable them to, “Broaden their horizons, opportunities and vision to build opportunities in life.”

The president declared that the reforms themselves, “Will not transform Mexico. What will permit the transformation of the country is the participation of young people in society, who, in the context encouraged by the new reforms, will have a chance to develop.”

He told the young students:  “You are builders, you contribute to building the Mexico we want, always aspiring to a better nation.”

He congratulated them  on their achievements, which have honored Mexico’s name, and showed that there is, “Ability, talent and skill in our young people to develop successful products” in the country.

At the end of the event, President Peña Nieto toured an exhibition in which young people from various technological institutes showed him the projects that won them prizes in various national and international robotics, mechatronics and system competitions. The president was also shown some of the applications developed by young people for different uses, such as agroindustry.


Minister of Public Education Aurelio Nuño Mayer said that since the start of his administration, the president has shown that his government’s priority is education, as borne out by the depth of education reform, whereby, “Paradigms were broken and we managed to overcome our constraints and with the president’s leadership, secured a broad agreement with all the political forces to achieve this great transformation.

He added that now, at this stage of implementation, the reform has had full political backing, and despite the complex situation due to oil prices, the education sector has not suffered any cuts.

He mentioned that in some areas, it will be possible to have a budget in keeping with educational needs, as in the case of educational infrastructure, which will have an additional 50 billion pesos over the next three years to refurbish over 33,000 schools throughout the country.

He also cited the case of the country’s institutes of technology and polytechnics, in which one billion pesos will be invested in scholarships this year. “We will increase the number of grants from 415,000 to 580,000 for students at technological institutes, technological universities and polytechnics,” he explained.


Javier Duarte de Ochoa, Governor of Veracruz, said that with effort, dedication, but mostly as a statesman with a vision of the present and future, the president has been promoting reforms, actions and public policies,  “To enable Mexicans to ensure our development, progress and welfare.”

He said that one example of this has been in education, “The cornerstone of development, particularly in the area of technology, where our young people can, on the basis of these efforts, train and develop and have better life prospects for themselves and their families.”

He declared that Education Reform, the pillar of the structural reforms promoted by President Peña Nieto, “Has made it possible to put Mexico in the lead in the 21st Century” and is the roadmap to achieving quality education.

Noting that the 25 institutes of technology have had their processes certified, he said that between 2011 and 2016 they won 87 prizes:  103 national and 84 international awards. "What we do now will be reflected in what we are tomorrow for the economic and social viability” of the country, he said.


The government’s  promotion of the creation of technological institutes is an action that is giving many young people in the country the opportunity to pursue higher education, which would otherwise would be an impossible dream, said eighth semester student of Mechatronics Engineering at the Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Poza Rica Erick Gustavo Islas Osuna.

“It has given us the opportunity to become professionals and aspire to a better future for ourselves and our families. Above all, it has given us a space for growth to contribute, through work, technology and science, to continuing to make a place for Mexico in the world of welfare and progress,” he said.

On behalf of the students who were recognized for their achievements in national and international competitions, he thanked President Enrique Peña Nieto for launching one of the largest networks in the world of institutes of technology, to create the Tecnológico Nacional de México, which brings together 266 technological institutes.

He said today, young Mexicans can show the world the enormous human potential that exists in our country. ”Today, throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific, Mexican students are regarded as a powerful force as regards creativity, technological capacities and the quality of their proposals. All the achievements are the result of the high quality education we receive at the institutes of technology.