· This statement is drawn from the 19th Annual Global Survey on prospects for the global economy and the business environment conducted among more than 1,400 CEOs from 83 countries.

· Pledges were made to multiply the trade levels Mexico has had with Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait and Qatar over the past 40 years.

President Enrique Peña Nieto said today that Mexico is among the 10 countries that will grow most in the next twelve months that are also reliable investment destinations.

In a press statement issued at the end of his state visit to Qatar, the last point of the tour of the Arabian Peninsula, the president explained that the Annual Global CEO Survey, conducted among 1,400 CEOs of global companies with a presence in different parts of the world, “Ranks us ninth.”


He said that Mexico did not have this position, “And did not even feature among the 10 countries with this potential; and this assessment shows that the 1400 leading CEOs of global companies favorably evaluate the performance Mexico could have over the next 12 months.”

The president explained that on this tour of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait and Qatar, which he described as historic, 46 instruments of cooperation were signed and updated in various fields, such as energy, trade, investment, tourism, education, science, technology, and innovation, as well as art and culture.

He said that the visit made it possible to arrange meetings with entrepreneurs that will generate impact and economic benefits for Mexico. "We will be able to project ourselves more successfully in this part of the world,” a region that is growing and will undergo great development and modernization.

The Mexican president said he is committed, from now until the end of the Administration, to multiplying the levels of trade Mexico has had with these countries in the Middle East in 40 years, "since diplomatic relations were established with these four countries.”

The full text of President Enrique Peña Nieto’s  press statement is given below:

“I want, first of all, to take stock of this tour, to four countries in the Arabian Peninsula, which has undoubtedly been historic.

It is a relationship Mexico has built for 40 years, which has allowed us, first of all, to reaffirm the bonds of friendship and fraternal relations with four countries.

It is also the first time a president of Mexico has paid a state visit to two of them, namely the Arab Emirates and Qatar, countries a Mexican president visited for the first time, while we also visited Saudi Arabia and Kuwait after forty years.

As you can see, and it is wonderful that the media representatives are here, you could see that in the Arab world and within this region, the countries we have visited undoubtedly have undoubtedly experienced enormous development in recent years and are continuing to experience rapid economic development.

And let us recall that they are major oil-producing countries.

What gives them this profile and importance and the ability to undertake so many large infrastructure projects is precisely the fact that they are countries that produce petroleum, natural gas and also a much smaller population than ours.

If we add the oil production of the four countries we visited, they produce an estimated 18 million barrels a day. We produce 2.2 million barrels of oil a day.

That allows these countries to develop infrastructure, such as that you have seen, and also to promote significant investments in different parts of the world.

Several of the world’s top ten investment funds in the world originate precisely in the countries we visited.

Hence the importance of their getting to know our country better, know more about Mexico; be aware of its potential and the strengths Mexico offers to the world.

And that will allow them to see Mexico as a reliable destination, an investment destination, a place where these investments will contribute to the growth of our economy, to job creation, since, as I have repeatedly said, we are an open country, a country that wants to be increasingly interconnected to the different parts of the world.

I think this is a historic tour, which will enable us to strengthen the diplomatic relations established with these four countries over the past 40 years, but now with a specific focus.

This explains the interest in arranging meetings between entrepreneurs in the four countries we visited.

They constituted a first meeting, which does not necessarily mean that an agreement was signed, although I now that the first businesses were conducted, which is good because it will create an impact and economic benefits in Mexico.

It will enable us to better ourselves better into this part of the world, which, like other parts of the world, is growing, and experiencing enormous development and modernization, as you saw.

During this state visit, 46 cooperation instruments were signed and updated in various fields such as trade, investment, energy, tourism, education, science, technology and innovation and art and culture, among others, but these are basically the most important areas.

Energy cooperation agreements. Again, this is a region of the world mainly dedicated to producing oil, natural gas, and above all, it is a part of the world that understands that non-renewable resources will eventually be depleted. These are countries, as we could saw, particularly in Abu Dhabi, where there is great interest in promoting clean energy generation.

There, we participated in a forum where we were given special treatment because of our participation in this forum on renewable energy, organized by the Arab Emirates.

Another key issue we will have to work on is achieving better connectivity.

We have pledged to explore and achieve direct connectivity between Mexico and this region, between Mexico and the United Arab Emirates and between Mexico and Qatar.

It is a task we will take home with us, and one that will depend on the technical possibilities that will eventually allow it.

What is the great commitment we have made?

From now until the end of the Administration, we will multiply the levels of trade Mexico has had with these countries in the Middle East for the past 40 years, since diplomatic relations were established with these four countries.

I have pledged to create a special group, Mexico-Arabian Peninsula, with administration officials, to follow up the agreements made during this trip.

The agreement reached with the emirs and heads of state of the countries with whom we conversed, has been to create working groups that provide timely follow up of the agreements signed, and highlight the projects we can implement, which will provide real benefits for both nations.

During this state visit, I have highlighted Mexico’s competitive advantages so that people will regard Mexico as a reliable investment destination.

Although entrepreneurs in these countries are interested in establishing and expanding trade and mutual investment with businessmen from other countries, it is very important for them to make investments, since they have the financial capacity to do so.

And I've highlighted Mexico’s transformative impulse and today I am very glad that just at the Economic Forum in Davos, the results of one of the surveys have been announced.

I want to share one of the surveys that a global consulting firm presented at the Economic Forum in Davos. 1,400 CEOs of global companies, with a presence in different parts of the world, ranked Mexico as one of the 10 countries or 10 destinations that will grow most in the next 12 months, and are also reliable investment destinations.

In fact, we have been ranked ninth, whereas previously, Mexico did not even feature in the 10 countries with this potential and evaluation. A total of 1,400 CEOs of leading global companies have favorably evaluated Mexico’s potential performance in the next 12 months.

This concludes my stock-taking of this visit to the Arabian Peninsula to these four sister countries and, above all, as part of the aim of renewing and reinforcing fraternal bonds, the political relationship of friendship we have with these four countries and of leveraging what Mexico is doing, and creating a future with vision to achieve development and prosperity for our people.

And through this shared vision, I believe we can generate a great deal of empathy, a means of working together, which will provide development for our societies.

Thank you. Good afternoon.